Grocery Staples

There are some grocery items we could not live with out – truly! These are things beyond produce & meat that we use almost every day. Funny that almost all these items are bought at Costco as well, for us a Costco membership is a huge must have and saves us a ton of money.

These are in no particular order:

1- 2% plain Greek yogurt. We also buy the 0% plain (Kirkland) but I find that the extra fat helps fill me up more. Avery loves plain Greek yogurt with just honey mixed in and actually will not eat flavoured yogurt.


2- Almond milk. We use this in our coffee, oatmeal, cereals, baking and in cooking. I used to prefer the unsweetened kind but this is sold at Costco so saves money!


3 – Natural Peanut Butter. Probably my number one must have 😉 I am PB obsessed and ever since moving to the natural stuff 6 years ago I cannot go back! Another Costco buy:


And this new seed and nut butter is from Costco too and really yummy!

4 – Chia seeds. I make overnight oatmeal a lot with chia seeds, we also use them in baking and in smoothies almost daily.


5 – Quality spices. I am a huge Epicure fan and have a ton of their spices and mixes, below are just a few of my favourites. We use Epicure products every day!


6 – Kodiak Cake mix. I love this mix! It makes the best pancakes which I like to make weekly. I use half water, half almond milk and add vanilla and cinnamon to the mixture. Another Costco find 🙂


7- Quick Oats. We ate a ton of oatmeal, whether its baked, stove-top or overnight oats so we buy this at Costco as well.


8 – Coconut Oil (yes, Costco again!). I used to only use extra virgin olive oil but in the last year have moved to using coconut oil more and more. My favourite is using it to make eggs!


9- Kid’s Clif Bars. Probably not the best thing for kids, but convenience wins here and Avery loves them.


10 – Maple Syrup. We have this (expensive) habit of using it in our coffee in the morning…and of course on pancakes. Thankfully Costco makes this semi-affordable 😉




Weekend Recap

So there was a ton of fun things going on this weekend, and guess what? We made it to none of them. Boo. But we have a fun few days ahead to make up for it 🙂


My Mom, the girls and I went to Calgary for the day. We checked out their farmers market, Ikea and a couple other stores and did not get home until after 5pm – the ride home was not too fun, both girls took turns crying – OY.

The only photo of the day:


After the girls were in bed I went on a much needed run, 6km in under 28 minutes! Working on my speed 🙂


Chad left early to go golfing which took way longer than he thought so the girls and I did some errands, my Grandma came over and then we walked to Starbucks and the parks.

Painting with new easel my Mom bought her at Ikea – which is/was a VERY early birthday gift:



Chloe is SO close to sitting on her own!


20160820_132847 20160820_141016

I really should have gone to one of the festivals happening! Once Chad was home we went to Costco – I am not brave enough to do that with both girls alone!

My brother and his girlfriend came for a visit once we were home which is always a highlight for Avery – especially when they bring her toys – so spoiled!

Chad and I attempted to watch a movie and both fell asleep in it later!


I had a 22km run planned and after last week Chad’s knee hurt so he was just going to join for a bit but ended up doing 18km with me and then I did another 2.5km so not quite 22km but close.

20160821_095616 20160821_095556

The key to happy girls? Toys and snacks! Though Chloe was a tad cranky near the end.

Chad got us McDonalds breakfast after since we both were to tired to make brunch. The rest of our day was spent doing yard work & house chores. So exciting, I know.

Mom win, Chloe (finally) taking formula and Avery feeding her:


Those eyes!!


Our evening was spent doing laundry, foam rolling and watching Big Brother 🙂


Foodie Friday

Since I cannot believe another week has passed I will just jump into our week:


It was a really nice day (read: hot) so we spent the day outside. A morning spent at the Heritage Ranch parks, and an afternoon in the backyard. I spent nap time, cleaning and setting everything up – lucky kids 😉



I am loving our CSA Jungle Farm veggie box, and have been taking advantage of eating all the veggies, some days I realize I have a lot to eat asap so just roast everything up:


I love summer meals 🙂


A HOT morning run of 10km, then some kitchen play and a tea party – life with a two year old 😉


Chloe is starting to sit on her own, well if she balances on her hands:


She also loves going after Avery’s toys! Note Avery’s blurry hand going to stop her 😉

We got and tried out first Chef’s Plate meals! I am SO Impressed you guys. We had the White Summer Pizza this night with a green bean salad:


You can get your first meal(s) at 50% from this link – disclosure this is a referral link 🙂


We checked out our yoga studio’s new space and cafe – which is gorgeous and inquired about a program for Avery in the fall.

Then made a Wal-Mart stop (worst errand ever) because Chloe decided she no longer liked her formula, well long story short a new kind did not help. The girl is high maintenance. So we will keep trying and start mixing. I wish I had enough pumped milk but I do not, so she needs formula for some dream feeds.

Avery found these and HAD to have them. Lately if she wants anything I say no and sneak it in the cart and am saving things for her birthday and Christmas. But she would not let go of these.


Miss. Chloe, looking like Chad’s twin:


After naps which took 3.5 hours since both girls took over an hour to go to sleep we packed a picnic and headed to Sunnybrook Farm for a quick animal visit then went across the street to go to Yoga in the Park. Chad met us there and took the girls for yoga and then we had a picnic.

