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Easter Weekend Recap

Growing up Easter was almost as exciting as Christmas to me. My Mo would do a egg hunt around the house then my grandparents would do one in the backyard with a breakfast on the deck. So now that I can do this for the girls I get way too excited 😉 Mother Nature did not cooperate for the outside part but that was fine.


It was an ugly day out so we stayed at home, worked out, Becky and Liam came over for a bit then my Mom came for supper.

Oh and we enjoyed Easter cupcakes – bought since I slacked on baking this year 😉

Later, we watched some Big Brother and called it a night.


We woke up to snow! We ran errands in the morning then had some visitors in the afternoon, Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom and my brother and his girlfriend. We also attempted Easter photos…

My brother’s girlfriend gave Avery this ukulele and she is obsessed:


That night we went out for supper with my family for my brother and Chloe’s belated birthday suppers.

I played Easter bunny once the girls were in bed and finished up the teepee. I bought a pattern 18 months ago for this teepee and finally my Mom helped (aka did it all) me finish it. And if you are wondering, it would have been easier to buy one!


The girls were up just before 7am and Avery forgot it was Easter at first but soon was very excited at the “mess” the Easter bunny left. Chloe could have cared less but loves the teepee and the food that as in her Easter basket.

Since we have hosted a lot lately, we passed on doing Easter and instead my Mom, one brother and us went for brunch.

We had a quiet afternoon while both girls napped & I finally started my book club book. After they were up we headed out to find Chad and Avery new jeans. The jeans I loved for Avery got discontinued (Levi jeggings) but we found others she liked on sale.

And that wrapped up our long weekend! I am off today with the girls so hopefully the weather is nice and we can get outside more.


Foodie Friday

What a crazy week! Going back to Sunday evening, I found out dayhome was closed due to illness which worked out since my brother had the day off so he watched the girls for part of the day then I got off early. AND that morning I got a flat tire…The Tuesday I spent from 2-5am throwing up so stayed home sick until lunch. My Mom had to put down our family dog that day as well 🙁

The girls and I made a spring sensory bin Monday afternoon:

I also went to an awesome spin class that was “best of the 90s hits” – soo fun!

Playing outside, not a lot of this week as it was pretty gloomy this week:

Our latest Bear & Roo goods:

I went on a summer shopping frenzy lately…

Okay onto meal planning:

Saturday – Birthday Supper for my brother – Out

Sunday – Cod & Edamame Quinoa Salad – The Girl Who Ate Everything 

Monday – Asian Chicken Wraps with Peanut Sauce & sweet potato fries

Tuesday – Quinoa Veggie Fried Rice – Damn Delicious 

Wednesday – Salmon burgers & salad

Thursday – Healthy Pasta with Pesto, Tomato and Broccoli – ifoodreal 

Friday – Greek Turkey Tacos- Whitney Bond

We do not have a ton planned this weekend, visits with friends, supper and brunch with family and that is all 🙂

Wishing everyone a great Easter weekend!


Race Day Checklist

Did I ever share about my experience at Phoenix Half in February? Well, if not here it is – on my tenth half marathon I made a rookie mistake and brought NO clothes to wear before the race. After all, it was a race in Phoenix, right?! HA. Well the dessert is cold in the dark (I knew this!) and the race started at 6:30am with the sun coming up about 7am… I am sure everyone knew the Canadian girl in the tank top and shorts freezing her butt off for two hours before the race and for the first bit of the race!

With that I decided to create a race day checklist so this never happens again to me and hopefully all of you!


What have you forgot on a race day?

Weekend Recap

Such a fun weekend! But before I get into it I forgot I took some photos of the girls Tuesday morning (Chloe’s birthday), I actually thought I might get a good one of them together…HA

Back to the weekend.


After work my Mom came over to watch the girls so we could go to a gala event with my work, it was so much fun (as it always is) and it was alos fun to get all dressed up:


It was a later night than we are used to but totally worth it 🙂


Of course both girls were up at 6am…yawn, so we had a lazy morning until we headed to a birthday party for a couple hours. The girls had a ton of fun and it is always great to get together with friends and their little ones.

During Chloe’s nap we decorated eggs with Avery:

The final product:

Later we walked over to a spin-a-thon for my spin studio, I really should’ve planned it out better to jump on a bike but didn’t – next year!

I lucked out with going out two nights in a row 😉 I met up with friends for supper and drinks, these girls are some of my longest friends (18+ years!):

I got home and Chad left to a friend’s party so Avery and I stayed up reading books and watched some TV before she went to bed. I was pretty tired too but waited up until Chad got home to go to bed.


We all slept until 7am – much better! I did a 8km treadmill run, I really need to run outside more but am loving watching This Is Us on my runs 😉 Soon I will find the motivation to get outside and run more than one day a week!

Our day was pretty quiet, we baked, played dress up & house (Avery’s current favourite), I started some Spring cleaning, we hung out on the deck in the sun and then walked over for Avery’s haircut – just a trim.

I just got word dayhome is closed tomorrow due to illness and since Chad and I both cannot get away for the entire day my brother is rescuing us and coming over for a few hours so we can get to our meetings. It really does take a village most days!