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Pre & Post Race Care

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry no Foodie Friday this week due to summer holidays but I will be back next week 🙂

With just over one week until our next half marathon I wanted to chat about some ways I care for myself before and after a race.

Burnout & injuries are so common when it comes to training for any long distance running, after all that is a ton to put your body through but over the years I have found ways to combat that as much as possible.

Carb Loading

If I am being honest this is something I really did not focus on a ton in the past. I would eat a meal heavier in carbs than I was used to but it was not until the Phoenix marathon when we PR’d & had the best race – I finished feeling like a million bucks! – that I really saw and felt the difference in doing so. I now have a rule for before races, a simple pasta with tomato sauce, meat (protein) and garlic bread. Barilla Pasta is our go to these days!

Some general rules around carb loading thanks to Tiux!

  • Carb load 72 hours before a race
  • Decrease fat intake when you carb load
  • General rule is 8-10 grams of carbs per kg of body weight
  • Keep it simple the night before the race, stay away from complex carbs and stick to white bread, pasta etc
  • Don’t fret about weight gain, for every gram of carb you consume, your body stores 3-4g of water & this water weight will benefit you during the race


I have moved towards more dynamic stretching before runs and then later in the day foam rolling and light stretching. Yoga is also huge for me and I try to practice the days after a long run or race.

Compression Socks

This is BRAND NEW you guys! I have never really worn them but recently I was sent ones from Tiux and have been wearing them a couple times a week. I do notice that I am less stiff after a run when I do wear them. I have tried wearing them for runs and after runs and for me I seem to notice the same benefit. But research shows there is more benefit to wearing them after a run so they will be packed in my bag for post-race wear!

Deep Relief & Epsom Salts

Since getting Deep Relief back a few months ago I have used it regularly to help with muscle aches after hard runs. For me it is an effective home treatment that does the trick for minor aches and I love the cooling effect with their cold spray.

Another favourite of mine is epsom salts baths! Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts also helps to aid in recovery, provides muscle relaxation and prevents water retention.


What are your favourite ways to recovery from a race or long run?

I have to admit my post race or long run tradition is iced coffee!