I will leave this post to mainly a photo update but we are enjoying the sun in Arizona 🙂 Our days have been filled with the pool, runs, walks, margaritas and of course too many Target trips 😉

Be back next week with our race recap from the weekend!


Weekend Recap

Jumping into our weekend:


Nothing too exciting to chat about, bedtime “spaceship” rides are a huge hit these days and leaves Mom and Dad tired after haha


The day started with Avery’s last ballet/jazz class, we got to watch (and my brother’s girlfriend came too!) and it was more exciting than last time. She is not a fan of being watched but did great in the circle activities.

I left it up to her on if she wanted to continue another session after holidays and she said no that she wants to go to yoga so now to figure how we can make that work 🙂

After we went to Winners to look for a few things and left with those and more:

Avery needed bigger runners (these are more casual but will work) and Chloe needed something she can walk in with a sole.

In the afternoon Avery joined me at the spa for her first spa day! She loved it and has bright pink fingernails and bright orange toenails with all the sparkles now 🙂

I tried out gel polish on my toes hoping it lasts longer! Downside of being a runner, nothing lasts!

The rest of the day was spent playing at home, doing endless puzzles and having my Mom for supper.


It did not look too nice out (so foggy) to run so we ran on the treadmill for a short 10km (ha). I am not sure how ready I am for this race but I will give it my all.

Our was was spent packing, taking photos of a friends new baby and visiting with my brothers.


From Our Week

Sorry guys, no Foodie Friday today because we are leaving on a jet plane for a couple sun-soaked weeks soon 😉 But instead you get our week highlights 🙂

Monday my Mother-in-Law sent the girls some treats for Valentine’s – Avery was so excited that her package had a puzzle and suckers – two of her favourite things 😉

That night I set up the few things I bought the girls for Tuesday morning:

Two of my Valentines 🙂

Tuesday Chad surprised me with flowers, Mini Eggs and a latte:

We started a little tradition where we get pizza and wine for supper, so that year we continued that plus I grabbed us these adorable cookies:

I was pretty tired Wednesday and believe it or not I think it was from skipping my workout Tuesday and then not working on in the morning, once I ran after supper I felt WAY better.

I am going to attempt to take outfit photos, so here are two from the week. I promise my skills will get better 😉

This weekend Avery has her final dance class, we have a spa appointment (her first time!) and I am hoping to steal some newborn snuggles from a friend that just had her baby 🙂


About Us

Originally I had planned to do a relationship type post for today but then I saw this fun questionnaire floating around social media so decided to share it instead, plus added some more questions. I love reading these posts so I hope you guys enjoy too!

Who is older? Chad is by 16 months.

Same high school?  Nope, we met three months after I graduated.

Most sensitive?  I think we are equally insensitive, we joke about it often.

Worst temper? Probably me, Chad does not get phased by much.

More sarcastic? Chad.

More social?  Me – I think, though we are probably fairly similar in this area.

Spends the most? No question there – ME.

Length of Relationship? 14 years and 5 months – so crazy!

First Date? A movie (Blue Crush) with friends.

More athletic? Chad for sure. Like I always say, I run but do not play sports.

Who makes the most mess?  Chad – haha. I have OCD problems 😉

Wakes up first?  Me – I am up at 5am during the week and he sleeps until 6am usually.

Bigger family?  Chad.

Who cooks the most?  Me – I enjoy cooking and am faster at it 😉 Chad does BBQ in the summer though – that is one thing I do not use.

Who eats more sweets? I eat a lot of chocolate and we both have huge sweet tooths, but Chad might beat me here.

Who cries the most?  Neither – haha. Back to the sensitive question 😉

Better singer?  Again, neither! Though we used to pay a lot of Rockband in University! haha

Hogs the remote?  Chad, well he does not hog it but I hate looking at TV listings.

Better driver?  I will have to give to Chad for sure.

Most patient?   I have no patience and Chad might have a little more but we are fairly close in this one – again.

Furthest we have traveled together? Had to look at Google Maps, but looks like Hawaii wins. Next would be Costa Rica and the Bahamas I think.



Weekend Recap


Mid afternoon I emailed Chad to see if we could go for supper ad he agreed so after work we went to Famoso, Avery was beyond excited to eat out:

We watched a movie once the girls were in bed but I fell asleep almost instantly!


I took Avery to dance in the morning while Chad went over to our community hockey tournament. Avery is liking dance a lot more these days, she only has one week left so we will take a break after. While I like her in programs etc I also think kids need breaks from them.

We got home, bundled up and headed to the tournament. My Grandma came by for a bit and Avery was grumpy for some reason. Around lunch we headed home to eat then I went back to help and clean up.

How does she look 12 here?!

Later we made Valentine’s for Avery’s dayhome friends:

And the puzzle obsession continues, I bought some second hand ones for her:

Chloe’s hair always look so red in photos, but in person it is not at all, so odd!

We had a family movie night, Storks that night:


It looked like a perfect morning for a run so we headed out around 9am for 15km. It was pretty nice but could have been sunnier if I want to be picky 😉

We spent the day making Valentine’s day cookies, muffins and visiting with my one brother.

And attempting photos, Chloe was not having it – sitting still is horrible – so we made do:

And now we are ready to tackle another week!