Daily Archives: 13 March, 2012

First Day Back & Fun Finds

Happy Monday! Well we did and survived our first day back to work in almost two weeks. I never mind the first few days back because they fly by with catching up, and lucky me – I have awesome co-workers that keep everything under control and I come back to very little catching up 🙂

We decided today would be a rest day and no gym trip, plus I had a mini to-do list for the night:

– Mend a few things – sew a button back onto one of Chad’s shirts, and sew the lining in my purse – it ripped

– Finish addressing thank you cards from the Scotties tournament

– Prep breakfast for tomorrow – overnight oats for us both!

– Prep a few blog posts for the upcoming week, I had a few light bulb ideas today

This morning when I woke up I had planned to have a grilled apple and peanut butter sandwich for breakfast but was craving PB Cheerios big time, so I opted for a bowl of them with a sliced banana, berries and flaxseed. Yumm! I do not know what I will do when my box of these run out…

Lunch came quickly, thankfully since I my body thinks it needs food every 2 hours. One of the best salads I have made in a long time:


Spinach as the base, beets, shredded carrots, a crumbled black bean meatball (I stole one from the lasagna yesterday since I love them by themselves), a sliced baby cucumber, sliced avocado and topped with a spoon of hummus. Delicious! On the side a peanut butter think thin protein bar which I brought home from AZ. 

Supper tonight was a new fish for us – Sole. I wasn’t too sure how to cook it so Googled recipes and decided to sauté garlic, spinach and mushrooms then top the sole with it and evoo and bake it for 10 minutes at 400, pretty tasty! Along with the fish Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains with Mmm Sauce (Peas and Thank You) and steamed asparagus.


Oh, and unlike most people I love day light savings. I like the extra light after work – means way better supper photos! Haha. I also used to love it cause it meant outdoor runs were back 🙂

This weekend while out shopping with my Mom I came across a few fun items that I had not seen locally before:


Love Grown granola, and yes it is as good as everyone says and this is coming from a girl who isn’t a granola fan, PB2 – I am trying the chocolate kind, and Ginger People chews – okay these I can find here but this is a new coffee flavor, but the peanut butter is still my favorite.

I did a bit of clothes shopping in AZ but the main thing we brought back? Food. Here is just some of the stuff we hauled back…


I also received this in the mail today:


(insert squeal here) I am so excited to finally try Sun Warrior!

And because Destini reminded me today that our kitties do not get enough blog face time:


She has a box obsession…

Chad tells me there is no new TV shows on tonight so I guess it is time to be productive and get going on that list!


What is your favorite fish and how do you cook it?

I like tilapia and find it really versatile but wild salmon on the BBQ is pretty good too!

Daylight savings fan? Yay or nay?