Weekend Recap

I think I took the least amount of weekend photos this weekend than in a long time!


We went to the mall in the morning, I have no idea the last time I went there and this was the first time with the girls. Avery loved the mannequins and insisted I take her photo with them…


Later we took a walk, went to the park then hung out at home until Chad  got home. Oh and I finished Avery’s chalk table – the best part is cost me nothing as I had everything!

20161021_173705 20161021_171403


We had a mini sleep win when Chloe slept 9 hours straight!! I would say this is technically sleeping through the night but since she goes to bed at 7:30pm that still meant a 4:30am feed then back to bed for a couple hours. Still a win and I will take it!

Our morning consisted of craft time, errands and looking at paint samples – I am thinking I tackle the huge job of repainting our bedroom furniture since there is nothing a matter with it it would be a waste to buy new stuff but it needs a pick me up.


Chloe tried her first smoothie (banana, blueberries, spinach, Greek yogurt and water) and loved it: She figured out the straw so fast, I was surprised!

Just posing in her diaper both smoothie :


After naps we decided to look at some showhomes – no, we are not moving we just like to look!

Some fancy bathrooms – too fancy for me!

20161022_162840 20161022_164628

I was pretty happy to see the movie Nine Lives on Popcorn Time which was how we ended our night.


Since we had Tawnya coming for photos I decided to skip my morning run and go later once it was nicer out and get ready instead. I took no photos all morning as she was doing a “day in the life” session with us, we played, baked muffins, went for a walk and to the park. It was awesome to see her again, I only wish we lived closer!

She left at nap time so I forced myself into running. I wimped out going outside since it was windy and I hate running in any wind. Treadmill it was! Chloe woke up early so I just got in 6km – better than nothing!


Miss. Dramatic that I was not there to feed her the minute she got up. She does this thing where she is fine until she sees me. Silly girl!


Flying high with Dad:

img_20161023_160945Later my Mom, brother and girlfriend all visited and surprised Avery and Chloe with a Little People farm – day made! Sunday nights always come so fast!

This week is busy, lunch dates, yoga, doctor appointments, eye appointments, a craft sale, Halloween events and more!


Foodie Friday

Another Friday. Already. Where do the days go?! Oh right, I run around after the girls all day 😉


A morning library trip, some play time there for Avery then home for the afternoon and we baked squash brownies and muffins. I am not good at being at home for more than a few hours but am slowly working on having slower days.

20161017_100437 20161018_162355 20161017_161722 20161017_160009


Yoga in the morning for Miss.Avery and I started on some work things. I decided to use the hour to prep for my return to work in January and get my brain back into work mode. After we ordered A’s birthday cupcakes.

My Mom came over during naps and Avery heard her so did not nap. I do not deal well with no nap days and neither does Avery. Our afternoon was spent checking out Once Upon A Child then watching the Shrek Halloween movie and hanging out at home.

20161018_170821 20161018_121100-1

I thought I was ready for fall but these days I really miss spending our days outside, going for walks and to the beach! I need to suck up the cooler weather and get out more!


We ran a few errands in the morning, booked eye appointments for the whole family and wore Halloween gear – I got suckered into shirts for the girls this year.

20161019_114627 20161019_113307

During nap time I decided to start the playroom re-do and then got caught up re-doing a small rocking chair and chalk table for the playroom. Oh and I added 100 more DIYs to my list…

We spent some time in the yard since the sun was out after naps, I snapped some photos of this girls:

img_9805 img_9802 img_9799

Once Chloe went down for her 4pm nap I got ready for my work gala. Felt good to dress up, do my hair and makeup for a change!

20161019_135426 20161019_170607 20161019_170626  I left the house for the evening and did not get home until 10:30pm. It was a great evening and made me realize how much I miss my work. I keep telling myself in 6 months I will wish I was home some days so just be happy for now.

Pictures from the evening:

20161019_194105-1 20161020_072040


I decided to take the girls for an afternoon run which meant an open morning! We met my Grandma for coffee and a visit:

20161020_100851 20161020_101211

After naps the sun was out so we went out for a quick 6km run. Avery told me a few days ago she wanted to be a runner like me since it makes her strong. I was happy to hear that and know all those hours she was spent watching me run and running with me have been worth something 🙂


The last bit of our run I let her run with me:


We also made a park pit stop”

screenshot_20161020-162755 screenshot_20161020-162703

Onto meal planning:


Saturday – Asparagus & Potato Salad – Oh She Glows & grilled chicken

Sunday – Crockpot Chicken noodle soup (this never got made last week) – Cooking Classy

Monday – Salmon burgers & salad

Tuesday – Spinach & Feta Pasta – Six Sisters’s Stuff

Wednesday – OUT

Thursday – Crockpot Stuffed Pepper Soup – Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Friday – BLTs & sweet potato fries

This weekend we have photos with Tawnya, and I am not only excited to have her photograph us but also for a visit – it has been too long!



Weekly Workouts

I think it is time to talk a bit about my current workouts! Over a month ago I ran my first half marathon post Chloe and after I run a long race I always promise myself a solid 4 weeks of recovery. This is not complete rest but rest from training because training burnout is real guys!!

