Clean Eating Update

We finished our two weeks of clean eating a few days ago now so I thought I would share ore of what changes we made. The changes for us were fairly simple and not that much different. But at the same time they had a huge difference in many ways. Here is what we tried to stick to:

Avoid processed foods, and white flour/sugar. Since processed foods typically mean higher sodium, sugar and trans fat contents we tried to avoid these are much as possible. We still allowed treats with these ingredients but those were limited and ate more mindfully.

Shop the perimeter. This is something we typically do, but stuck with it even more during these two weeks. Helps to avoid temptations!

Add more veggies! My goal was to eat as much as I could every day. Salads for lunch or a large bag of raw veggies, then 3-5 veggies with supper. I find that it is much easier for us to eat more during the summer months so this was pretty easy.

Limit your alcohol. Or avoid it all together. Chad had some beers still but I had no drinks for two weeks. I have not been a huge drinker but the last 18 months I have drank more (haha). It helped that I was on medication and could not drink for part of the time!

Drink more water. This was something I challenged Chad to do more than myself. It can be such a small change with many benefits!

Limiting eating out. Eating out usually means processed foods or uncertainty of the ingredients so we tried to stay clear of eating out as much as possible. Bonus – it also saved money!

Those are the main changes we made for the past two weeks. We were not perfect, Blizzards were had, iced coffees and probably too much dark chocolate. The point of this was not perfection but to get us eating more whole food more mindfully and I think we accomplished that.


Color Me Rad Race Recap

So I have to start by saying that this is my first blog post published on my phone! Now that a few issues are sorted & I have a new host I can get back to my regular schedule :-)

Now back to Saturday….me and Chad headed to Calgary to run the Color Me Rad 5km. My mom stayed home with Avery so it was nice mini get away for us.

We got there, found parking fairly easily then went to see some bloggers that were meeting up. We decided to head to the start line to wait for the next heat and within minutes they started to countdown to run. I was confused since it wasn’t time yet and I had planned to wait for the others. But we decided to just go.

The first km was actually a little tough on me, a few small hills and the heat got to me standing outside in it. But we just settled into a light jog and I started to feel better.

First race selfie:


It was just past this we saw the finish line and said “what?!” but the course just went by the finish line. The course was different than last year, but I wouldn’t say better or worse. This year we ran through a gravel parking lot which was odd. It kind of reminded me of a driving course with all the pylons! It also was quite hot since there was no shade at that point.

The nice thing was the addition of the color stations having water guns and gel color which cooled you down.

The 5km was over before we knew it, and Chad wanted to run it again…

At the finish line:


We took a walk around, grabbed water before heading to the car to clean up. The color actually bothers my skin a lot and I was already itchy and had a rash starting.


The value for this race is really good, you get an awesome shirt & socks for the $42 fee.


Since Chad didn’t run it last year I bought him sunglasses this year. Last year we got the sunglasses for free versus socks.


All in all this is a really fun run, lots of families do it which is awesome. I’d love to bring Avery one year once she’s older.

After we found a patio for a drink and lunch:


We had one more stop before heading home, going to see Leigh and her family! We had a short but great visit and I got to see Amelia again, who is so adorable and smiley!

It was such a fun & hot day, even if it made for a crazy weekend with packing etc. for holidays.

As I type this we are headed on holidays for the next week, I have a couple posts scheduled for this week but will catch up next week!

This will be out longest road trip as a family!


Thank goodness for iPads!

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Staying Active as a Family

One of the best parts of being active is being able to do it as a family. Physical activity has a played a huge role in out lives for a number of years now so once we had Avery we knew that while it might change it still had to be a priority. We want Avery to grow up with physical activity being fun and a part of her daily life. There are so many ways to do this, not only in the summer months but winter too. Here is some of our favourite ways to stay active as a family:

1 – Walks. Easy peasy. We have a little 2.5km loop in our neighbourhood that passes not one but THREE parks that is perfect for a short walk no matter what the weather. We have made it our goal to go for a walk and visit a park every month. So far we are 16 months & going strong! Avery loves the stroller and gets so excited to see it come out. Stroller = park to her.

   winter swinging20150408_18265720150504_185402

Our city has beautiful trails, I cannot wait to explore them more this summer.

2 – Bike rides. We have got out once this summer so far with the bike trailer and it was a blast! Avery enjoys the trailer and even likes wearing her helmet:


It is pretty easy to pull (the trailer is on my bike), even with the trailer packed full with a cooler. Add in a couple hills and I get a killer leg workout! haha.


3 – Family Runs. Last summer I got out with Avery 2-3 times a week, this summer it will be much less but hopefully we get out a few more times still! We love our BOB stroller. BEST investment. We have our first family “race” planned for this summer as well!

