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Avery – Five Months

Weight: 12lbs4oz – we had a good gain this past month!

Length: 24”

Avery five months edited

Wow, we have one BUSY baby! I am loving every minute of it but I certainly do not agree when people say “it gets easier”, yeah so not easy these days but tons of fun!

She loves…

– Rolling, she will lay on her back for only seconds before flipping over, she can move across the floor pretty fast too so I have to watch her all the time. She also does a version of downward dog/crawling and can move herself across the carpet – crazy kid!

– Her kitty! She LOVES LOVES her, tracks her all the time and squeals in delight when she is around. I joke that she is a great babysitter, I just put Avery so she can see Scarlet and she is content for as long as Scarlet is in her sight.

– Being outside, with the nicer weather we have been going for lots of walks and spending time on the deck, and she never gets grumpy outside.

– Solids! More on this below.

– Splashing in the tub, the last bit of her bath Chad lets her sit up so she can splash around, she loves it and it seems to wear her out more for bed Smile

– Playing peek a boo or similar games – she anticipates things now which is so funny since she will giggle before we even appear. Too adorable.

She hates…

– Being ignored, little girl loves all the attention!

She is a pretty happy little girl, I cannot say she hates much these days.


– Rolling all the time now. Anytime, anywhere – makes changing her and dressing her REAL fun.

– Starting to make more noises that resemble words, I have not heard a vowel yet but I am sure we are close.

– Eating solids!

– Sits up with little assistance, I would say within a week or so she’ll sit on her own since right now she can for seconds at a time and other times requires about a finger worth of support.

Eating – Breastfeeding is going good, she still eats every 3 hours during the day usually at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.

We also started solids this past month. We started early because I believe that your baby will show signs of when he/she is ready and that might not be at 6 months like recommended, since every baby is different. Avery showed interest in foods so we figured we’d give it a go.

First we started with rice cereal from the store, it was organic with whole grain brown rice and iron. She ate it and did not mind it but she started to have bad sleeps and got her first diaper rash from it. We discontinued it and everything went back to normal.

From there, I made homemade oatmeal cereal and mixed it with my milk for a week and feed it her around 11am, she liked it and we had no rashes or sleep issues. We then moved onto adding in applesauce with the oatmeal, then banana, carrot and the last we just tried was avocado. We are so lucky that she has loved it all and has done great. Oh and I cannot forget about pears – she loves them, while I did not give her any she stole mine and loves to like and chew on large chunks which we’ve done a couple times now.

I have done mashed or slight purees so far but we are going to move to Baby Led Weaning at 6 months and probably do a combo of spoon feedings and BLW from there.

Sleeping – This has changed, call it the 4 month sleep regression, a growth spurt or whatever but our great little sleeper has had a little more trouble in this area. But I will say we are still really lucky.

Right around 4 months she decided to wake up 2-3 times a night, now this does not sound too bad but she has never woke up more than 2 times a night – even as a newborn! After two nights of this we did cry it out, she fussed for maybe an hour, cried for 15 minutes the passes back out. We did this for a few reasons, one we knew she could sleep all night since she was doing it consistently before. Two, we did not want to form an expectation that we’d get it, or soothe her at every cry and three the one really bad night (up 3 times) she was so tired the next day her 30 minute morning nap was 3.5 hours!

From there we went back to her normal sleeping (minus sleeping all night), bed at 8pm, up around 4-5am to eat, back to sleep to 7-7:30am. Once a week or so she will wake around 2am, need her soother and go right back to sleep – which baffles me.

I am hoping we can get back to our 8pm-6:30-7am sleep soon!

Changes – update

Last update I talked about changes we wanted to start so I decided to do an update on them all this month

– Cloth diapers – We LOVE them , we have had way less leaks and it has really only added 15 minutes of work every few days for me.I did a full post here on our adventures so far.

– Unswaddling at night – Maybe this is to blame for less sleeping and more waking? Who knows. But we had to break the habit!

– Naps in her crib – a huge WIN! I thought this would be hard, but it was easy. She goes down really easy 95% for naps in the crib when we are home. I admit we are not home a lot but I aim to have at least one nap a day in the crib, some days there are four in there, some days just the one. We put away her swing as well since we were not using it anymore.

All in all we are doing great, Avery is more fun each day and we cannot imagine life without our little girl. This month marks 6 months of my maternity leave *tear* and I want time to slow down. I am going to do a longer update on myself at 6 months since there had been some changes and thoughts I want to share.