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Weekend and Mud Hero Recap

Lets chat about the weekend this morning, we had one busy, active weekend and I will admit today might call for extra coffee but it was all worth it!


It was a pretty low key evening, we had Menchies after supper and just hung out at home – I feel like we must have done something after Avery was in bed but cannot remember what! Mom brain…


We were up early to head to Mud Hero! I cannot believe it was one year ago that I ran it 7 months pregnant:

miud hero 2013

It had rained most of Friday so I knew the course would be extra muddy and fun. My mom, and brother joined us an hung out with Avery while me and Chad ran.

Pre-race family photo:


The parking, registration etc was all really well organized, I know last year there was parking issues for the later heats so hopefully this year there wasn’t.

Chad wanted to run it for a good time, but I had a couple friends I wanted to stick with and I also did not want to twist my ankle or anything with my half only a month away. My brother ran it Friday and had a really good wipe out, twisting his ankle pretty darn good (oh and he still finished in 50 minutes…) so I was extra paranoid.

The first part of the course was downhill, very muddy and slippery so I took it slow. It was fairly packed on the course so obstacles had line ups but that was fine with me. The course itself was way better than last year, they spilt up the massive hill, going up a less steep way and adding obstacles into it. Last year, I skipped any climbing obstacles because of the risk of falling but this year there was no excuse. I am terrified of heights so just went all in. There was a couple obstacles where you climbed up pretty high then back down down. I honestly just paid attention to getting up and down and nothing else. My fear is all mental!

The only tough hill part was easy for me, must be all those hill stroller runs Winking smile I found a great little path along the side since through the middle was extremely muddy and slippery. I walked up watching people slide everywhere!

The last km or so I took off on my own and saw Chad along the sidelines – he had finished already – so I knew it was time to hustle.

I finished in 1:12, not bad since I was not doing it for time and was never out of breath once for the race, Chad finished in 48 minutes – so proud of him!


Afterwards we went to shower off, there is usually a long line for the freezing showers BUT not this year! No lines and the water temp was not bad at all!

We stuck around for a bit, getting some swag, coffee and free beers. We did not stay for lunch since we had plans to go to a new Booster Juice nearby for 2 for 1 smoothies.

Avery was such a trooper, she had a small nap and was in not too bad of spirits but it was a lot for her. We headed home for much needed showers to get ready for a birthday party/going away party.

Our good friends are moving to another city and it was their son’s third birthday party so it was a combined party at their place. It was SO much fun! I am going to miss them. All the little kids were so good with Avery, this little guy was kissing her in the wagon!


Too cute for words.

His older brother gave Avery the shirt he was wearing since she had a little incident at the water table – such adorable little kids. She loved the water table!


Around 7pm Avery was pretty beat so we packed up and headed home. After she was in bed we watched The Other Women which I really liked.


Urgh, long run day. I was not too sore from Mud Hero but had no desire to run 17km. I can say that while I am excited for my next half I am more than ready to be done with long runs for a bit!

Chad stayed home with Avery while I got out, I got in 16.5km with an average pace of 5:40mins/km. I took a few more walk breaks than usual but overall the run went good. I need to get in a good long run next weekend since then we are gone on holidays and ain’t no time to run that long on holidays Winking smile

Our afternoon plans were pretty low key, house chores, yard work and a pool afternoon with Avery after her nap. We also made a quick trip to my Mom’s house.


I have to admit I was pretty tired by supper time! But managed to stay up to watch Big Brother and True Blood with Chad.

We have a quiet week this week, not too much going on, a doctor appointment for Avery (9 month update coming tomorrow), my friend is having her baby boy and that is about it for us.