Daily Archives: 9 June, 2017

Foodie Friday

This week has been an off one, on Tuesday I thought it was Thursday, Wednesday morning I thought it was the weekend and well yesterday was my Friday so I panicked at lunch thinking I did not do this post!

I was out of town one day for work so got home early and we did a park trip. My girls would stay at the park all day if we could!

With the great weather continuing I ran a couple nights:

Outtake – I never get a good running photo on attempt #1!

Avery pretending to fly – to be three!

And this one, she does not stop unless she is eating or sleeping. EXCEPT I found her sitting in Avery’s room (the best!) looking at books which lasted almost a full minute!

Last night we checked out the new Goodlife Fitness gym that opened by us, I was there on work duties since we had a presentation congratulating them. They had an amazing turnout and it was a ton of fun Рthey know how to throw a grand opening!

Oh and these two beforehand, such hams ūüėČ

Today we are off work and going on a little adventure – just hoping for no rain! Other weekend plans are a birthday party and meeting our baby nephew since it is supposed to be rainy we kept it to indoor plans.

Onto meal planning…

Saturday – Smokies & Greek Kale Quinoa Salad – Chef Savy

Sunday –¬†Turkey burgers & strawberry, avocado & spinach salad

Monday¬†– “Gourmet” Mac & Cheese

Tuesday –¬†Cod & Chicken Pasta Salad – Pulse

Wednesday РQuinoa Veggie Fried Rice РDamn Delicious 

Thursday –¬†Chicken Burrito Bowl – ¬†Damn Delicious¬†with Cilantro Lime Chicken – The Lean Green Bean

Friday РTuna Melt quesadillas РGarlic & Zest

Enjoy your weekends!