Indoor Toddler Activites

I often say that it is a good thing that Avery is at dayhome 5 days a week, especially in the winter months since we both do not do well being at home for long periods of time. Most days I wonder what on earth I would do at home all day with a two year old when it is minus 20 outside! Saying that we do have a good list of simple indoor activities that we turn to on weekends to keep us busy (and sane).

Sticker books

These are magical you guys. I picked up a couple for $5-8 at Winners and Avery will play for a good hour with them and I can help her with some pages too – if she lets me.


Bean Bins

AKA sensory bins. I was so apprehensive to introduce Avery to these but did on the days we were stuck at home potty training. I bought a $2 bag of dried beans and dumped them into a large bowl, added some spoons and other random kitchen objects and voila Avery was a happy camper! It can get messy but I stay pretty strict with Avery, if she starts to throw beans they are put away.



I love to bake, that is no secret and have since I was a little girl so could not wait until could bake with Avery. We bake almost every Sunday now and she is a great helper – added bonus, it has helped her learn to count and she does not even realize she is practicing counting 😉


We made Valentine’s cookies for dayhome..from Pillsbury 😉 They key is simple baking with toddlers!


Nothing fancy but another activity Avery will sit and do for a good 30 minutes. I just have some homemade play-doh and random kitchen objects she uses to play with which goes to show you do not need to get fancy for a two year old!



We have just started to introduce Avery to games, we have  “played” matching card games, large puzzles, hide and seek and barrel of monkeys so far. Nothing too crazy and typically these do not last long (yet).

I find that once I sit down and think about it there is a lot we can involve our little ones in to keep them busy, and it is usually pretty simple – colouring, reading, helping Mom/Dad (Avery’s favourite), playing house and more. Sometimes I get too caught up in fancy Pinterest type ideas that if I am being honest just seem like too much – an hour of prep for a 15 minute activity and then clean up too? Ain’t no Mom have time for that 😉 So lets keep it simple and just have fun with our little ones!


Weekend Recap

I think I am still in shock that it is February and I can say that within the next two months we will welcome Baby C into our arms!


When it comes to being at home alone in the dark I am a huge wimp, so of course when Chad was going out with co-workers for the evening a small and innocent situation occurred that scared me. Long story short within minutes of Chad leaving someone parked into front of our house and came up to the door and banged on it. I had seen the car and it was not one I recognized so did not go to the door, he banged again. Then I could not see him but heard him talking on the porch. Que freak out and call Chad asking him to come home… Since we live in a newer area there was not many places he could be going to that was not 2-3 houses away so I was confused on why he parked in front of our house. Chad came back quickly, did a once around outside and then left again. Thankfully, my Mom came over later and we then realized someone down the street was having people over so he probably had the wrong house…


I am pretty thankful we put Avery in Sportball right now, the poor girl does not get to do much else with moving etc, and she is really liking it. Plus it is her and Chad’s time, we realized that if I stay and watch it distracts her so I run errands, get coffee etc and sneak in and watch the last 5-10 minutes. Only blurry photos at Sportball!


I went to Wal-Mart and since it was not busy and I was kid free I looked around which I never do, I pretty much despise the store BUT I was shocked at everything I found, $100 later I had a new doormat, hamper, throw pillows and storage bins…

We had a ton of errands to run and Avery was a trooper, finally she fell asleep at our last stop so I sent Chad in for groceries and enjoyed the sun in the car :)


The afternoon was spent doing things around home, playing with sticker books, and having my brother over for a visit. After Avery was in bed we sat down to watch a movie and realized it was the first time we had watched TV in over a week. Sad thing is we did not even miss it, and were much more productive. So yeah, a TV show purge is coming now!

Hanging out in the car while Chad does a dump trip:

20160206_141651 (1)

We also made Chad his Valentine’s Day card, it is as crafty as we get these days:



We started our morning with some reading (me) and Bubble Guppies (Avery), great way to start any day!


At 8am I got on my runners ready to run with no expectations after two weeks off with my fractured toe. Well it was not awesome but not horrible or painful, just uncomfortable. 2 miles and almost 24 minutes later (yes, that is how slow I went) I managed a decent run with walk breaks.


While Chad worked out Avery and I made Valentine’s Day cookies for her dayhome friends, meaning I decorated cookies and she ate 2.5 and all the decorations…

IMG_7587 IMG_7589

The rest of the day was spent at our old house, patching walls from where we had things hanging, and cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom – my Mom joined us in the fun. Avery camped out and watched Frozen and “helped” us.


Again, poor kid has been so good this past month with way less fun around these parts. I felt bad not taking her to the park or anything since it was so nice out but right now we need to get the house ready for tenants. SIGH.

We watched the Super Bowl at home, had tacos for a quiet evening at home.


And now we are ready for another week!



