Holiday Update

So it really has only been two days but we have already squeezed in a ton of fun so I thought I would pop in for an update 🙂


We started the day with a beach trip to meet some friends. I tell you being there at 9am is awesome, nobody else is around and it is not too hot yet – key with babes who aren’t old enough for sunscreen! We stayed until noon when it was starting to get busy.

IMG_20160725_111746 IMG_20160725_141226 20160725_101513

Chloe loved the water!


Once we got home Chad made us smoothies, I feed Chloe and basically ran out the door to my hair appointment. Side note – Chad has been awesome letting me do things on my own these past few days, even an hour a day makes life so much easier! I chopped off a few inches and lightened up my hair for a change:


After I had a chiropractor appointment since I am broken. I joke that after 8 weeks of Hard Corps I hurt myself doing nothing. Friday night I tweaked my knee picking up Avery and Saturday night I fell asleep feeding Chloe in the rocking chair and pulled a neck muscle that oddly has really affected my shoulder to the point I can barely dress myself. What this does mean is a quiet workout week to rest everything up.

It was a nice evening so we took advantage and went for a walk to the park after supper.


The evening was spent doing yard work, watching American Ninja Warrior and foam rolling 🙂


Mid morning we packed up and hit the track for a speed workout. I have never done anything formal in past training plans but decided to do more formal speed runs this time around and the track is a great place to do so. We took turns running and hung out with the girls in between. Avery actually wanted to run with us but she had no runners, the crazy kid ran 800m straight without stopping barefoot! Then took a rest and did another 400m.


We did 2 warm up laps,1600m at 5:30min/km, 1200m at 5:10min/km, 800m at 4:50min/km and 400m as fast as we could – around a 4:00min/km then a couple cool down laps.

IMG_20160726_100214 (1)


After we planned to do a walk but Avery spotted the park and off we went.


Our afternoon plans involved NO kids – woot woot! Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom watched the girls for a couple hours so we could have a date afternoon. Chad planned 9 holes at pitch and put which was really fun. We used to golf a lot pre-kids and both miss it. After we had some drinks and appetizers at The Brewhouse before heading home.

20160726_152114 20160726_163142

By the time we got home it was supper time and I had no desire to cook much so we had salad and smokies since we both were full from drinks and appies.

Tomorrow we planned to do a day trip out of town but then realized there was much more close by we wanted to do and yard work so instead we will do yard work in the morning then head out to Lacombe for the afternoon to check things out there and visit my Grandma.


Weekend Recap

Starting back to Thursday night, the Salt n’ Pepa concert! It was so much fun, I got to bed around midnight and remembered why I do not go out late and have a whopping three drinks but it was so worth it at the same time!

IMG_20160721_230042 20160721_181851 IMG_20160721_190247 20160721_190010


I took the girls out for me 8km easy run of the week which helped me feel much better! By the looks of the photos you’d think the girls were the ones hungover…

20160722_093131 IMG_20160722_100445

We got ready and headed to a BBQ at the airport. Avery had a blast, she milked a fake cow, got her face painted for the first time and tried cotton candy!

IMG_20160722_132025 IMG_20160722_124005 20160722_131236

After naps we made muffins, ran errands and then went to our neighbours for a BBQ which was a great way to end the day!


We had a later than usual start so skipped the market and went straight to Costco since we cannot stand getting there once it is busy. Avery asked for Subway for lunch so we came home and walked over to Subway, I grabbed a cold brew from Starbucks and we had lunch on their patio. Does Avery not look WAY older here?! It is the (fake) tattoo, right?? 😉


We may have gone on a walk after to play Pokemon 😉


Our afternoon was quiet, some backyard time (catching grasshoppers – yuck) and my brother came over for a bit. Before I knew it it was bedtime. We read stories in our bed since we can all lay in there:

20160723_154603 IMG_20160723_161619 IMG_20160723_194717


Another sleep in day, well 7am which is sleeping in for us! Shortly after 9am we headed out for the long run of the week – 16km and forgot to take a photo! It was a perfectly sunny morning to run and the girls did so well as usual. I will see how they do with 17km next 😉

We attempted to get both girls to have short naps before heading to the fair, Chloe slept for just over an hour and Avery laid in her bed awake for an hour – she was too excited to nap apparently.

