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So Long Summer ’17

Even though fall is not officially here for another couple of weeks after the Labour Day long weekend I feel like it is over. I have to say this was one amazing summer, the weather, our little family – it was beyond good to us.


We spent the evening at my co-workers, having appys and drinks. I always feel so lucky after spending time with my co-workers since they are much more than that to me. Chad and Chloe only stayed awhile since Chad had plans plans to have people over before and Chloe needed to go to bed. Avery and I stayed and enjoyed ourselves until after 9pm 🙂

We both passed out soon after getting home.


Our plan for the day was a day trip to Drumheller to do a small hike in the canyons and see some dinos 😉

The day started off rough, and neither girl was having much of anything but thankfully the 2 hour drive fixed that with some naps.

We took a different route there that also had us go on a small ferry across the river – a highlight for Avery!

We arrived at the canyon area, had some lunch then headed down to explore. Chloe was not having the Ergo which slowed us down and limited what we could do but we still had a great time exploring.


Avery is getting more brave every time we go out on little adventures, she climbed up and down the steep canyon, went over areas that scared her and took some small tumbles with no tears.

Chloe did better walking than she does on flat ground and of course had zero fear.

It was pretty warm out  (33!) so we limited our time and headed back up and into town. We checked out the big dinosaur and paid the money to walk up it since Avery “had to”.

You walk up to his mouth and can look out from there.

The drive home was quiet and I spent most of it reading my book club book. We grabbed Subway once we got back and had a quiet night at home.


We have decided to keep up on Sunday runs for the time being as we both enjoy the little tradition (as well as the coffee after!). It was raining a bit but it was nice to run in the cooler weather. Both girls passed out as usual. How they fall asleep an hour after waking up for 12 hour sleeps is beyond me!

I took no photos the rest of the day! But we had a quiet day at home, did chores, read books, baked pumpkin muffins, then went to Costco.

It was kind of nice to have a deary day to just go slow and have no real plans.


All three days we slept until 8am – win! We had a slow morning, I worked out, washed floors before we ran out to do an errand and stop at Starbucks.

Chad had work to do at the rental house so the girls and I hung out at home after lunch. Well, Avery and I did and Chloe napped. We baked more, prepped and cooked beets and then headed outside for some sun.

Once Chloe was up, my brother & girlfriend stopped by and Chad came home so we all headed to the park.

I am sad for summer to go for sure but I also love fall and am ready for slower days.


How was your long weekend?