Daily Archives: 21 March, 2012

Pins & Needles

This morning I had my first acupuncture treatment, well my first for this “issue” (I am not going to get into the details right now) since I’ve had acupuncture before. About 2 years ago when I was training for my first half marathon I ended up with quite the knee pain and nothing would help it – new shoes, Physio, Chiro, rest, nothing… – so I decided to try acupuncture, 3 treatments later I was back running with zero pain. So I have been a believer ever since. Two years later I find myself with another issue and after a bit of research I realized acupuncture can be quite beneficial for it as well. 

After a bit of chat about myself with the acupuncturist (I am so happy with her – she is very knowledgeable!), she started the treatment, first on my back and then on my stomach, hands and feet. The first thing I know everyone is wondering is “Does it hurt?”, my answer – mostly no. A couple times (on my hands which she said it the most sensitive) I could feel the needles, but it doesn’t hurt.  Secondly, I have people ask “Is it weird seeing the needles sticking out of you?”, again, no – but that is because lying down I cannot see them 😉 haha.

What I did not expect from the treatment was to feel so relaxed, about instantly. I could not have lifted my head at one point even if I wanted to. I am going to continue treatment on a weekly basis and have my fingers crossed for now. I am also very lucky that our health insurance covers it 🙂

After work we hit the gym, where I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical then moved onto a 30 minute core workout:

3 sets of: 15 bicycle crunches, 15 incline bench sit-ups, 15 (each side) standing side crunches (15lbs), 12 side planks with a rear fly, 15 hip thrusts (10lbs), 15 in and out crunches and 45 seconds v-sits. Phew. Tummy, I mean abs were burning.

Today was a hungry day for me! Not sure about you guys but some days I could eat, and do, every two hours… and today was one of those days. After two afternoon snacks, I was still starving by the time we got home from the gym and supper could not come quick enough. Tonight’s supper was brought to you by another Red Deer blogger, Shannon! Caprese Quinoa, and one the side I baked what I thought was Sole…until I said Sole to Chad and he said he never bought Sole, we bought Snapper. Oops! It’s all the same to me I guess. I marinated it in evoo, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice before baking it at 400 for 14 minutes.


I loved the fresh basil in the salad! Part of the reason my favorite pizza is Margherita is because of the fresh basil. Also, see the cucumber on the side? We ate the whole cucumber in a day, we had to, and we still have two more to eat from our “produce bag”.

Now that my tummy is full I am exhausted. I will blame the hunger and tiredness on the acupuncture 😉

But if you aren’t going to bed at 9pm like me, here is a article to read on Healthy Recipe Substitutions. Lots of great ideas!


Have you ever tried acupuncture? What for and how were your results?