The afternoon at the fair was amazing. Avery was so well behaved, Chloe just hung out and watched everything and my only regret was not getting to see more shows. We watched the Superdogs show, visited the petting zoo, ate fair food and Avery went on a ton of rides and had the time of her life – as you will see in the photos. She wanted to go on the zipper as well but sadly she is much too short 😉 I am not sure what she liked the most the rides, or the petting zoo with the million animals.

Screenshot_20160724-191226 FullSizeRender (1) Screenshot_20160724-192140 IMG_20160724_164710 IMG_20160724_172639 IMG_20160724_154917 20160724_183226 20160724_171215 20160724_163433 20160724_150025

I told Chad after sometimes I never know how days like that will go, I think I get more excited than anything to see her experience these things and sometimes I am let down big time. But today that was not the case, and it left me so incredibly happy 🙂


Foodie Friday

Finally a week of sun!! Here is how we welcomed summer back in our lives 😉


Our morning consisted of swimsuits, the water table and deck time:


And taking too many baby photos…


Chad was golfing that day and got home early so we went for a walk to the park and Starbucks before supper22:


Later that evening we drove about 5 minutes from our house to finally get the must have canola field photos of Avery:




Another nice day so we hit up the spray park by our house in the morning, Avery convinced me she needed a pink cake pop and then we checked out a couple nearby stores. Laying under the playground is better than playing on it I guess:


In the afternoon we went to Winners and Avery found a princess dress she NEEDED. For $10 I bought it since she (currently) wants to be a princess for Halloween (which is every day in her life) so I would rather pay $10 now than $50 in October. Plus every two year old girl needs a true princess dress, right?


I finally found some Keds so of course bought those as well – note I need to stop going to stores.

After the girls were in bed I set off for a 6km speed run – and my first solo run since having Chloe. I ran my butt off:


Not too bad at all. I have some race goals for the next year so focusing on speed is big for me right now.  Luckily, I feel stronger than ever before so confident I will meet my goals.


Chad took the morning off to join us at the parade. I dressed Avery up super cute complete with a red bandanna, then she took off to sit with her dayhome and told me to “go”. Sigh – mom problems. So the only photo I got of her was this:


Me and Chloe at the parade, one kid still loves me 😉


Our afternoon consisted of pool time, tickle fights and a walk in the princess dress:



My brother visited for supper, the girls went to bed and I finally got in my workout. I decided to do the Hell Week of Hard Corps and let me tell you it is NO joke.


I did a double workout for Hell Week before 9am and was SO tired after. My mom came over and we went to the annual chili cook off – always a highlight for us. We met Chad and other friends there as well. I went with a turkey coconut chili:


Avery hid under the table the entire time since there was a mascot there… Guess no Disneyland anytime soon for her 😉

Both girls had short naps so I started this post then we headed out for our weekly veggie pick up. Since I am writing this blog post now I will tell you my evening plans and you can catch up with the fun on Instagram and Snapchat. Tonight I am having a girls night at the fair since Salt N’ Pepa are playing! I know, I know but the 90s girl inside me is overly excited. And fair food, without kids?! SOLD. Not to mention a ton of friends and some adult drinks.

Meal planning – I almost forgot this part!!

foodie friday

Saturday – Fish Tacos with mango salsa

Sunday – Fair!

Monday -Grilled Sweet Potato Salad (Two Peas & Their Pod) and chicken smokies –

Tuesday – Teriyaki Chicken Stirfry Casserole – Life in the Lofthouse

Wednesday – Pulled Chicken with cilantro slaw – Beachbody Blog

Thursday – Asparagus Potato Salad (Oh She Glows) and Salmon

Friday – Veggie and humus wraps & sweet potato fries

As of today we are on holidays! Well technically only Chad is but it will feel like a holiday for me to having him home. We have a fair day planned, couple small day trips, BBQ with our new neighbours, a date afternoon, I am getting my hair done, it is my Mom’s birthday and we have a ton of yard work to do. I am sure I will check in a couple times but if not I will catch up in a week with you all!


22 Minute Hard Corps Review & Results

Since I know what everyone wants to see is photos in these posts lets start with that. I have included three photos below. From left to right: one year ago, 8 weeks ago (6 weeks postpartum) and a few days ago (14 weeks postpartum).

three before and after

I wish I had taken the before photo (middle) one in the same bathing suit to see apples to apples but I think the photos still do some justice.

