Daily Archives: 2 October, 2017

Weekend Recap

How is it October 2nd?! October is my busiest month work wise so I have a love- hate relationship with it. Saying that my posts will be sporadic this month.


I had the day off work but was busy! Starting with Avery’s field trip to the dentist, then my hair appointment and work at our rental house it was 4pm before I knew it.

After supper we went out on a walk as Avery had to collect fall nature items for “homework”. Last minute I grabbed my camera. I was so thankful I did as the light was perfect for photos.

The light made up for my messy kids and the fact that Chloe was screaming almost the whole time.

We watched a couple shows before heading to bed.


We had swimming lessons then went to Costco and did some other errands – exciting times 😉

Our whole day went without a single photo! We had to do the walk through at our rental and by the time we got home it was 4pm. My whole family ended up over for the evening and both girls were on cloud nine the entire time!

It was 9pm when everyone left so we called it a night and headed to bed!


The forecast called for a nasty day so we had planned not to run outside but after we had pancakes it still looked fine so we got ready and headed out for 9km. It was not bad at all and pretty nice!

Avery asked for a pj day so I agreed – we have never done this before! My Grandma came for a visit, I started re-doing our night tables and dresser and we enjoyed the day at home.

Chloe is Miss Helper these days 😉

I needed a quiet day with my busy week ahead!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!