Daily Archives: 1 May, 2017

Weekend Recap

Oh hi May – you better bring us more sunshine 😉 This weekend was great, we were productive but still had a lot of fun time too.


The sun came out so I knew that if it stayed nice I wanted to run in the evening. Once Chloe was in bed I went for a quick 6km run.

I got home and Chad went to watch the hockey game with friends so Avery and I had a movie night, we watched Sing for the 100th time (its her fav). After she went to bed I caught up on our family Mixbook album for 2017 since I had not done any months past January!


My Mom and I went to the craft sale in the morning and met up with my friend, her baby, and Mom. I was super pleased (my wallet was not though…) with the sale and got quite a few things, soup mixes, veggie chips, the cutest dress and fox socks from Mini Street, hair clips & headband for Chloe and a planter for the deck.

The cat in my planter:

Avery in the dress – can I get one in my size?!

Chad took the girls to an indoor playground while we were at the craft sale and they had a ton of fun by the sounds of it. And like a good Instagram husband (ha) he took photos for the blog, well one photo:

In the afternoon we cleaned up the yard and started to wash windows, Avery washed her water table:

Chloe got up from her nap and joined in:

We went out to Famoso for supper with my Mom, all ready to go and looking too cool 😉

This one ate pizza and did not get sick!! So hopefully we can add in some more dairy slowly 🙂

On the way home we saw a scary accident right beside us when someone pulled out onto the road and hit another car which then flipped a few times before landing upright. We were the second people to the SUV and thankfully everyone was ok.

Later Chad and I watched La La Land and I loved it – I want to watch it again and that never happens!


It was a nice morning so we went out for a family run – first one in months! We did 9km:

I met my Mom and Grandma for lunch with the girls while Chad stayed home to finish some house and yard work. Both girls fell asleep on my way home so I got them transferred into the house before washing floors and light fixtures – yes, we are in spring cleaning mode 😉

I took no photos all day but we made cookies, visited with Chad’s Dad & Step-Mom and looked at a show home we bought tickets for. I wanted to get out to the park but ti started to rain and of course as I type this at 8pm the sun is out and bright 😉

Wait I lie, I did take on other photo. Avery in her room, listening to the iPod and playing on the iPad, 3 going on 13 😉