Foodie Friday

Since you got an update on our week already we will just jump right into meal planning for next week:


Saturday – Clam Chowder Soup (carry over from last week when I never made it) – Beachbody Blog

Sunday – Thai Peanut Chicken Tacos – Tastes Better from Scratch

Monday – Turkey Chili Smothered Sweet Potatoes – Budget Bytes 

Tuesday – Epicure Mac & Cheese with roasted veggie

Wednesday – Mediterranean Turkey Burgers & Greek Salad – Beachbody Blog

Thursday – Quinoa Burrito Bowls – Well Plated

Friday – Oatmeal Blueberry Pancakes & turkey bacon – Ambitious Kitchen 

This weekend just involves more unpacking, getting our old house cleaned up and since the weather looks nice maybe sledding if Avery is up for it – she has been asking lately!



House & Life Update

So now that we are slowly getting settled I thought I would do a little update :)

We got all moved in Monday, it was awesome to have friends and family help and I feel like I owe them all big time. Tuesday was spent organizing, having blinds installed and phone/internet hooked up. Today we decided to head to Ikea to get some things since it would be less busy during the week and Avery was at dayhome.

I treated Chad to an expensive lunch at Ikea…$8 for this:


We managed to get in and out in about an hour and found almost everything we needed:


I cannot believe how fast the past few days went! We still have things to do around the house, assemble Ikea purchases, organize the garage, hang pictures and get our livingroom furniture which apparently is on back-order now… sigh. And then there is cleaning our oher house to get it ready for our tenants!

If you do not mind half organized house photos here is a little tour for now, I will do another in a couple months.

Entry way, I love how big it is, and the bench.


One thing about this house is all the light, these photos were taken at 8am and it only gets better throughout the day. The livingroom is just of this and open to the kitchen – finally the open concept layout we wanted!

The kitchen – SO in love with this kitchen! Note the dining set, which we love but the colours do not go so we are looking for someone to revamp it for us – locals, any ideas?!

IMG_7567 IMG_7568

Laundry room off the garage:


Upstairs, bonus room which was still a mess at this point (of course Chad finished everything after the photos were taken!):

IMG_7564 IMG_7563

Hall to the bedrooms, nothing exciting to see there (yet!) – I will share the girl’s rooms in the next month or so :) The bathroom:


And our room, again not exciting but our ensuite is – I have my own bathtub!


Now downstairs, this is a media room technically but for now a playroom which is my maternity leave project :)


The spare bedroom:


Another bathroom (no photo) and the gym – still not organized quite yet)


And there you have it, I am excited to get everything together more so it feels more like home, but it already does. Avery has adjusted just fine with no issues and loves going to the “new house”. Scarlet has done much better than we thought too! And I survived the move with no false labour or anything 😉 Chad is tired and sore but he worked so hard and still is to get this all together for us :)


Baby K-2 – Weeks 29 & 30

What is Baby K up to? Growing like a weed! She is probably close to 3lbs and 16″ in length – so crazy.

How am I doing? Good, I am much more uncomfortable this pregnancy though. With Avery most days I really felt like my non-pregnant self. But this time I know I am pregnant daily 😉 Evenings are the worse, so I have been working on ways to help that out (see below).

Weight gained: 14lbs give or take. The past couple of weeks my weight has been up and down from a gain of 12-14lbs, so not sure what I am at since it changes daily. At my last doctor appointment, they said I had a .5lb gain in a month but according to my tracking I had a 4lb difference – so yeah NO clue there.

Workouts: haha, well this changed with my toe injury… For now, there is no running :( I still will try and run again later this week and see, if not I have come to terms with it being over for now. I have not got to spin in two weeks because I cannot wear shoes without pain still. So what have I been doing? Les Mills Pump, 21 Day Fix workouts (minus lunges) and yoga.

I also have found that working out in the evenings after Avery is in bed makes me feel and sleep so much better versus sitting on the couch for 2 hours. Chad and I have agreed to do this two nights a week, and it is going great and we enjoy working out together – I think he enjoys laughing at me 😉

Movement: Yup, ALL day long!

Food Aversions/Cravings: I cannot really think of much, I have not ate any seafood since getting pregnant since the thought of it is just plain horrible.

Sleep: Could be better but probably as good as it gets at this point. 1-2 nights a week I wake up at 1am and cannot get back to sleep for 1-2 hours. It was the same with Avery and I actually remember getting more sleep after having her! haha

Stretch marks? Nope.

Miss Anything? Just having more energy and feeling good all the time!

Maternity Clothes: No change, still a mix, pants are all maternity usually and tops are usually regular tops still since maternity shirts just do not fit me well.

Baby Items Purchased: More clothes! Sorry no photos – it is all packed!

Other Things from the Week: I am down to 5 prenatal appointments – that is it! So crazy how fast time has gone.


I admit I saw this photo and thought WHOA. haha. I blame the shirt 😉 This last week I have been told by so many people how basketball like I am and I could not agree more.

30 weeks edited