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8lbs of Carrots & Giveaway Winner

So far we have had a great weekend over here. Nothing on the agenda at all – which hasn’t been the case in months! Only the usual weekend things like house chores, errands, grocery shopping and a gym trip this morning followed by a delicious brunch.

Yesterday after our green breakfast we got ready and headed out to get groceries – I love when we can get out early for this and the stores are quiet 🙂 After unpacking all the groceries we decided to head out right away to finish our errands and treat ourselves to lunch out. First stop, a new-ish coffee place in town, Dose:


I really love all the new cafes/coffee places that have opened in the past year or so here, they are all different and unique. This one is all about the coffee. They take time to make sure it cup is perfect, and there is no fancy syrups. I admit that last fact scared me at first, but I ordered a latte as is to try it, and guess what? It was perfect! Chad had a mocha with Bernard Callebaut chocolate. I also found out they have coconut milk they use so you better bet that will be my next order there.

Our next errands included buying the new Verdana blonde roast Starbucks k-cups for work, new Bath and Body Works candles and hand soaps:


I still had the winter ones out! And am slightly OCD about those things. I cannot go into Spring with a salted caramel candle burning and winter candy apple hand soap in the bathroom 😉 We also bought Chad goggles, and I caved and bought a new shirt and scarf. I needed color in my closet, its all black and grey!


Since we were in the mall at lunch we decided to hit the food court and decided to share to meals, one from a Indian place where Chad got basmati rice, chickpea masala and naan bread and I went for sushi and had the Dragon roll.

food court lunch

We both agreed it could not get any better for a food court meal. With full bellies we left for our next set of errands.

Winners was the next stop, which always gets us into trouble. I had wanted some Spring decor for the house, but had no luck there. I did have luck in the shoes and clothes department though and left with new shoes and another shirt…


I was so proud of Chad he found runners and a jacket he liked but said no to both. I still think he should have got the runners – $60 for New Balance Minimus shoes!

Back home, Chad worked on our taxes (we knew we’d have to pay some, and Chad did a great job and we owe under $200!) while I did a few chores, made cauliflower crust pizza dough to freeze and then moved onto supper, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas.


Chad’s quesadilla, topped with guacamole and salsa.

After supper my sweet Mom brought us over St.Patty’s cupcakes , plates and napkins:


We shared one cupcake and saved the other for today. Thanks Mom!

Fast forward to today (last night we hung out at a friend’s house for a bit), I woke up read more Gossip Girl, had my pre-gym banana and headed out just before 9am to get in our workout.

6km run on the treadmill, then a 5 minute cool down walking at a incline of 7.5. I have been still running but a lot slower, typically my treadmill pace was between 7.2-8.2mph, and now it is between 6.5-7.2mph. Running slower sure makes the time go slower! After my cool down, I did a upper body workout, 3 sets of each exercise and between 10-15 reps of each: Fireman rows (12lbs), Shoulder raise (10lbs), Chest fly (16lbs), Bicep hammer curls (16lbs), Bent-over lateral fly (6lbs), Overhead dumbbell press (16lbs), then lots of stretching, my legs are really tight from Friday’s lower body workout.

Brunch was Chad’s favorite – waffles. But a new recipe, Carrot Cake waffles since we have close to 8lbs of carrots to use up! I doubled the recipe to make 11 waffles so Chad could enjoy them this week too. I made Maple Cinnamon Greek yogurt from edible perspective and a fruit salad with mango, blueberries and strawberries to go on top. Also on top, a drizzle of TJ’s peanut butter.


The waffles turned out great! Great taste, with a different texture, kinda spongy? And very filling.

Now I have to get on my house cleaning and chores, and I am hoping to break out the juicer this afternoon to use up more carrots and it has been too long since we’ve juiced 😉

The last important announcement, the giveaway winner! Drum roll please…

Shannon! Congrats girl 🙂 Give me a email and we will get you your goodies!


How would you use up 8lbs of carrots?!

I will use another 1lb on the juice, might make a carrot loaf or muffins, but still need more ideas!