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Sunburns, Pizza & Doggy Yoga

In one word the last few days have been RELAXING. Which is exactly what we wanted this trip to be. Now be warned this is one long catch up post! So grab a cup of coffee 🙂

Thursday we spent time shopping, and went to one crazy huge liquor store called Total Wine, went to a very popular pizza place called Pizzeria Bianco and a Phoenix Suns game.

Rather than bore you here are the highlights via photos:

Total Wine had easily 500 kinds of vodka, cake, cookie dough?!

cake vodka

cookie dough vodka

I bought Skinny Sweet Tea:


Mixed with lemonade probably my new favorite drink.

Pizzeria Bianco, we waited about 3 years to go here, they make the dough and cheese fresh daily!

I had the Margherita and Chad had the Wiseguy (fennel sausage, smoked mozzarella and onion).





The Phoenix Suns game:


Truth – I thought it would be slow and boring but it was anything but! Totally fun, even up high where we were. Next time I’d spend the extra money to sit lower. I would also say it is right up there with watching NHL hockey games live.

Friday was a very relaxing day, after doing Yoga Meltdown, having waffles with Chobani and berries for breakfast we decided to take a walk to Starbucks. Well, we turned the wrong way down the main road and it ended up taking us about 2 hours to get there and back, but it was a good walk for sure! In the end we did get our drinks:

sb az

I finally was able to have my iced coffee, since I had been craving one for the last month!

The rest of Friday was spent sun tanning/burning and finishing my book –We Bought A Zoo (my short review – it was okay, kinda slow, very detailed and dragged at times), happy hour, making supper for my in-laws and hot tubing.

Saturday morning started with the best overnight oats to date, I credit the black cherry Chobani for this! 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 a container of black cherry Chobani, 1/3 cup almond milk and 1T chia seeds, topped with chopped strawberries and Trader Joe’s peanut butter. Soo yummy but no photo 🙁 I also really liked TJ’s peanut butter but it looked way darker than the peanut butter I am used to…any idea why?

Once we were up, fed and ready we headed out to Scottsdale area for the day with a few stops on the agenda – Target (yes, again), True Food Kitchen and Yogurtland for fro-yo trip #2.

Target was way too successful as usual, and my cart was filled with clothes, a bathing suit, some baby clothes (for a friend that just had a little girl), a Camelback water bottle, more Clif bars, Keurig Chai Latte cups, and some other snacks. On top of all our other purchases down here lets just say my suitcase might be pushing that 50lbs limit…

Next we headed to True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale for lunch. I had heard of the restaurant from Angela at Oh She Glows and really wanted to try it. All their food is sourced as locally as possible, organic and made from the freshest ingredients. To drink I went with the Apple Carrot Ginger Tonic, which was really good and really orange! For our lunches, I had the Chopped Chicken Salad (chicken, cranberries, farro, dates, jicama, manchego in a marcona almond champagne vinaigrette) and Chad had the turkey burger with a side kale salad and sweet potato hash.




I really enjoyed the different menu at True Food Kitchen. At home I really get sick of the same menus with the same ingredients over and over again.

On our way over to True Food Kitchen we just happened to drive by a Yogurtland (really what are the chances! haha) so after lunch we made our way back there. I had to try it since Janae (Hungry Runner Girl )loves it so much 🙂 Well, Janae is spot on and it is our favorite fro-yo place to date. With too many options I went with vanilla bean, pistachio,coffee and coconut. Yes, a few too many flavors but I could not decide. I also wanted to try the chocolate mint but didn’t. The only one I did not love – coffee but I am not a coffee flavor fan usually – love coffee but not the coffee flavor. And as usual every topping possible…


And what was RIGHT next door?! Sprinkles!!

I had never been to Sprinkles but had heard TONS about it, and the line up out the door proved how good it could be, so we hopped into line. We went with four cupcakes to share with Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom. Our choices – Cinnamon Sugar, Dark Chocolate Banana, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Coconut.



We shared the Dark Chocolate Banana last night and it was pretty darn yummy.

After the Yogurtland and Sprinkles stops we decided to go for a little walk to what we thought was a farmer’s market, but turned out to be a doggy festival! There was dog everything and lots of pups too! The best part? A doggy yoga class:


Last night we headed over to Chad’s Aunt’s house for a BBQ, and just enjoyed the company before coming home and going for a hot tub and then hitting the sack at 10pm 🙂


Have you ever been to a Sprinkles? What cupcake did you have?

Favorite fro-yo place?

We have been to Yogurtini, Tutti Fruitti, and Yogurtz and now Yogurtland – which is our favorite for sure

PS Sorry about any spelling and grammar mistakes! I am in a hurry to get outside to the sun and not proof reading today 😉