Getting to know me

Every year I try and have one post that is dedicated to random facts about myself so that readers cane get to know me a bit better. Usually these are pretty random and sometimes funny 🙂 So here we go:

1- I hate flying (Chad does too). But you would never guess it since we usually fly a couple times a year. For me the whole process causes me anxiety and I am a nervous nelly the entire flight. Any turbulence and I break out the yoga breathing instantly.

2 – I never drank coffee of any kind until a trip to Costa Rica in 2010 and I got hooked. Now I can’t imagine life without my daily cup(s) of joe!


3 – Family channel was my favourite channel until a few years ago. Anyone else? Lizzie McGuire, The Suite Life, Hannah Montana, Wizard of Waverly Place. Now you all know how cool I really am 😉

4- I have curly hair but even close friends and family have maybe seen it curly a couple times in the past 15 years as I always straighten it.

From 2010 (I think):

curly hair

5 – I used to think that running was a punishment. Blame my high school gym teacher that made us run extra laps when we did not participate or slacked off.

Now I cannot imagine a week without running!


6 – I am not a fan of crowds and have to work hard to not panic in them. My job has helped me a ton with this as I go to a fair amount of large events and networking functions.

7- Chad and I met on my 18th birthday…in a bar…

8 – I started my post secondary education in education then realized I could not be with kids (that are not my own) 40 hours a week.

9 –  My most hated foods are mayo and olives.

10 – I love musicals of any kind. I think this stems from my jealousy of anyone that can sing and or dance since I cannot do either! Probably my all-time favourite:


11- I sleep through anything, crying babies included. Poor Chad always had to wake me up when the girls would wake in the night.

12 – I eat chocolate every single day!

13 – I have no aunts, uncles or (first) cousins.

14 – I always have my toenails painted but never paint my fingernails.

15 – I do not have a favourite colour.


Tell me one random fact about yourself!

Weekend Recap

Jumping right into our weekend:


I was off work a little early so headed home to see Chad and the girls since he had the day off at home with them. It was his first full day solo with them! And of course, did great 🙂

I had my (belated) work Christmas party so my Mom came over to watch the girls while we headed there. We had supper and went bowling. Even though I hate bowling it was a blast! I even managed two strikes the one game!


Be jealous of my technique:



Dance class was back after after a holiday break and I was unsure of how it would go but it was the best yet!

I am pretty sure she only goes for the outfit and shoes:


The girls love playing under the table these days:

IMG_0771 IMG_0767

The afternoon was so nice out so we headed to the outdoor rink with the girls:


Screenshot_20170114-134818 IMG_0777 Screenshot_20170114-134447 Screenshot_20170114-134605 IMG_0801 IMG_0793

Avery skated for 45 minutes and would not let us help her! Chloe loved playing on the ice, do not worry we were the only ones there 😉

Chloe fell asleep near the end and stayed asleep:


We promised Avery a movie night for having such a great day so once Chloe was in bed she picked Finding Dory. We went to bed right after since we were all tired!


Our morning was spent getting in our long run – finally outside again! We did 16.5km and called it a day since Avery was getting antsy. I have learned flexibility is key with getting runs done these days!

Screenshot_20170115-124302 Screenshot_20170115-124443

Avery got pick our afternoon activity and wanted to go skating again so off we went.

She pulled Chloe to the rink:


Such a sunny day!

20170115_150927 Screenshot_20170115-155216

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the week, laundry, punches, baking muffins and chores 🙂



Foodie Friday

I survived my first week back at work! And guess what? It was awesome, being back this week confirmed going back at this time was perfect for us all. The girls have had zero issues adjusting to dayhome which I am beyond thankful for and it shows how they are both social butterflies. No tears have been shed, except when I want to take Avery home 😉


Sadly with my return to work these posts will have a lot less photos! But some from the week:

I worked out every day, from 5am workouts, yoga classes at lunch and runs after the girls went to bed:


