Daily Archives: 17 April, 2017

Easter Weekend Recap

Growing up Easter was almost as exciting as Christmas to me. My Mo would do a egg hunt around the house then my grandparents would do one in the backyard with a breakfast on the deck. So now that I can do this for the girls I get way too excited 😉 Mother Nature did not cooperate for the outside part but that was fine.


It was an ugly day out so we stayed at home, worked out, Becky and Liam came over for a bit then my Mom came for supper.

Oh and we enjoyed Easter cupcakes – bought since I slacked on baking this year 😉

Later, we watched some Big Brother and called it a night.


We woke up to snow! We ran errands in the morning then had some visitors in the afternoon, Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom and my brother and his girlfriend. We also attempted Easter photos…

My brother’s girlfriend gave Avery this ukulele and she is obsessed:


That night we went out for supper with my family for my brother and Chloe’s belated birthday suppers.

I played Easter bunny once the girls were in bed and finished up the teepee. I bought a pattern 18 months ago for this teepee and finally my Mom helped (aka did it all) me finish it. And if you are wondering, it would have been easier to buy one!


The girls were up just before 7am and Avery forgot it was Easter at first but soon was very excited at the “mess” the Easter bunny left. Chloe could have cared less but loves the teepee and the food that as in her Easter basket.

Since we have hosted a lot lately, we passed on doing Easter and instead my Mom, one brother and us went for brunch.

We had a quiet afternoon while both girls napped & I finally started my book club book. After they were up we headed out to find Chad and Avery new jeans. The jeans I loved for Avery got discontinued (Levi jeggings) but we found others she liked on sale.

And that wrapped up our long weekend! I am off today with the girls so hopefully the weather is nice and we can get outside more.