Daily Archives: 8 February, 2017

Back to Work Transition

I feel like now that I have gone back to work twice I am a pro at this transition, well as “pro” as you can get with a big change like this! So I thought I would share some of my tips to get you through the transition and still have a semi-sane life 😉

1- Meal Plan. You guys knew this one was coming 😉 I get home by 5pm with the girls so there is really not a lot of time to think about what to make for supper and forget about 5pm grocery store stops! This way I can walk in the door and start supper.

2- Prepare the night before. I spend about 20 minutes in the evenings getting ready for the next day. This involved packing lunches, the dayhome bags, laying out outfits and anything else we need for the next day. This goes a long way in the morning when time is tight and things often go sideways (thank you, three year olds!).

3- Lower your expectations. Days are busy and sometimes things have to go on the backburner for a bit. But you will get into a new routine and everything will fall into place.  For me this means that my house is less tidy than I would like it, but in the grand scheme of things this is peanuts so I just let it be.

4- Schedule in your workouts. *If* you workout. I do a combination of early morning (5am), after the girls are in bed (7:30pm) and lunch time yoga classes. This is key for me to stay accountable and get my workouts done.

5- Use your lunch breaks. My lunch breaks rarely involve lunch! They are used for errands, grocery store trips, yoga class and appointments. But this frees up my evenings and weekends so I make it work. Granted, I have a flexible job and can eat lunch at my desk while working.

6- Set a cleaning schedule. I find this the easiest way to make sure things around the house do not get too away on us. This will look different for everyone but make sure you set aside time to do these things. Example, we do our cleaning Sunday after we workout (during naps) and laundry is started Friday night and all done by Sunday night so we are not fitting that in during our already busy week.

7- Have a visible family calendar. Ours is just a monthly printed one that is on the fridge but it allows us to see what we have going on and when so we do not double book and are aware of each other’s schedules.

And if all else fails, after a long day sit back and have a glass of wine and let everything “go” for the day and you will feel a lot better 😉