Weekend Recap

I do not care what anyone thinks but even with the sunny skies I felt fall in the air this weekend! As much as I love summer I am now ready for the season change and all that it will bring with it.


It was a low key night for us, I watched an episode of The Good Witch and then called it an (early) night.


I wanted to go to Once Upon A Child first thing for their Halloween/winter season kick off to look for a few things for Avery. As usual we made off too good! I brand new Gap coat that will be perfect for the carseat this winter, snowpants, mitts, a Halloween costume and a couple tops for $50!

We grabbed sushi for lunch since I had been wanting it for awhile and headed home for nap time. I got to work on some much needed blog stuff during Avery’s nap. Once she was up we headed out to my Grandma’s and to see some friends that were camping.

All ready to go!


My loves:


The kids playing at the campground! Don’t worry they were not “caged” the entire time 😉


We headed home for bedtime then we watched The Theory of Everything which I really liked!


I was wide awake at 6am so finished my book club book before Avery and Chad got up. We had a fun morning ahead – a family fun run – The Chocolate Chase! A friend of mine organized the race and it was an awesome time! They had everything for kids, free face painting, bouncy houses, balloon animals, activity booths and more!

Before the race (5km):


The race was not timed but we came in around 27 minutes hen headed to get our treats – gelato from Famoso, cupcakes from Babycakes and of course chocolate from Bernard Callebaut. Plus more goodies!



We stuck around after for some door prizes and Avery got a balloon flower made. We also talked to the Sportball booth since Avery liked their little set up and now we have to decide between it or gymnastics in January!


The rest of the day was pretty chill, chores, laundry, more garden harvesting, a SPCA visit (my Mom misses her kitty!). Oh and I have Avery a “little” haircut, I could no stand the mullet/strangly ends any longer! The good news? She is sporting a cute bob!


Foodie Friday

Happy Friday!! And the last Friday in August :)

Since I really do not know what I did since Monday let me share today only…

It started out fine, but after being at work for 15 minutes my dayhome called – insert panic, they never have called my work! – Avery had puked. Odd, very odd since she was okay all morning. I could not take the day off work and neither could Chad so I quickly rambled to my boss that I had to go get her and I would be back.

I picked her up and seeing she was just fine went back to work. I got Avery all set up at my side desk so I could work until I figured out what to do.


Shortly after my boss came in and told me it was fine, she could stay as long as needed and not to worry. Sweet. Avery spent the next 2.5 hours at the office, and behaved SO well! She did bug one co-worker (also a very good friend) a lot but she was happy to have her and would let her sit on her lap while she worked and put on You Tube cartoons for her.

I finally got a hold of my brother who said he would meet me at home in 45 minutes. I took her home and ran back to work.

Mid afternoon my brother texted me “Avery stinks, how do I change her?” Sigh. I debate sending him a YouTube link but instead tell him via text. 5 minutes later the next text reads “That was awful, she ran away from me when I took her diaper off”. I laugh. Poor Uncle. And to think he does this for free.

In the afternoon I had some blood work and shortly after started feeling really crappy. By the time I came home I could not do much but lay in bed. Chad offers to make supper and I gladly take it while I lay on the bed feeling like death.

After some food I felt WAY better. Guess a lack of food (I shared my lunch with Avery in the morning) and blood tests do not mix!

I bath Avery – we are having a great time, and then while playing hide and seek behind the shower curtain I hear a grunt, I go to grab her and it is too late. She pooped in the tub. Chad comes to the rescue again, we clean her, clean the tub, toys etc…

And now it is only 8pm as I write this and I wish it was Friday or I had some wine. BUT at the end of the day guess what my whole day tells me? I am darn lucky. I have a work that allows me to drop everything for my family all the time and lets my toddler run around the office, a 21 year old brother that also gives up his day to watch his niece for free, a co-worker/friend that sits with my toddler and watches Bubbles Guppies while she works AND a husband who skipped his workout to cook and clean up supper. It takes a village some days :) And my village is pretty awesome.

Moving on…meal planning.


Saturday – Out

Sunday – Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup with Cheddar Cheese Biscuits – two peas and their pod here and here

Monday – Tuna Casserole

Tuesday – Chicken & Spinach Falutas – Healthy Delicious

Wednesday – Stacked Vegetable Enchiladas – two peas and their pod

Thursday – Chad’s work BBQ, we have to bring a salad – Watermelon feta salad – Skinny Taste

Friday – Thai Chicken Pizza

This weekend, tomorrow I am hoping to get out to visit friend’s who are camping at Gull Lake since it has been too long since we have hung out, Sunday we have a family 5km fun run and I am hoping to check off a few more items from our summer list!


Book Club Reads

This post has been months in the making, well kinda of, in my head it has been. Thinking back now I should have drafted a review after each book, since now I barely remember all the books we read! But I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the reads from my book club. I will keep this short and simple since I really do not want to give too much away and more just share my thoughts.

Also, if you like to read and are not currently on goodreads, get on there, it is a great place to look for books and read reviews!

Up first, Girl on The Train. This comes first since it is my favourite book club read thus far. I read this book in a weekend which for me is unheard of. It is a mystery/suspense book that will keep you flipping pages. One thing I did not like about it was the characters, I never ‘really’ liked any of them, and they mostly annoyed and frustrated me. But the constant suspense kept me sidetracked enough to get past that. Enough about this book, just go and read it before I give it all away.

girl on the train

Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Going into this one I was not sure what to think, first of all non-fiction is usually not my thing and I really do not know a lot about Amy Poehler. But this book surprised me, not only was it pretty funny but I also had quite a few clever take aways from it. From motherhood, to her career, marriage/divorce she talks about it all! There were parts I skipped, like the divorce part since it just did not resonate with me. She is very down to earth in this book and tells it like it is. I never felt in a hurry to read this book though, which was probably a bad thing since it also meant I never fully finished it.

