Chloe – 8 Months

Month eight marks the last month I am at home full-time with the girls! This last month was huge for Chloe, so many big changes and it is my favourite stage πŸ™‚


Being that she never stays still photos are hard these days, so I gave up trying to get the perfect monthly photo, hence the blurry phone photo above πŸ˜‰

Oh Chloe where to begin?! You are my little spit fire these days, so calm and content but determined – mainly to steal whatever toy your sister has πŸ˜‰ You have zero tolerance for anyone eating in front of you and show it loud and clear! For a baby that was always so quiet you found your voice with many new “words” and well, you sound like a little gremlin!



  • Whatever toy/object Avery has
  • Books!
  • Destroying anything you can πŸ˜‰



  • Eating in front of her – she gets so mad and wants all the food!


After seeing a Pediatrician we decided to give Chloe a few bottles a day in addition to nursing. She loved this and as of today is almost weaned except a couple morning feedings. – woot woot! Seeing as I am back to work in just over a month this is a huge relief as I was not sure how this would go over.

Chloe LOVES FOOD. You cannot eat in front of her without sharing or else angry Chloe comes out πŸ˜‰ She eats anything and everything – I love this non-picky stage! She eats whatever we are eating just cut up small. This has helped with her pincher movement a ton and she is getting great at self feeding. I cannot name all the new foods she has had since the only two things we avoid are honey and cows milk.



Another BIG month! The Pediatrician told me she did not need night feedings anymore. I was scared to wean these with her low weight gain so I was going to give her until the end of November when she just did it herself. She now sleeps from 7:30pm-5:30am, feeds then goes back to sleep for about an hour.

Naps are pretty consistent too, 8:30-9:30am, 12:30-2:00pm and 4:30-5:00pm. Her ideal awake period is 2-2.5 hours but we can push it with certain tactics πŸ˜‰


  • Sleeping through the night!!! Only took her 7.5 months (this seemed long as Avery was 2 months!)
  • Crawling! She is fast and furious! She rolls, crawls on all fours or army crawls, whatever suits her best at the time. This means trouble! She gets into anything and everything too!
  • “Talking” – so many new words this month. Well, “words” for a 8 month old πŸ˜‰ “Dadda” “Yaya” are the closest to real words.
  • Playing games. Her favourite is “where is Chloe” where she will take whatever she has and put it over her face when you ask her that. She is also pretty great at giving high fives πŸ™‚


Chloe is still such an easy baby, keep her fed and napped and life is good πŸ™‚ I love this stage, as they become so interactive and start to develop their personalities more and more. I know come January not seeing her all day will be tough but I also know she is going to love dayhome as much as Avery does – she is already a social girl just like Avery πŸ™‚



Weekend Recap


We ran errands in the morning to get items for a crafts I found on Pinterest. Surprisingly enough it was not a fail, pretty and easy and they final product was great:


Once Chad was home we went for supper at a Thai restaurant, we had not been in a long time and it was so good! Without knowing it, Avery took photos of us at supper:

20161202_180659 20161202_180705

We also attempted Chloe’s 8 month photos – which were hard with a baby that did not want to stay still:



Chloe and I went to her second last swimming class and Chad took Avery to her first ballet and jazz class and I forgot to ask for a photo! It is not parented so Chad was able to leave and get his haircut – win πŸ™‚

Our day was pretty low-key, we helped my brother and his girlfriend pick up a couch, went to her place for a visit, played games at home and later went to my other brother’s housewarming.


Good book choice Chloe…


And I picked up this awesome sweater for my work Christmas photo this morning:


Chad and I spent about 5 hours between Friday and Saturday night doing this:


We are old πŸ˜‰


We checked the temperature and figured it would be fine for a outside run. Well the temp was okay but we did not realize all the snow that fell overnight! Poor Chad pushed the stroller through a lot of fresh snow:


We love him πŸ™‚

The girls and I pre-run:


We spent the rest of the day at home. Doing chores, making gingerbread houses and watching endless Christmas shows.

