Summer Toddler Acitivites

So being at home with a toddler is busy! Well, they are busy. Avery is used to always having other kids to play with at dayhome so now that she is home with me I try to plan an activity a day for her. Do not get me wrong though, I think boredom is also important for kids of any age – teaches them a lot but that is a whole other post!

Most things we do are quick and simple since lets be honest when most things last 5 minutes there is not a point in spending more time than that planning it etc. I quickly learning this is the downfall to Pinterest and instead we have defaulted to rotating our favourites.

1- Exploring new parks. There are so many parks we usually would not get to so I am slowly making our way to new to us parks. Added bonus – there are usually other kids at parks which Avery loves!

2016-06-19 14.02.50

2 – Outdoor water play. Water tables, the kiddie pool, sprinkler, squirt guns… anything with water most toddlers love and it is a great way to beat the heat. And if I am lucky I can catch some rays while she plays ๐Ÿ˜‰


3- Scavenger Hunts. I made simple cards that correspond to letters and we bring them on walks with us so Avery can find the items. Warnning – it is only fun for the first 3-4 cards ๐Ÿ˜‰


4- Farms/Zoos. We are lucky to have some smaller farms and zoos close by that are cheap or free to visit. Avery loves visiting the sheep, cows, pigs, chickens and more!


5- Sidewalk chalk. I was on the fence about this one since the last time we used chalk it ended in a meltdown and stained clothes – the ONLY stain I have never got out of clothes!! But it is still fun and can double as a teaching tool.

And we cannot forgot about rainy days!

1- Painting. I use washable paints and let Avery paint anything from rocks, paper to canvas. I want to get her to paint a shirt with fabric paint this summer but have not done that yet. Outdoor painting is also awesome!


2 – Baking, this is a favourite of ours. Well Avery just like eating all the ingredients but still. It is fun to involve her and she is getting pretty darn good at knowing all the ingredients.


3- Library. We usually go twice a month for books and a DVD. It is fun for them to have new to them books and is a great rainy day activity.

4 – Movies/TV Shows. Yes, TV. I am not one to hate on TV for kids, with the right shows and in moderation kids can learn from shows and it gives me a much needed break. Avery is allowed TV in the morning while I get ready and then usually nothing else since she can get very grumpy after too much. Movies are a treat to her and now every Friday we watch a movie with her and it is a special time she looks forward to.


Any favourite toddler activities to share?

Weekend Recap

How is it Monday already?! And July this week! More on this next week, but this week also marks 3 months of maternity leave and one-third of it done! Deep breaths ๐Ÿ˜‰


Oh man what a day, Avery has her last molar coming in and was quite emotional about everything. Poor girl but she just would get so upset that there was nothing I could do about it. We spent some time at the park in the morning just to be out of the house:


Then we headed to my work BBQ for lunch, Avery asked to leave for nap time so we left and went home. She slept for 3 hours!! Then woke up SO grumpy. My Mom and I wanted to check out a nearby Farmers Market so took the girls out there, the way there A screamed and the way home C screamed – sorry Mom! At least they are cute?



We had a movie night with Avery – our new Friday night tradition – and watched Norm of the North.


The day started out great, a quick market trip for hummus and Avery convinced us to get her mini donuts, then Costco. Then something set off Avery and again she got so upset for an hour we went home instead of grocery shopping, when she finally calmed down I took off to get groceries ALONE. I came home to the whole house sleeping ๐Ÿ™‚

We spent time hanging out while Avery had a nice, long nap:


I wanted to go to the library for a summer reading kick off but it would have been almost done before we got there so instead we spent some time in the backyard before supper:

20160625_152702 20160625_154222(2) IMG_20160625_153336

Our evening was spent watching Star Wars, or Chad’s was, I read instead once I lost interest.


Another family run to kick off the day, it was cloudy but still warm which was nice for running. 13km and both girls fell asleep ๐Ÿ™‚ Excuse my sweaty, no make-up selfie!


At home I made a quick shake before getting ready to head to brunch with some of my best (blog) girls. Since I had not seen some of the girls in way too long I was really excited. Avery had the choice to stay with Chad but wanted to come so both girls came and I crossed my fingers they were on good behaviour – and they were!

Brunch was delicious, the kids played great and I loved catching up with everyone – the only downfall ย – we forgot a group photo!!

I did snap a few photos, Miss,Chloe clearly really enjoyed the brunch:

20160626_124140 20160626_124153 20160626_131933

Once we got home we made our way to the backyard to hang out in the sun:

20160626_155317 20160626_163158

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the first corn on the cob of the year, eating brownies for dessert, putting away laundry, blogging and watching Big Brother.


Foodie Friday

Want to know something? The ONLY way I remember what we did all week is from photos, no photos from the day and I am lost!


Started my day with my Hard Corps workout and my workout buddy:


I am on week 5 and love it!

After we got ready and went out to practice on Avery’s bike – I meant to go out daily and spoiler alert only got out twice this week.


Later that afternoon I had a staff photo for work so my Mom joined us to watch the girls. There was this bridge and I cannot wait to go back this summer and get the girls photo on it.


Monday night we went for a walk after supper then I made rhubarb brownies ๐Ÿ™‚


I woke up in a bad mood – the first time in a long time! Anyways, I decided to go for our run even though I was not feeling it, it was not a fun 7km but I got it done.


