Daily Archives: 28 August, 2017

Weekend Recap

Lets just jump into the recap 🙂


Chad wanted to go to the gym so the girls and I went for a run, I don’t mind taking them in the evening since usually Chloe will fall asleep and I can just transfer her to at home.

I was super tired that day so called it a night early!


Avery and spent the morning doing some back to school shopping for her since she really wanted to pick out an outfit for preschool, then we went to Starbucks, got her haircut and got groceries. We got home just as Chloe was up from her morning nap, had lunch and played for awhile.

Her haul, she also insisted on boots for Chloe like hers except all black (no matching allowed!):

We ha planned to go to the zoo in the afternoon but Chad had to go to our rental house so just my Mom, the girls and I went.

It was a great afternoon for the zoo but we all missed Chad!

Later on we took our neighbour’s dog for a walk, he is so good and let Avery walk him both times that day!

Chad and I both had separate plans that night but neither of us booked a sitter and were tired so we stayed home instead.


We were up and out of the house early for the 4th Annual Chocolate Chase! This is a favourite race of ours. Locals – if you have never been you are missing out! We had a blast and set a new stroller 10km PR! More on the race this week though 🙂

It was a hot day so after Chloe’s nap we set up camp in the yard with toys, the water table and the sprinkler.


My brother and his girlfriend also hung out with us for the afternoon 🙂

After supper we headed to the park, I know I keep saying this but I have no idea what we will do when it is not as nice out!