She was playing peek-a-boo with a doll table – it is her favourite game these days:


Building our gingerbread (actually cookie) houses. Turns out reading the instructions are smart as I put it together wrong TWICE.

screenshot_20161204-161108 img_20161204_161524

Chloe’s second favourite thing to so – stand at tables etc. Help me. Where did my baby go?!


And like that our weekend was over!


Foodie Friday

DECEMBER!! It was one of those weeks where I felt like we had little to do but it still filled up and flew by! I feel like I am finally getting into a groove with inside activities with the girls – just in time to go back to work πŸ˜‰


Day one of half marathon training. With the shorter days and the girls I will be doing a lot more of this the next 12 weeks:


This one started to crawl, and is a trouble maker so I now contain her πŸ˜‰


Speaking of trouble:


We spent the afternoon making cookies and listening to Christmas music πŸ™‚


Yoga playground, a peppermint latter for me and Chloe got to play on the floor since keeping her in her seat is a no go now:



Chad was home sick so after we ran some errands, including picking up donations for the toy bureau since it was Giving Tuesday. The girls fell asleep in the car so I spent 20 minutes in the driveway:


I let Avery pick out three items all on her own for the toy bureau:


Since Chad was home I decided to go to an early spin class that was a donation class. It was a nice change and after we did a quick core workout too which left me sore for days!

And the highlight of my day, getting my Blogger Christmas Swap package from Jen!


She knows how much I love to bake with the girls and got us the perfect ornament and goodies! Thank you again Jen πŸ™‚


Another run morning which was my one and only fast run of the week and it flew by! We had a quiet day and spent the morning at home playing and watching a Christmas movie.

20161130_112425 20161130_100719

After naps we headed out to the chiropractor and for a few groceries then had a quick supper and went to the hockey game:


Being a week night we left a bit early as both girls were pretty tired by 8:30pm.


We started our morning by watching another Christmas movie πŸ˜‰ SAHM perks! Mid morning we left to my work Christmas potluck lunch and office decorating day.

It started snowing early in the day and did not stop, Avery tried to catch the snowflakes on her tounge:


We spent a few hours there, eating, visiting and decorating. Avery was entertained playing hide and seek with a co-worker:


Between Avery being played with, Chloe being held and loved I was once again reminded how lucky I am to have such a great workplace.

We got home around 3pm, finished up some Christmas card crafts and played.


Onto meal planning:


Saturday – Chicken Taco Salad

Sunday – Easy Lo Mein – Damn DeliciousΒ 

Monday – Turkey Spinach and Quinoa Casserole – ifoodreal

Tuesday – Avocado Pasta with Chili Lime Chicken – Carla’s Bad Cravings

Wednesday – Hoisin Stir Fry Bowls with Peanut Sauce – Budget Bytes

Thursday – Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry – Cookin Canuck

Friday – BLTs & sweet potato fries

This weekend… Today was supposed to be my Christmas party but that was changed so we will just have a quiet night at home I am thinking. Saturday mornings get a lot busier this weekend with Avery starting ballet and jazz and Chloe swimming. Then just visiting with some family πŸ™‚


Stocking Stuffer Ideas (for the whole family!)

Growing up the stockings was always my favourite part of Christmas morning. My Mom always killed it with our stockings and dare I say they sometimes were better than our gifts?! Okay not quite but close.


Now shopping for stocking stuffers is my favourite but it can also be very hard for certain people (cough, cough Chad). I also try *hard* to stay within an acceptable budget as it is easy to get carried away fast with stocking stuffers I find.

I have put together a list of some items I have bought my family for their stockings – yes, this is your warning family – stop reading now – and some of my favourites when it comes to stocking stuffers.

