Daily Archives: 10 October, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend filled with lots off food, family, snow and some snow!


I think I worked out once the girls were in bed and probably worked on my dresser more – I finished both night tables and am onto the dresser!


We slept in until 7:45am. got ready and headed to Canmore for the day to get family photos done. We first had lunch at Communitea (our fav!), Chloe stealing all the food:

Then we met Whitney for photos and a few snowflakes started to fall! Besides some wind the weather was not bad at all though. The girls only lasted 30 minutes then wanted me to just hold them – fun times!

You can see their excitement in this photo – I promise it was not as bad as they look here!

After we stopped at the candy store and for coffee and headed home. It was short and sweet trip! But beautiful as ever:

Chad and I watched Baby Driver that night which I thought was just okay.


Snow was in the forecast but with partially sunny skies we headed out for a run, a few kilometers in my mom texted “are you running in this?” I thought weird, why would we not! I looked up to see a blizzard heading right at us – it was so crazy! We ran in snow for 10 minutes maybe before the sun came back out.

Our afternoon was spent prepping for Thanksgiving supper, eating too much food with my family.

The girls love to wear their dresses so we take any excuse to wear fancier ones!

Too much food:

We watched another movie that night, Chips which I liked a lot more!


A HIIT workout started my day from Fitness Blender – my favourite home workouts these days! We ran errands in the morning then in the afternoon we did Halloween crafts, baked cookies, I painted more, my brother and his girlfriend came over and went for a walk to the park – it was so nice out!

And that is a wrap on our long weekend!