Daily Archives: 1 February, 2017

2017 Race Plans

I knew I wanted to run at least 2 half marathons this year and for awhile thought about 3 but then realized that would mean back to back training for three halfs. That might be for some people but for me I need breaks in between to feel ready to race (and do my bets – c’mon PR!)  both physically and mentally. So I changed my plans to 2 halfs and am feeling good about that.

Here is my 2017 race calendar so far:

Mesa-Pheonix (Half) MarathonFebruary 2017

Red Deer PCN Women’s Fun Run (5km with my Mom & the girls) – May 2017

Woody’s RV Marathon (10km) – May 2017

Troubled Monk 10km (planning on this being a family run) – June 2017

SeaWheeze Half Marathon – August 2017

Chocolate Chase 5km (family run) – August 2017

I sadly have to miss out on Mud Hero this year due to it being the same weekend as SeaWheeze but so excited for that race and our weekend away.

I tried to keep it fun this byear with smaller races, family runs as well as my two halfs for 2017. I am already planning what half(s) to run in 2018!