Daily Archives: 29 March, 2012

Soup Eating & Pinning Salads

I keep thinking today is Thursday… not a good thing at all! But I have caught myself at least 10 times today. Oops.

I am not sure about you guys but I crave different foods in different seasons, and near the end of each season I am more than ready to change my “eats”. Come September I am sick of the BBQ and salads and cannot get chili, casseroles, warm oatmeal and soups out of my head, then by March I am more than ready to heat up the BBQ and eat lots of salads and smoothies. But it is not quite BBQ season here yet, for us at least (we are total wimps) so I am still eating my winter meals for now. One thing I really miss in the summer – homemade soup. I love soup. So right now I am making it my goal to make one soup a week because come summer I will not feel like eating or making it. This week’s soup – Lasagna Soup, I follow that recipe and make a few changes  – turkey sausage, vegetable broth and only about half the “cheesy yum”. This was my second time making it and it turned out just how we had remembered it.


The one thing I almost always notice is that servings are way off for us. This said served 8, and to be fair I probably made a bit less, so say 6 but we each had a bowl and there was just enough for smaller portions for lunch tomorrow, that is maybe 4, not 6…Maybe we just eat a lot? haha

Seeing as the warmer weather is just around the corner (if I keep saying it, it will come true!) I have already been lusting over salads, and Pinterest comes in really handy here, heck I have a whole board for them! Here are some I am really looking forward to making:

Mango and Black Bean Quinoa Salad

Kiwi Mango Quinoa Salad

Chicken, Strawberry and Orange Spinach Salad

Mango, Orange & Avocado Salad

Avocado, Apple and Arugula Salad

Spinach Quinoa Salad with Roasted Grapes, Pears and Almonds

And many, many more!

On the workout front, this morning I woke up a bit early to get in 30 minutes of Yoga Meltdown, about 20 minutes in my laptop turned off. I figured it was just because it fell asleep or something and turned it back on, entered my password and it turned back off, so I did it again and it turned off… panic hits. Mainly because yesterday I thought to myself  “Wow, I need to back up the laptop and photos onto the hard drive because if the laptop crashed that would really suck…” – insert foot in mouth, right? The good news, after finishing Yoga Meltdown on the desktop I turned the laptop back on and it worked. Phew. But we (meaning Chad) will be backing up the laptop tonight and I might start looking at buying a new laptop. Mine is three years old and I am worried its days are numbered.

I have one more workout planned for tonight, swimming! I will tell you the truth here – I really am not in the mood to go BUT last week when we went the pool got shut down before we even got in (we were in the hot tub first) because someone pooped in the pool! Haha. With 5 weeks till my race I need to be in the pool at least once a week so I will make myself go tonight.


Are you ready for summer eating and meals?

Yes! We try and BBQ most nights, with Chad in charge (less work for me!) of the BBQ and me on the salad or side. Also helps keep the house cooler, I rarely turn on the oven during the summer unless it’s a cool/rainy day and I want to bake.