Daily Archives: 21 August, 2017

Weekend Recap

Despite is feeling more like fall every day it was a great summer weekend with blue skies!


I went to go for a run but it was windy and with a wind warning and some crazy weather we’ve had this summer I decided to take it to be treadmill for 5km:

I had a quick shower since we had games night at our house. We thought we would just play one quick game of Life…that went until midnight 😉


I spent 4 hours downtown at a yogathon for most of the day. It was the perfect weather for it and I think I only skipped about 40 minutes of the 4 hours. It felt not bad at the time but I am a tad sore today! I also got to try acro-yoga for the first time!

They had a kid area set up too so Avery joined me for yoga then Chad and the girls played at the kids area.

After I got home we had the usual errands to run and did not get back until supper so I decided to just have a hot dog roast and s’mores with my Mom.

Avery and Chad have been planning a backyard campout this summer so with limited time left to do it, we set up the tent and went for it!

We put Chloe down inside and then got her up and all went out once it was getting dark.

It was pretty successful, Chloe woke up around 4:30am and found a glow stick to hit us with but did got back to sleep once we hid it 😉


I woke up about 6:45am and wanted to get into the house (I am no camper!) but Avery woke up saying “it was not morning and NOT time to get up” haha

It was the perfect morning for a run, so despite being ready not to run Sundays we still headed out.

The girls passed right out during the run so we stopped for coffee after.

The rest of the day was spent doing chores, visiting family & cousins and going for pizza with my Mom and Grandma – I have no idea why I keep taking Chloe to restaurants!