Favourite Pregnancy Workouts

Being that I am over the half way point into this pregnancy I wanted to talk more about my favourites when it comes to staying active in my pregnancy. For the most part my workouts are the same or similar from when I was pregnant with Avery.

pregnancy workouts image

Starting with the least intense…prenatal yoga. With Avery I went to a weekly class from 12-40 weeks and loved it. It was also a great way to meet other soon to be Moms! I found it to be a very easy workout while working on strength and keeping a good amount of flexibility without overdoing it. You can tailor yoga to yourself so it is perfect for anyone regardless of your fitness level. With baby #2 I had a much better yoga base going into pregnancy so decided to stick with regular classes and do my own modifications as needed.

A couple months ago we signed up for Beachbody on Demand and lucky me they added their Active Pregnancy series a bit ago. There are three workouts, one for each trimester that range from 25-35 minutes. I have done the first two trimesters and find them to be easy workouts, on a scale of -10, maybe a 4? Again, you can modify as you need to and adjust your weights making these workouts for anyone. At $3/week for on demand access you cannot go wrong!

Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Project DVD set. I bought this set with Avery and loved it. With a DVD for each month and only $30 you cannot go wrong. I especially liked these workouts in the last few months of pregnancy. She also has a DVD for post baby that is amazing!

21 Day Fix Extreme or 21 Day Fix. I would not recommend starting these in pregnancy if you do not have a decent base. I have done fix extreme a few times through in the past 9 months so have kept up with the various workouts. What I do love about these workouts is the variety, from yoga and pilates to total body and cardio, you get every workout with these sets. They are all easy to modify or decrease your weights as needed. My favourite go to workout it Dirty 30 which is a total body workout in 30 minutes –> another plus – all workouts are only 30 minutes!

Those are my favourite pregnancy workouts, but always make sure you are doing what it=s right for you and listening to your body.



Baby K-2 – Weeks 19 & 20

What is Baby K up to? 6.5″ in length, about the size of a banana AND baby has working taste buds!

How I am doing? Good! Hoping things stay like this now, it seemed the first 19 weeks it was one thing after another, some pregnancy related, some not (ear infections!).

Weight gained: 5lbs

Workouts: The last couple of weeks have been busy so I have only got in 4 a week, which is fine with me. I am starting to decrease the amount of weight I am lifting and taking it easier in spin classes now as well.

Movement: Silly kid has not been moving too much, but does move here and there if I bug them enough 😉 Funny thing? Avery did the same thing around this time!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Nada!

Sleep: Good! No more waking up to go to the bathroom, a toddler who sleeps in again = life is good :)

Stretch marks? Nope.

Miss Anything? Drinking? haha. For real though, going into the holiday season I do admit I am missing this.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Stay tuned for baby’s gender reveal announcement later today!

Baby Items Purchased: Milk Snob cover and a receiving blanket! I have loosely determined nursery colours so this should go either way!


Looking forward to: Nursery planning, of course!!


20 weeks edited

Weekend Recap

I still cannot believe we are going into the fourth week in November, and even crazier is that we are having temperatures above zero and barely any snow! Though I think snow is coming…today.


I convinced Chad to go out for supper! So we went to Famoso, it is much easier now that Avery is well behaved, I just bring snacks to keep her going while we wait for our food. She also LOVES ordering her own meal and always asks for chocolate milk, water and fries with dip. Sadly for her she never gets that 😉

After we went to Costco hoping for good news on my tires and we got it! Since my tires are not too worn I only need to replace the one and it was under warranty so only cost $40. Score!


We started our day with swimming lessons, some days Avery does great and others she is not having it. She told me at least 4 times she was all done in lessons. Sigh.

The rest of our day was spent running errands, which included going to the mall so see Santa. Avery insisted on going so we did, it went okay, she was all game until she went on his lap, no tears but she had a serious pout going on.

Waiting in line:


After she was so excited that he gave her a candy cane until she tasted it and now tells everyone “Santa yucky candy…pepper…” – kids. Avery never gets to go to the mall and she sorta went on a “mall high” which meant it was time to get out of there!

When we came home we wrote a letter to Santa, Avery requested “a home” so we now call her orphan Avery 😉 Sorry, I really need to figure out the camera in dark/fake lighting!

IMG_7192 IMG_7185

After an early supper my Mom and I headed to the All Things Pretty Market:


I wish I could share what I got but it is all gifts. I did check three more people off my list though!

Later that night Chad and I watched the movie Trainwreck, I liked it but Chad was not a huge fan.


With the nice weather I thought maybe I would go outside for a run but who am I kidding when it is way easier to run in the basement. A slow 4km followed up by some weights.


Avery and I did our usual Sunday baking, this week it was her request of Smartie cookies aka Monster cookies.

IMG_7205 IMG_7201

After some chores and a failed nap attempt (WHY?!) we made our weekly craft, a penguin necklace kit from Michaels – we are fancy, Avery’s response when I say “nice photo”:


Then headed out for fresh air at a couple playgrounds and Kerry Wood Nature Centre since they just opened their renovations.



Our little grump was not having it too much…guess that is what happens when you only have a 20 minute car nap.

Not much else exciting from the rest of the day, supper, laundry and blogging to end the weekend!




Foodie Friday

Switching it up this week to go along with Leigh’s Friday posts:

Highlight of the week: Today because it is Friday? haha. Nothing really sticks out!

Low of the week: Finding out that what we thought was a simple tire fix turned out to be four new tires…

Best money I spent this week: I did not buy a lot, so I will go with the new black sweater I bought at 50% off since my usual one was getting a tad short to cover the belly!

Meals this week: I did a mini happy dance when I realized I get off cooking supper a few days next week :) I planned a few meals to make extras of so we have leftovers on the nights we are busy.


Saturday – BLT Chicken Caesar Wraps – Mom On Timeout

Sunday – Roasted Sweet Potato Salad & Bison Burgers – Averie Cooks (salad)

Monday – One Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta – Skinny Taste

Tuesday – Slow-cooker BBQ Chicken Sandwiches & salad

Wednesday – Leftovers

Thursday – Out

Friday – My Christmas Party!

This weekend…well Avery INSISTS she wants to go and see Santa, and yes sit on his lap. So we will go, stay tuned for the outcome there. She talks about Santa all day long currently. Saturday evening my Mom and I are going to a craft sale, I only wish I knew baby’s gender beforehand since I know some vendors there have really awesome stuff. That is about all we have on the go for the weekend.