Side views of 8 weeks ago and a few days ago:

side views

My goal: My goal with this program was to fit back into my summer shorts. It was that simple for me, I did not care about my weight number and knew fitting into my shorts meant loosing inches.

My results: My shorts fit with room! I think I lost about 4-5″ total, mainly from my waist, hips and some from my chest and I lost 2lbs which leaves me about 2lbs over pre-pregnancy weight which I am sure in muscle due to this program. I gained muscle in my shoulders and arms for sure, possibly my legs too since my jeans are tighter in the legs it seems.

20160716_072737 20160716_073013

What I did: I followed the 22 Minute Hard Corps plan for the 8 weeks. I did make some changes so that I could also run. What this meant was 3 days a week of their resistance workouts (22 minutes), 3 days a week of core (11 minutes) and 3 runs a week in place of their cardio workouts. I ran anywhere from 6-15km on my run days in place of the 22 minute cardio workout. Despite my runs being longer I think my results are about the same as if I would have done the cardio workouts and not ran.

Thoughts: I LOVED this program. I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially those wanting to loose some inches and have limited time. 22 minutes a day is so easy to fit in, I did the workouts at 7:30am and 8:30pm just to get them done. The workouts are what I call bootcamp style and leave you sweaty – again, totally my type of workout. Most moves are total body moves to get the most out of the 22 minutes. I noticed a huge increase in strength after the 8 weeks especially considering I had not worked out the 6 weeks prior due to my c-section recovery. In 8 weeks I am confident saying that I am back at the strength level I was a year ago.

My diet: I did not follow any specific diet plan but did work hard to clean up my diet over the 8 weeks and reduced processed foods, sugars and carbs while consuming more veggies, healthy fats and moderate protein. I was far from perfect and fell off the train more than a few times but that is life. Diet wise I became a lot more aware of what I am eating in order to fuel my body the best I can which for me is important while working out and breastfeeding.


Any questions for me on the program?

Weekend Recap

It is already 9pm Sunday night so lets get straight to this…


We got out to the park after a long hiatus because of all the rain, Avery clearly missed the park alot.


After naps we met my Grandma for coffee then when Chad was home we went to see his Dad & Step-Mom and have supper at their trailer (they are camping in town), all the grandkids were there! We all hung out in the trailer since it was raining out.

20160715_173447(1) (1)

I think once we got home it was straight to bed for us all!


We had big plans to go to a kick off pancake breakfast and the farmers market in the morning but woke up to rain. The breakfast was cancelled and we did not feel like getting wet at the market, seriously – where are you summer?! We decided to meet Chad’s Step-Mom and her two grandkids at Treehouse instead so Avery could get some more play time in.

20160716_101631 20160716_102054

Chloe loved watching all the excitement too 🙂


We left before lunch and it got too busy.

Later we went to look at landscaping ideas for our backyard since we want to have a brick patio and found some pavers we love. Bad news? They are $$$ so it will wait until next summer for that part. But we bought some trees for the yard so we can start a few smaller projects this week.

My brother and girlfriend came over for a visit before supper, we had supper, got the girls to bed and played more Scrabble. I lost again.


PS Clean and happy babes are the best:

20160716_193955 20160716_193812(0)


Chad was up with Chloe just after 6am and let me sleep an extra hour 🙂 Later we headed out for a long run, it is officially half marathon training for me now and 14km was on the schedule.


We grabbed iced coffees after and headed back home.

We had a busy afternoon, we attempted another pancake lunch at the museum and it poured rain, luckily they had tents set up then my mom and I went to Paint Nite and had a ton of fun. I learned to stop messing with my painting while ahead and that my Mom is a really good artist 😉


20160717_181417 20160717_202124

(Above) Mine in better lighting. I messed up my water after seeing my Mom’s and trying to do more with mine – bad idea.

Chloe had a meltdown on Chad while I was out – sorry Chad! So he attempted to give her formula (first time) and she would not take it. I got his text but could not leave so he tried again and she took it. And Avery would not nap for him – poor guy. By the time we got home they were all good and Chloe was VERY happy to see me. What a kid.

We grabbed supper out quickly then met my brother and girlfriend for ice cream – we had to got for National Ice Cream day!


It was way past the girl’s bedtime by the time by the time we got home but was worth the extra fun before starting the week.