Daily Archives: 27 March, 2017

Weekend Recap

Finally a spring weekend! I am so happy to see the snow melt and the sun out much more 🙂


While I was making supper Chloe removed almost everything from a cabinet and then went into it.

I only had one lock from when Avery was younger since she really never tried to get into anything. But we have our hands full with keeping Chloe out of trouble these days.

We spent the evening watching some shows and I crafted for the upcoming birthday party.


More crafting in the morning, my Mom came over and hung out with the girls and we went grocery shopping. After we headed to a birthday party at a trampoline park. I had heard it can get very busy but it was not at all, Avery took 15-20 minutes or so to warm up to the trampolines and then loved it.

Chloe had a long afternoon nap then we set up and took her one year photos. I am pretty happy with the results despite some of my favs being blurry. We did a donut smash:

You guys will have to wait for the rest of the photos 😉

We hosted a games night with my brothers and their girlfriends and stayed up way past out bedtime (1am):


Thankfully the girls slept in until 7:15 and 7:45am so we got the extra rest! I wanted to do a long run but the family was not feeling it so I did 5 miles on the treadmill and called it done. Soon I will be back in half marathon training and long runs will be back )

We spent the rest of the day crafting, doing chores and going for a walk to the park.

My little puppy dog 😉

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!