The afternoon called for thundershowers so we made a trip to the library in the rain, Avery was excited since this meant using her “brella”:

IMG_20160621_154435 20160621_155208

We had dance class that evening and Avery was not herself in it for some reason, next week is the last class so Chad and Chloe can come watch – hopefully she does better!


I got in my workout before Chad left for work which meant no kids to watch while I did it – wee!! Then we got ready, picked up my Mom and headed to the lake!

IMG_20160622_100959 20160622_105017 20160622_094845


We were there by 9:30am and home by lunch which was perfect. It was not too hot, not too busy and just great.

Both girls fell asleep on the drive home so I transferred them at home and spent the next 90 minutes reading my book in peace.

I gave Avery the option for the afternoon – go to a park, go see Daddy at work with a coffee or paint outside. She picked see Chad so off we went with iced coffee for him. I had dropped my phone on the weekend and cracked the screen a bit so wanted to see about getting a new one, so my brother joined us for a trip out to do that. I thought I was just looking but two hours later (it took forever to do the transfer!) I had a new phone – S7 – so excited!

We got home at 6pm so made a fast supper and got the girls to bed. Then we enjoyed two hours of the Big Brother premier!


Our cat woke Avery up at 4:30am, then she woke up Chloe (giving her the soother apparently) then they both woke us up – fun. Not. What this did mean was by 9am I had done my core workout and ran 8.5km with the girls who fell asleep – wonder why…


Such pretty scenery running!


I had no food in the house so we grabbed Chopped Leaf and Starbucks for lunch after errands and enjoyed it outside.ย Then we played in the yard – finally! Our fence is up, now we just need gates and stairs off our deck!


After naps (or lack of) since Avery had a morning nap we headed to my hair appointment and then out to the Jungle Farm to pick up our weekly veggies. By the time we got home it was supper, Chad had been at a golf tournament all day so did not need supper so I made Avery her current favourite – pb&j and I had a yummy dish my brother’s girlfriend made:


We had a ton of time to kill before bed and ventured to the park and for a bike ride:

20160623_181951 20160623_180659

Another night ended in Big Brother watching ๐Ÿ™‚

Onto meal planning:

foodie friday

Saturday – Sweet & Sour Chickpeas with Quinoa (the above dish)

Sunday – Chili Limeย Chicken (source), Corn on the Cob, Caesar Salad

Monday – Grilled fish with Mango Salsa & Asian Chopped Salad (Skinny Taste)

Tuesday – OUT

Wednesday – Bison burgers & Chopped Mexican Salad (source)

Thursday –ย Chicken Fajitas

Friday – Summer Salmon Salad – The Diva Dish

This weekend we do not have too much planned but Sunday I organized a blogger brunch so cannot wait to see all the ladies and kids!





Troubled Monk 10km Race Recap

On Saturday we ran our first race of the year. It was both our first race since September and my first one post Chloe. Initially I had planned to get my Mom to watch the girls for the race and just Chad and I would run it but she got called for a long awaited surgery for the day before so we just brought the girls on the run with us! I think we were the only ones in the 10km run with a stroller.

On our way to the race:


I liked that the race started at 10am so we did not have to rush in the morning. The race started close to the brewery and there was a ton of parking which was nice. We had a ton of friends running as well so we chatted with everyone until it was go time. The 5km race started 5 minutes before the 10km race so once they were off we lined up.

I am sure we looked nuts going close to the start with the double stroller.

The race route was great, it went along the river and through parts of our trail system. Chad started pushing the stroller and pushed until around 4.5km. Chloe usually does really good in the stroller but around 4km she got really grumpy so we made a pit stop at the water station and tried to settle her but she was not happy. I grabbed the stroller and just started running and within minutes she was out. We joked she just wanted to go faster ๐Ÿ˜‰

I pushed the stroller for the next 1.5-2km which went around a small island that was gravel paths, with a few small hills which made me really tired so I passed if off to Chad. Little did I know I did so right before a huge hill – oops! He got us up the hill – there was no way I would have been able to! I took the stroller back at that point to give him a break the last 2km. ย Not realizing it I picked up our pace a lot to around a 5:20min/km and Chad asked why – my response? I am thirsty and hot!

It was downhill at the very end of the race which I did not like with the stroller as it really pulls you, but usually ending a race downhill is awesome!

I semi felt bad pushing the stroller across the finish line since Chad probably did push it for 6km and I did 4km, next race he can have that victory ๐Ÿ˜‰ We finished just under our goal of an hour at 59 minutes!

Most of our friends were done since they ran the 5km and the few others that did the 10km finished within a few minutes of us. We eventually headed back to the area where they had live music and drinks. With your race entry you got a t-shirt (seen on Chad below – will run for beer!) and a coupon for a free beer or soda after. I had a soda and Chad went with the beer of course.


It was awesome to have a live band after for everyone to stick around and enjoy their drinks in the sun. We stayed for about an hour before Chloe was hungry then walked back to the truck – which was only a 5 minute walk.

In the truck I got an email – it was my race results already! I have to say this was a first for me and I loved it! It had our times, and placing! My results:

race results

I loved this race and if it is an annual one you can bet we will be there every year!


Summer Bucket List

Oh man making this list was hard not to have one million things I want to do this summer since I am off – maybe for the last time who knows! But I stuck to a manageable list ๐Ÿ™‚



What is on your summer bucket list this year?