Daily Archives: 30 May, 2017


At the end of last summer I purchased two new garden boxes for the new house and waited patiently all fall and winter to put them to use! Last summer was my first summer in 10 years of not having a garden and I missed it!

Even better now is sharing my love with the girls. Avery is at the age where she asks a million questions and is so interested in everything that I think this will be a good learning activity this summer as well. And well Chloe – she will enjoy eating all the veggies (and dirt) I am sure 😉

We had to fill the boxes so we started with a clay base then added back soil and some compost mix. I was not sure how many veggies I could fit into these boxes but we fit a lot more than I thought I could.

I like to do a mix of seeds and plants for a couple reasons. One, they are ready to eat at different times so I do not end up with an abundance of veggies at the same time. Two, some things we do not have a long enough growing season for – well, unless you start them inside which I do not.

So what did we plant? We have strawberries on our deck, a tomato plant that did not fit in the garden, herbs – cilantro, mint and basil, peas, beans, beets, carrots, kale, spinach and lettuce.

A couple days ago we spotted our first little plants coming up in the soil already! Now to keep a certain one year old out of the garden for the next few months…