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Chloe – 18 Months

I don’t know where to begin! But first – how on earth is this girl 18 months?!

Chloe has to be one of the happiest and goofiest kids. All she needs is food and good sleep and all is right in her world.

Her first love is food without a doubt. She eats almost anything she can (still no dairy!) and so far I have only found that she does not like perogies and kidney beans. She eats non-stop, or it feels like she does and there is a 80% chance if she is upset that she is just hungry.

Sleep wise she still naps twice a day on weekends with the naps being 1-2.5 hours each. She sleeps 12+ hours at night – if she can! She will lay in her crib silently until one of us comes to gt her.

I am pretty sure her third favourite is causing trouble, from ripping apart things to bugging Avery it is all fun for Miss.C. She keeps us on our toes every waking minute.

(Pulling A’s hair here…)

I spend a lot of time chasing her down for a variety of reasons while she runs away laughing. A few weeks ago she did this but with her favourite red crayon while hitting everything she could with it. That is Chloe.

She can repeat words really good, but says very few on a daily basis, up, mom, dad, more, yes, no, bye, hi… that is about all. We are working on talking more since she babbles non-stop!

Some of Chloe’s loves:

  • Anything that Avery loves, Chloe loves – which drives Avery nuts usually! I am sure this is something that will only get worse 😉
  • Chloe loves music and will stop and dance at 10 seconds of music no matter where she is.
  • Cuddles might be my favourite thing with Chloe – girl loves cuddles!
  • Climbing, she has started to climb furniture and thinks it is really fun, I do not 😉

Chloe has a shriek like none other and is not afraid to use it – luckily it is usually only at home or in the car she does this! But other than that she is pretty easy going – lets hope this continues into the two’s 😉

This shirt should say “all you need is love & FOOD”…

Happy 18 months Miss.C!