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Baby K – Weeks 23-24

What is Baby K up to? She is the size of a cantaloupe! Craziness. She weight over a pound now and is about 11” in length. She is a growing machine these days.

How I am doing? Great. My stomach is better after I figured out the culptrit(s)…yogurt and ice cream. I have had a aversion from ice cream for a bit so that does not bother me but I miss my plain Greek yogurt. Besides that I am learning to rest more and not keep myself quite a busy as I used to and I feel pretty great most days. Usually here I talk about how I am doing physically but today I also wanted to talk about the other side, emotionally…

After reading a story of a Mom who almost lost her toddler son when he went into cardiac arrest after falling 12 feet into a lake I started to wonder this exact question.

I am ready to be a parent? Ready for all the responsibility? The fears, the worries, the anxiety?

For the most part at this stage I do not think about it much, which is probably a good idea. But then again I need to know that all sorts of things in life can happen. Little accidents happen every day, from bumps and bruises to more serious injuries. And as a parent this is no way to escape this. You cannot protect your little one 365 days a year 24 hours a day.

I am going to push these fears away and know that every day me and Chad will do the best we can, and when Baby K gets a bump or bruise know that it happens, it is not our fault and count our blessing it is nothing more. I want to be thankful of this every day now and in the future.

I know I am ready despite all this. When I look down and smile at least 100 times a day that is my answer, I am ready. I have never felt more ready and excited for anything in my life.

I already am thankful every day but after reading that story I am going to make sure I remember to be even more thankful. And to remember that miracles happen every day and while I do not know the family whose story I read I am so thankful that their little boy is happy and healthy today.

Weight gained: Probably 11lbs by now, especially after fair food Winking smile 

Workouts: 5 a week! Prenatal yoga is back, running is going good at one day a week and then 3 gym trips a week.

Movement: Every time I sit or lay down she kicks like crazy. I even got a pretty good video of it last week, she has very powerful kicks that can jolt my whole body if I am laying down. When I am moving around she seems to be much more content and quiet…

Sleep: Good. Still waking up a couple times to pee. I am finally learning to sleep (and stay) on my side with the help of my body pillow.

Stretch marks? I have one small one on my lower side, which I think was there before but I never inspected myself for them. Its very faint so I am hoping it stays that way.

Miss Anything? My clothes.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  Highlight has to be the video…watch the left hand side. Watch here.

Baby Items Purchased: A few things on our trip to Calgary, a rug for the nursery, some picture frames I will design prints for, a garbage can, then a outfit at the Gap outlet – a little hoodie and jeggings.

Nursery Update: Her dresser is a still a work in progress but coming along, and we bought the above items for the nursery too. This week we might start taking down stuff on the walls so we can do paint touch ups. And her bedding is ordered!!

Looking Forward To: Still working on the nursery more and getting that out of the way.



Giveaway Winner: Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway and left sweet comments. The lucky winner is Mandy! Congrats Mandy and I will be in touch with you Smile