Yes please

A Sudden Light. Where to start with this one? It was written by the same author that wrote The Art of Racing in the Rain and why it was choosen for our book club. It was long, or felt really long but I was determined to finish it. The first 300 pages were SLOW, the last 100? Total page turners. In the end I really liked this book but there was a lot to follow, after all the book did start one with a huge family tree. If you like books about the afterlife and ghosts you might enjoy this book. I got really hung up on all the details that a lot of the time  found useless to the story. But that is just not my book style.


Big Little Lies. This was my pick and of course I loved it, totally a girly read which are my type of books. But do not let the word girly throw you off on this book, it is classified as suspense, which I am not realizing are my type of books. While this book did follow a few different characters it was the right amount without getting too confusing but kept the book moving along at a good pace. I always love books that bring together the different characters since I spend my time trying to figure out how they will do this and then get excited when I figure it out. This author also has a couple other great books I have read since, The Husband’s Secret and What Alice Forgot.


Mosquitoland. I was really surprised to find this in the teen section of Chapters and if I am being honest still do not know what to make of this book. One word comes to mind for sure – quirky. It is about a teen girl that leaves home on a Greyhound bus and her journey. Of course that description does not do it justice but since it was not my favourite that is all I will say. Check out the reviews, others in my book club liked it!


I have to say being in a book club is pretty awesome, I get to hang out with great ladies once a month, we drink and talk about the books a bit, and it forces me to read and go outside my comfort zone in books I might not usually pick up.


Do you like to read? Best book you have read lately?

Small Shop – Sew Hip Designs

So here is the thing, I used to do more posts/features on Avery’s clothing, especially those items from small shops. But she used to sit still. Like for 5 seconds. Now me trying to do any type of photos of her involves a lot of racing around, and praying she does not get wet/dirty in the process.

But this shop was worth the photos, well I mean all the blurry photos, but don’t worry you can still see the adorable leggings.

Sew Hip Designs is pretty brilliant, they sell leggings/shorts that grow with the baby or toddler. So this means you get a ton more wear! I do not know about you guys but spending $30+ on leggings for Avery does not a ton…if ever. But since these can be worn for years I spent the extra $$. And the prints? Do not even get me started. There are so many awesome ones to chose from.


I choose this print since it goes with a lot of different coloured tops.

IMG_6523Adorable, right?

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, trying to take non-blurry photos of my child to show you guys these leggings. The awesome thing is the material of these, not too thin but a great, thick material that moves well for non-stop toddlers. And accommodates a cloth diaper bum too…

IMG_6511The cuffs along the ankles accommodates for their growing legs and a fold down top provides extra length there as well.

IMG_6510I also bought the infant size (0-12 months) as a gift, and I know I would have loved that as a gift when Avery was a baby!

Okay one last blurry photo of Avery, just because:

IMG_6515This was also not the planned top for these photos BUT who is going to argue with a 21 month old over shirts at 5:30pm on a Monday? Not me.


Weekend Recap

I cannot believe there is only a couple more weekends until summer is over, how?! The weather was a lot better this weekend so it was nice to be able to spend time outside. I have to brag a little about Avery too, she was a rockstar this weekend, making me sad I was back to work today!


We did nothing. I was in bed before 9pm hoping that rest was the key to feeling better…spoilr it did not help.


We finally got back to the market, I did not need much but wanted to support Cool Beans who has their “Junior Beans” van there. They were broken into not once but twice last week. leaving a huge mess and a lot of damage :(

After we went out to Costco and managed to leave with a bill under $100 – amazing! And we got Avery kitty flannel sheets for her new bed.

That afternoon we had a wedding just out of town and since most guests were camping out there we left early to visit. Of course Avery had to play in the dirt with her new mocs and dress on.


It was a great afternoon/evening with family! Avery did so good, sat well during the ceremony, ate all her supper, and enjoyed the dance even if the tunes were not her usually jam (it was all county music, no Uptown Funk!).

Before we left with her backpack which she insisted on wearing:


Family photo, oh Avery…

IMAG1758 (1)



IMAG1764 (1)20150822_201856


Sadly, I woke up with a bad cough and a pretty rough sounding voice and STILL congested. WTH. Typically my colds last 5-6 days, this is a week now with no signs of improving :(

The BIG news for the weekend? Avery pooped on her potty! Woot woot. So proud of our girl. She always tells us now when she has to poop but usually we are not fast enough/she cannot hold it and we miss the opportunity. But we now are making a better effort to get her there fast. Anyways, she told me but Chad was in the bathroom  with her seat so I asked if she could wait and she said yes and waited. Once Chad was done we took her and put her on the potty for not even a minute. She was equally proud of herself so we made a big deal of it. She pees on the potty before bed some nights so we just had to work on during the day more now. Fingers crossed we can get this done by 2!

I attempted a 5 miles run which was ROUGH. I felt okay to run, but clearly should not have. Me and Avery made blueberry waffles for brunch while Chad worked out.


We decided to go to Sunnybrook Farm in the afternoon to see the animals. Avery LOVED it. She ran from age to cage saying “hi bunny”, “hi sheep”, “hi horse”, “hi goat” and so on.


IMG_6477 IMG_6474 IMG_6470

We checked out a few other things on the farm, then spent some time on the swings which she was loving.

Oh and this donkey, how was all too photogenic!


Mid-sentence saying choo choo!


The rest of the day was pretty low key, more errands and a quiet evening at home.