20160817_161459 20160817_161258


We were out of the house just after 9am to meet Alison and her kids at Discovery Wildlife Zoo. It was great to see them and get the girls together.

Now I promise to get to Calgary to see them! Avery has no little girls her age to play with so seeing her and D together was pretty cute.

20160818_122417 20160818_113824 20160818_105409 20160818_110105

Since we were right by The Jungle Farm we stopped there for our veggies, and of course some play time for Avery.


Any idea what to do with 3lbs of zucchini?!

Both girls fell asleep on the way home the slept until 4pm! Guess they were tired. We had a quite night, I debated going out for a speed run since we are going out of town with my Mom tomorrow but decided to be lazy instead since I did a lower body workout this morning.

Have I said how much I love the age Chloe is at?!


And supper was part two of our Chef’s Plate!


Speaking of meals, here is next week’s meal plan:

foodie friday

Saturday – Chicken Stir-Fry – Natasha’s Kitchen

Sunday – Grilled Veggie Quesadillas with Goat Cheese

Monday – Zucchini Pizza Boats – Budget Bytes

Tuesday – Away

Wednesday – Salmon burgers & garden salad

Thursday – Light Turkey & Kale Pasta Bake – ifoodreal

Friday – Parmesan-Herb Roasted Potatoes (Cooking Classy), green bean salad and smokies

As well, almost every night I pick one or two veggies to make so that are eating through all the ones from our CSA box.

Today we are hanging out with my Mom in Calgary for the day, then this weekend we have to do some yard work and I have a 22km run. That is about all though!


Finding Time for Fitness

I had about ten different titles for this post and finally settled on this one since the title itself is where I want to focus. It is not actually about finding the time but MAKING the time.


For the last 7 years fitness and working out has been a priority of mine. I treat it like my job, it is not a “if I have time” to-do on my daily list, it is a scheduled (just like my paid job) activity. This does a few things for me:

1 -Keeps me accountable. If it is written down there is a 98% chance I will do it. If not, there is probably only a 30% chance I will do it.

2 – No guessing. Like meal planning, I do not have to think for more than a few seconds on what work out I will be doing because it is planned at least a week out.

3 – Balance. I can balance my workouts, from running, to strength, spin, yoga and rest days I am able to balance them out in a weekly schedule.

I will be the first the admit that working out 5-6 days a week was much easier before having kids but it is by no means impossible, and if it is a priority and non-negotiable on your daily “to-do” list you do find the time. My number one tip when it comes to working out as a Mom:

Work out first thing in the morning


This could be 5am or 10am but do it the first chance you get in the morning. Then it is done and out of the way for your busy day. But Lindsey you say – my kids are busy/do not nap, I work full-time etc… Probably less than 10% of my workouts are done without kids (or when they are asleep). When I was working I was up at 5am to get in my workouts so that I did not comprise evening time with Avery since I know how precious (and hectic!) that time is.

Here is how to get in workouts WITH your kids:

1- Keep them short. Beachbody is awesome for this, they have workouts for only 22 minutes a day! Set up you kid(s) close by with toys, a TV show or books. I keep them both within my vision so I can tend to them if needed. Though 80% of the time they are fine for 30 minutes or so – and they should be!

2 – Take them with you! I run twice a week with both girls, and they love it. Both are so used to it they do awesome for long runs too. I always ask Avery to bring a toy or book with her, and try to go out when Chloe might have a nap.

20160531_091529 IMG_20160722_100445

3- Find options with child care. I cannot speak to this too much,since I’ve never done it. But many places offer child care now from what I have seen.

My biggest point here is that is if it important to you, you will make the time and have your fitness as a non-negotiable on a daily basis.  I know for me working out does so much more for my well-being than passing up a daily workout for “x” reason(s). And that saying “you will never regret a workout” – 100% true!


Interview with Avery

So instead of a typical update on Avery I thought I would let her give her own update in interview form 🙂 We took the interview in Chloe’s room one morning last week and she giggled the whole time. She is such a little girl these days, while she LOVES girly things like dresses, princesses and pink she is a little daredevil and keeps us on our toes. She continues to be a social butterfly and strikes up conversations with anyone that looks her way. I have become more and more aware of how much she listens to us with all the things she picks up and repeats – so far we have not any of “those” words come out of her mouth though!


What is your favourite colour? Pink

Who is your best friend? Meghan (Most of you know this but she is one of mine lol)

What is your favourite book? Olivia (the pig books)

What is your favourite store? The toy store with lots of babies (Mastermind Toys which she has been to once about 6 months ago!)

What is your favourite summer activity? Playing in the sun

What is your favourite treat? Smarties and gummies

What is your favourite food? Chicken

What is your favourite drink? Chocolate milk

Where do you live? Canada – hockey (she always relates the two from singing the national anthem at hockey games)

What do you want to be for Halloween? A princess like Cinderella, with a blue dress, ballet hair and pink shoes (clearly she has thought about this a few times ;))

What is your favourite TV show? Charmers

What is your favourite toy? My kitchen, I make cookies (we clarified this is her play kitchen)