Avery and I at the Mothers Day fun run:


4 – Hikes. While we have only done a couple so far I really want to find a few hikes to do this summer. I am not a fan of heights or narrow trails though, so it might take a bit of research. Avery does pretty well in the backpack carrier and this year the plan is to use the Ergo.

Avery hiking

Fall 2014 at Grassi Lakes.

5 – Yoga! We did Mom & Baby Yoga for 4-5 months last year and I cannot wait till I get Avery into toddler yoga but for now we “practice” at home. Avery LOVES copying us as we attempt different poses.

This winter (I really don’t want to think of it right now!) I am hoping to get Avery out skating, and hopefully go cross-country skiing with her in the sled or carrier too. And of course sledding, hauling a sled up and down a hill is no joke!


What are some of your favourite way to stay active as a family?

Mama Talk: DIY Toddler Chore Chart

You guys are thinking I am nuts, right? A chore chart for a 18 month old? HA. Well, when you have a Mom who is very type A and “gold” and a Dad who works in the financial industry this is what you get!

We really want Avery to understand the value of money and that if she wants something we do not just go out and buy it, as well we want her to feel like she has earned this money by helping us. Since she is in the helping stage we decided to take advantage of it and start this little project. We know my no means will it be perfect for quite some time. Toddlers are creatures of habit though and little sponges so I am fairly confident she will take this all in Smile

The chart itself serves two purposes:

1- Track Avery’s “chores” she helps with or completes on her own

2 – Track her savings and what she is saving for


I made the chores fairly age specific with not only typical chores but things we want her to be able to check off daily, like brushing her teeth –> which also can use ALL the encouragement we can get here!

The idea right now is not that these things all have to be done daily or tracked but just that when she does one of them and we remember we take her to the chart (on the fridge) and get her to put a magnet on. Note: Magnets are not the best idea at her age since she wants to play with them. Reusable stickers seem to work better for now.


The above magnets are from a Melissa & Doug chart which we will use once she is older. It was cheaper than making my magnets, which was plan A.

Part 2 is the goal and savings tracking. We have no started this yet since we want to get part 1 down (this is also for us remembering to do this!) but will eventually. I have not figured out the tie in, maybe 10 items per week = $0.25 or something. Right now we give her quarters when she helps us and get her to put them in her piggy bank telling her each time this is her savings for something special. She actually loves this part! I was not sure she’d give up the money to put it in the piggy bank but she loves it. We high five after so that helps too.

It seems like a lot for a 18 month old but for now we are getting in the routine and will work towards her understanding the chart and goal of saving then the correlation between the two. Kids are smart so I never underestimate how fast they can learn something!


Weekend Recap

Sorry this post is late, I have had blog issues. Bare with me over the next bit until this is all sorted! If you follow me on Blog Lovin’ you might have to update your feed, since there are two and one is broken.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and spoiled the Dad in their life. We did the best to spoil ours. To be honest it is a different thing for me to celebrate the occasion the last couple of years since before I had not in a long time.


At work we had our annual BBQ, luckily the storm held out and it started raining just as we were packing it in. It also made the day fly by!

Not sure what we did Friday night now, my memory is so bad some days!


Since we cannot make it to the market the next two weekends we wanted to head down there so made our way down before 9am. Afterwards, we ran our usual errands

Our afternoon plan was to head out to a nearby town for their summer fun fest and to visit our friends that live there. Not only did Avery have a blast with the two boys (one older, one younger than her) she LOVED the petting zoo!




We were at a playground when a storm came in pretty fast and had to seek shelter while our friend ran home to get his truck. We went to their house where the kids wore themselves out running up and down the hallway.

Our evening was spent going to the park, doing a few small things around the house, making cake pops for Chad (his Father’s Day request) and planning the hallway gallery wall I am attempting to do.


Oh and I have to share our supper, which was one of my favourite recipes lately!



We all slept in until after 7am (yes, that is a sleep in for us!) and took our time relaxing for getting in our workouts. With Avery going to one nap on weekends now too it is a different schedule to get used to and we spend more time keeping her entertained since she does get a tad grumpy late morning but we keep her up until she has had an early lunch.


She helped me finish Chad’s cake pops (no photo, they tasted great but were not pretty with a toddler helping!), then we made Chad blueberry waffles for brunch.



For Father’s Day Chad did not want a lot, and since it was just his birthday we had to be creative and made him a card with “coupons”, then dayhome made him an awesome mug!


After a nap, we headed to my Mom’s to visit, then back home to get ready for supper. Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom joined us for a BBQ. Avery loved all the attention, and despite being tired behaved really well.

Not going to lie, this one nap this has me nervous, I know charts say 18 months is about the time kids go to one nap but I still am on the fence and think she needs more. I am a huge sleep advocate and never want her short on sleep since it is how the grow and develop! Anyways, it is what it is and we will make the best of it. Holidays next week will hopefully play out okay, and one nap does give us a lot more flexibility.