My favourite part of our days is when we all get into our bed and read bedtime stories. It is usually crazy but so, so important to us to have that time together every night 🙂

IMG_0734 IMG_0739

Okay onto meal planning:


Saturday – OUT possibly.. or something easy 🙂

Sunday – Sweet Potato Quinoa Bake – Super Healthy Kids

Monday – Grilled Chicken Greek Wraps with roasted cauliflower

Tuesday – Crockpot Cilantro Lime Chicken (Tacos) – freezer meal from Super Healthy Kids

Wednesday – Balsamic Chicken and Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner – Cooking Classy

Thursday – Veggie Frittata & turkey bacon

Friday – Pizza night!

Lunches – Copycat Starbucks Protein Bistro Box – Damn Delicious & Asian Chopped Salad with sesame soy vinaigrette – Skinny Taste

We have a quiet weekend ahead, and the weather looks to be really nice so I am hoping to get outside a few times 🙂


Daily Eats – Day in the Life

I had this request a few times over the past few months so finally I bit the bullet and tracked and photographed my food for an entire day. I used to do these posts more but to be honest taking photos of my food is just not my thing anymore – as you will see below 😉

6:30am – Breakfast. Coffee with almond milk and crockpot steel cut oats with peanut butter, plain Greek yogurt and strawberries.


9:30am – I had Avery at yoga so an almond milk latte and banana bread (that I shared with Chloe) was the perfect snack.


12:30pm – Lunch. Spinach salad with two eggs, tomatoes, avocado and two pieces of turkey pepperoni.


3:30pm – I baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies so HAD to have one 😉 I also made a smoothie (spinach, banana, blueberries, and chocolate protein)

img_0671 20170104_164033

6:15pm – Supper. Turkey Lasagna:


8:30pm – Snack (no photo) – almonds and dried apricots.

There is my day of very un-photogenic eats!



2017 Goals


I decided for 2017 I was going to set a word of intention and after writing down some of my goals and hopes for the year there was a theme – simplify life. With going back to work I know changes will need to be made and well less, is more so it only made sense to me for this to be my goal for 2017.

Declutter. I thought between moving and having a garage sale last year this would be done but I still feel a sense of too much clutter in the house. I pan to go through a room every month and get rid of one box minimum. I want to keep objects that we need/use and bring us joy. If not I will ask why we have them. This is also carrying forward to buying things – do we need them? Will they bring us joy? If both those are no’s then I need to really ask myself why I would buy them.

Do things that bring us joy. I tend to say yes to too much, so this year like my purchases I will ask myself – will this add joy to my life? If not, then why am I doing it? I feel pretty confident that everything on my plate right now accomplishes this but will carry forward this in 2017 as new things arise.

I also want this to be a daily objective for our family, even if it is one small thing like family bedtime stories or a walk after supper. I tend to get very wrapped up in endless house chores and lists which while some of these things have to get done most can wait so that we can spend more time doing things that bring us joy.

Be the Mom you want them to remember.  Those endless lists, chores, scrolling through social media on my phone are not what I want my kids to remember me doing. I need to remind myself all those things can wait and taking time to play with the girls (and do things that bring us joy) is time much better spent. I strive on structure and routine and jump from one thing to the next constantly so this is harder than it sounds for me and will be a work in progress.

Practice patience. I am not a patient person. Having two kids has tested my patience a lot this last 9 months and I know that need to change. Being a few minutes late or having meals take an extra 30 minutes is not the end of the world. I need to lose the urgency feeling as very little in life is urgent.

Other goals I want to accomplish in 2017:

  • PR at a half marathon. I have committed to two so far (February and August) and am debating another in May but keeping in mind “simplify” I am not sure I will add another race.
  • Monthly dates with Chad. I have brainstormed some fun new date ideas so am planning on making this a priority for us to spend more one on one quality time together.
  • Explore the outdoors more. I love being outside more than ever these days and want the girls to as well. I am not 100% what this will entail but I want to spend less time inside and more time exploring our city, province and more as a family.