10 Things I Love About Myself

I first saw this idea on Ashley’s blog a couple weeks ago when she posted on practicing self love and knew it was something I had to borrow and share with you all.

So 10 things I love about ME!

1. My hair – which may surprise most since I always wear it up but it is very versatile and pretty darn nice for no effort.

2. I am easy to get along with

3. I have  a good sense of humor

4. My legs – they are still running at 6 plus months pregnant!

5. My work ethic

6. My planning/organization skills

7. My lips – especially the color

8. My determination

9. The fact that I am a morning person

10. My height – yup love being only 5’1”

So  that was not that hard at all, until I hit #10 then I was stumped. I wanted my 10 things to be somewhat unique and not too generic. And those are all genuinely things I love about myself.

And just to show a bit more self love, a few favorite photos of me:

fav 2

fav 3

fav 1

fav 4


I think that being confident can come in many shapes and forms. I am not always super confident and there has been times in my life when I have been way more confident for a variety of reasons. However, when I look at all the above photos I realize one thing they were all from periods when I had the most confidence… very interesting to me. Just food for thought Smile


What do you love about yourself?

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