These days I am doing two workouts mostly – running and PiYo. I do attend spin classes when I can but sadly that is less often that I would like! I run 3 days a week but keep my kilometers under 20km a week currently. Then I aim for 4 PiYo workouts a week (one gets doubled up ona run day) and one rest day.

PiYo, as the name suggests is a combination of pilates and yoga, and uses only your body weight. I was not sure this would be “my type of workout but after only one workout I knew it was, and way more challenging that I expected it to be.


The best photo I could get of me doing PiYo, and yes, most of my workouts involve a kid or two under me!

I am on week five right now and here are my thoughts on the program:

1 – No matter what workout you are doing (there are 7 total) they all use all your muscles! The core stability you require for the workouts is insane! One goal going into this program was to gain better core tone and stability and I know it is accomplishing it.

2 – I have yet to be sore the next day. Not sure if this is a good thing or not? Maybe it is from the type of movements the workouts do.

3 – It is mentally challenging! I am not good with coordination and these workouts take that plus some. This means it takes me a couple times of doing a workout to get the moves down.

4 – I am never bored. With 7 workouts there is a ton of variety! I am semi following the workout calendar – minus 2 workouts a week and they are always switching it up.

5 – I get sweaty!!! Like dripping sweat. Who would have thought that a pilates/yoga workout at home would do that? Not me.

I am excited to finish off the last 3 weeks of the program. I am not sure what kind of results I will see, and since I did not take a before photo it will be hard to see any. My eating has not been the best either and like any workout program, a clean eating program is also key to see results.


Lessons Learned as a Mom of Two

Six months into this Mom of two gig and some days I feel like I have my shit together then the next I want to drink by 9am – no joke. Anyways, along the way I do feel as I have gained some wisdom and have had to set some of my Type A tendencies aside in order to maintain some sanity.

Lesson #1

The kids do not always need to be happy. There will be days when they cry/whine A LOT.  This never killed any kid. Let them cry, put the baby in their crib for a few minutes so you can breath. I promise it will make you feel much better.

Lesson #2

Tidy the house once or twice a day. I drove myself nuts picking up 10 times a day and then realized it is not worth the 5 minutes or my frustration. Now I pick up at nap time and at 5pm.

Lesson #3

You will be late sometimes. This one was hard for me. I am always on time of not early. I try and give myself 15 minutes to leave the house but that does not always work out. Being a bit late is okay, and usually people will understand – I promise.

Lesson #4

You will forget things…a lot. I used to think I had a great memory, and now if it is not in my phone I will not remember. I usually have anywhere from 2-10 reminders set in my phone daily. Thank goodness for technology!

Lesson #5

Nap times will not always be productive nor should they be. I spend half of mine running around the house like a mad women doing everything on my list and they other half? I sit and stare at my phone and just give myself and my brain a mental break.

Lesson #6

Sleep will never sound so good. Between a toddler that fights bedtime some nights until 9pm, a baby that wakes at least once in the night and the toddler who also wakes to pee at night sometimes I have no idea what a 8 hour stretch of sleep is anymore. But somehow I have a new normal and this is all okay – for now.

Lesson #7

EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY. The most important lesson. The cranky baby, the night wake ups, the threeanger attitude, the messy house, the endless laundry… it is all temporary, maybe its a few months or a year but regardless these things will not last forever. One tough days this is my mantra and it pushes me through.

At the end of every day I am so thankful for these two little faces, no matter what. Being a Mom is not easy but worth it 🙂


Weekend Recap

It was a fairly low key weekend over here but no complaints about that!


More snow you guys! We had lunch with my Mom, then after naps went into my work for a bit. I cannot believe I am back in less than three months now. I am excited to go back!

The one photo I took all day:


I think we folded laundry that night and watch a couple TV shows – party animals!


Morning errands as usual, the we headed to Liam’s birthday party. Avery was so excited to wear her party dress, HAD to have her hair curled and bring a present.

img_20161015_124818 20161015_130243

The party was awesome, it is puppy themed, Dalmatians specifically, check out these cupcakes!


At one point I was laughing so hard I was crying thanks to the kids and the Marshal pinata. Lets just say Avery might need therapy after seeing Marshal (Paw Patrol puppy) ripped to pieces. To funny.

After we stopped at Winners to jean hunt – and I found some for $25 – score and a mirror for Avery’s room! Avery passed out on the drive home and slept on the couch for a bit at home while Chloe took advantage of the play time with Avery’s toys.

20161015_163330 20161015_164133

Another quiet evening for us at home.


The girls had us up at 6:30am – yawn. I ran 10km on the treadmill, it is just so much easier than going outside and I find speed work easier on it too.


Though it is WAY more boring.

We had to run a few errands and then convinced Chad to go out for brunch. He realized fast that two hangry girls was worth the money eating out.

20161016_115551 I had my new favourite at Brown’s, the social salad.

Chloe slept most of brunch then woke up and stared me down since she was not eating too:


Our afternoon was filled with chores, play time, a SPCA visit and ice cream at McDonalds.

20161016_144159 20161016_173644

Chloe’s favourite face these days.

We set up Avery’s new mirror in her room and added the lights we bought for it.


It turned out just as we pictured!

And that was our weekend!