For her

Live Clean products – from bubble bath, shampoo, hand soap and more you cannot go wrong with these products in stockings. Β All these products are environmentally friendly, natural and plant based! My current favourite is their Vanilla Peppermint hand soap:


Tea – I love all the seasonal teas but this sweet green tea is my favourite and I have to hunt for it!


Slippers/socks or anything cozy for the feet. I almost always receive and gift these in stockings. I picked up these at Costco this year:


Chocolate – Okay, this is really under the anyone category and a must have in my opinion but I always try and find something a little different, either a new brand or a seasonal special.


For him

Live Clean Men’s shampooΒ – Chad has been using this for months and loves it so naturally he needed more in his stocking this year.


Gift cards – iTunes, PlayStatation, liquor stores/local breweries – another easy idea to please the guy(s) in your life!

Socks & underwear – I am the only one that swears men never buy these themselves? Good thing because it makes for an easy and needed stocking stuffer!

Magazine – I love going to Chapters since they have a ton of specialty magazines and one for every guy!

Specialty snacks – this is anything he might like but does not buy regularly, protein bars, coconut chips or performance snacks. With marathon training in swing Chad will be seeing some Clif products in his stocking:


For the kids

Books! I had to limit myself to only a few per girl but they are a stocking necessity. One of our favourite authors is Karen Katz so Chloe is getting this one in her stocking:


Snacks. I try to keep it healthy for the kids, so puffs for Chloe it is! Avery will get one chocolate item in her stocking.

Small toys – I really try to stay away from toys in stockings but or Chloe options are limited so I picked up this ball for her:


Small shop products – I love supporting small shops! I actually bought these felt donuts for the girls and then won some as well, I know they will be a great addition to the play kitchen:


Bath products – these can be needed items or fun items, I am doing a mix of both for the girls. Avery is getting bubble bath (a need in her life!) and this kid friendly nail polish set since she has to always have her nails done :



What do you like to see in your stocking?

Run Chat: Recovery

Want to know what I really suck at when it comes to running (or working out in general?) – RECOVERY. I am the type of person that only uses recovery methods when I need to – like I am hurt or sore. SO BAD you guys.

Going into 2017 I have three half marathons planned, each three months apart which means I am never really out of training, that is 9 months of consistent training. Usually my recovery is simply less running/working out and more time off in between races but seeing as that is not happening in 2017 I am making it my goal to have recovery as part of my plan.

Here are the top ways I plan to do so:

1- Stretching. Poor stretching, I feel like we all know to do it, but we don’t do it or near enough. And then there is so much information around when to do it! It overwhelms me for sure. BUT here is the thing, I am going to start stretching at every single workout for at least 5 minutes – small goals πŸ˜‰

2- Foam Rolling. This is a game changer. I bought my foam roller about 5 years ago and have not looked back. It is an amazing tool for recovery and a cheap one too!


Crops – Silver Icing

I won’t get into methods since I am no pro but this article explains foam rolling in more detail. Want to know what else is great about it? You can do it while watching TV!

3 – Deep Relief products.Β As an Ambassador for the 2017 Mud Hero you will hear me talk & learn a lot more about these products! Even with all the stretching and foam rolling we still get sore and that is where Deep Relief will come in. It is pain relief without pills and has been a Β trusted brand in Canada for over 50 years! They offer a variety of products from warming deep relief which is recommended for treating chronic pain and every day aches and pains to their ice cold relief gel which is for inflammation and swelling.


I have been experiencing achy hips for months now (ever since having Chloe) and when I received these products I went straight to this products for relief (amongst other things) and definitely found relief with the warming heat relief. For more information on how their prodcust can help you, give them a follow on Facebook or Twitter!

4 – Dynamic Warm-Ups. This is something my younger brother told me about, as it has really helped him in his recovery. After he told me about it I Googled it to find a quick 5 minute routine to do before a run here.Β These are simple moves that help the body warm up before any workout by increasing the body’s temperature, boosting blood flow and improving your range of motion.