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Race Recap – Troubled Monk 10km

This is our second year doing this race and the second annual Troubled Monk run. I might be bias but this is hands down one great event and race.

100% of your registration is a tax receipt – so right there, how can you not sign up? Then you get beer at the finish – FREE beer (or craft soda) from the best local brewery. This year runners also got salads and a hot dog at the end. Oh and part of the race package was a beer glass and coaster!

There are three distances, 5km, 10km and the half marathon which was new this year with 36 runners, overall I think there was 350. And they had a free 1.5km kids race!

This race starts right at the Troubled Monk brewery and takes you through some of the beautiful trails in our city. Our trails are not an easy run though – the hills – OY! There are four hills, two smaller, two bigger ones. But then ends after a downhill 🙂

Going into the race we only wanted to come in under 55 minutes since we had the double Chariot. I joked I might run alone and ditch Chad and he said I could but that would not have been near as fun or felt as accomplished!

At the start line:

Kegs at the start line – of course!


We made a mistake of being nice and going to the back at the start since we had the stroller but then spent the first 1.5km trying to pass people on the narrow trails which is frustrating at times, especially when people have music on and cannot hear you.

Like most runs our game plan is pretty simple, Chad takes the stroller and when he needs a break I take it except hills – that is all him (yeah, he is amazing!) then I take it after the hills so he gets a break. It is a team effort 🙂

The race flew by, even on the long hill we managed to truck up it without stopping except for one water break – I forgot my handheld bottle!

And even more amazing?! The first 5km the girls chatted away and loved seeing all the runners then around 6km they both passed out:

The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot with a little wind. We kept a good pace of 5.15 mins/km except for that first 1.5km and the hills and finished in 53:06! Not too bad at all and a time we were really happy with.

Afterwards, we stuck around, got our food and drinks while the girls napped a tad longer. Thanks to Becky for taking this family photo!

We decided to put Avery into the free 1.5km kids race since she can run that far. But like a lot of things with 3 year olds that did not go as planned. She lined up all excited, told me I could not run with her and was happy. Then she got pushed back a bit so she was not at the front and was mad about that when they said go! I am sure we can all guess what happened next! The kids took off and she started to cry that she was now left behind. But she was crying TO run so off we went and ran maybe 400m before coming back (still whining and crying) and at the end she got her ribbon and sucker. Sigh! But if you ask her today she will tell you she ran and won 😉