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Weekend Recap

This weekend was brought to us with lots of chicken noodle soup and gingerale 🙁 Yup, the stomach flu hit our house!


We had my Mom and Grandma over for cake for Avery’s birthday. My Mom made Avery a yellow Belle cake as she requested:

I did a speed run once the girls were in bed and that was my night!


Chloe was up twice Friday night since she puked. The first time I had no idea and woke up to Chad washing her sheets in the sink and her back to bed. Then shortly after I got sick and another 30 minutes later we heard Chloe getting sick again. She is such a trooper, let us clean her up, the bed and then went right back to sleep both times.

After a long time and no sleep for us I got up and was pretty useless all day. I do not remember the last time I could barely get off the couch without being sick.

We got out for a walk in the afternoon:

Avery’s favourtie gift, a jewelry box from my Mom:

I had a girls supper planned with friends and decided to try and go since I started to feel better. I am glad I went since I do not get to see those girls enough! I got home by 9pm and went straight to bed.


Thankfully I woke up feeling great so we decided to go out for a run, we did 15km through a lot of fog and snow!

The start and end of our run:

My stomach felt off a couple times running but I fell pretty good besides that.

The faces of Chloe before our run:

That afternoon we went and saw my brother’s new house and their dog then had a movie night at home complete with a floor bed:


Chad was stomach flu victim #3 in the morning so our plans for the day changed to more rest!

I did a 8km tempo run in the morning then washed floors before we headed out to find new running shoes for Chad and I.

Chloe my shoe model:

Everyone (minus me) had two hour afternoon naps while I made cookies and had a friend over to visit. Later the girls and I headed out for supper with my family for my brother’s birthday.

And that is a wrap to our weekend! I am hoping the stomach flu is gone for good now!!


Foodie Friday

‘Tis the season for last minute posts these days… But today for one awesome reason – we spent yesterday at West Edmonton Mall for Avery’s birthday present! I would say it was a win as she told me a few times it was the “best birthday gift ever”.

We left in the morning so we could get there, wander a bit, have lunch then get to Galaxyland (amusement park) just as it opened. We spent all afternoon there with just one break to go to a couple stores then before we knew it it was 4:30pm so we left for supper and to head home.

Avery LOVES rides so it was perfect for her- I took Chloe on one and she was pretty unsure of it so she hung out with Chad while Avery, my Mom and I did rides.

This was by far her favourite ride! We had multiple rides on it!

I think my Mom was more excited than Avery here 😉

We went to the Disney store and somehow Chloe got TWO things – poor second kid was so excited to have her own stuffed animals!

We also had to ride the little train a few times:

But it was all worth it for her excitement 🙂

Now to switch gears – to less exciting things, meal planning! I did my planning on the drive home since I knew once I got home my brain might not work 😉

Saturday – Leftovers – Girls night for me!

Sunday – Ratatouille Spaghetti – Wallflower Kitchen

Monday – Greek Turkey Tacos

Tuesday -Chickpea Veggie Stirfry – Two Peas & Their Pod

Wednesday – Pancakes, fruit and turkey bacon – This is what Avery requested for the week 😉

Thursday – Chicken Taco Salad

Friday – Pizza Night!

It is a long weekend this weekend but we do not have a lot planned – just some extra rest I hope!


Avery – 4

Tomorrow this girl turns four:

Some days it feels like a million years ago that I held this tiny baby:

And others I have no idea where the past four years have gone as I can remember so perfectly those early days of cuddling a newborn baby by our Christmas tree and fireplace for hours on end.

I always get comments on how mature Avery seems, and I have to agree. I was thinking the other day about when Chloe was born and Avery was just 2.5 but yet seemed much older. She has taken on the big sister role so seriously this past year and a half and really is a awesome big sister.

We had a huge milestone last week at her checkup when the doctor told us she hit the 50th percentile in both height and weight and that she will be taller than me by 12. At that point she told him that he was funny and she would be the same height as me since me, her Grandma and Oma (my Mom and Grandma) are all the same height 😉

Avery loves to talk, she still has zero shy bones in her body and is a social butterfly. She constantly wins the hearts of strangers with this skill and smile:

I sometimes forget she is “just” four when I have conversations with her like I would a friend, and I know she will be my best friend one day.

Tantrums are few and far between compared to a year ago and Avery has come a long way with dealing with emotions and listening this past year. I hope this trend continues 😉

At four she loves all things princesses, Barbies, dressing up and reading books with us. She has been working hard on learning her letters (another huge change this past few months), writing her name and learning simple math. She started Preschool in September and I think it has peaked her interest in these things more!

Right now she is between being a vampire or doctor when she grows up – not surprising since she loves any kind of medical appointment – even needles.

While she definitely has a four year old attitude it is equally funny and frustrating at times and I find myself wanting to write down all the things she tells us daily.

Happy (almost) birthday Miss.Avery – cannot wait to celebrate you today ( we are off on a special birthday trip!) and tomorrow 🙂


Party Weekend Recap

We had such a great weekend despite the snow and cold temps – which I think are here to stay.


Chad and I stayed up too late watching Stranger Things and now only have one episode to go!


I ran errands for Avery’s party first thing and Chad and the girls stayed home – where it was warm!

This year I decided to not host Avery’s party at our house to save us the work and mess. I love a good theme party with all the details but it is also a ton of work and time is limited these days. We had the party where she goes to preschool and it was perfect! For the first half we had a room where they had a bouncy house and other things to do and then we had a separate room for cake and gifts. We had a 10 kid limit which was also pretty nice 😉

Why does she look so old?!

Avery did not want a candle or for us to sing happy birthday to her (4 year olds – cough, cough) but she certainly enjoyed her cupcakes:

Miss. Chloe – always eating!

It was great to come home after to a clean house but with way too many new toys. She was spoiled! It took me an hour to take everything out of packages etc.

That night Chad and I went out with my co-workers to a charity bonspiel after party which was a lot of fun!


Time change had us all up by 6:30am – yawn. Since it was pretty cold out we opted for treadmill runs. I have to admit 16km on the treadmill had me wondering what I signed up for but I reminded myself I have not ran more than 10-11km the past few months.

One thing I love about winter is the light in our house – the snow reflects and makes it so bright! So I took a few photos of uncooperative Chloe.

Avery enjoying another birthday cupcake:

After lunch we went out to look for a new mirror for our room (no luck) and skates for Avery. She had spotted Frozen ones but thankfully they were heavy and not comfy so we went with the girl hockey skates. At one store Chad and Avery spotted this cardboard playhouse you can colour for half price, so guess what came home with us?!

We spent all afternoon painting it while the girls played in it. I taped up some battery operated lights in it and they girls moved in pillows, furniture and more.

We spent all afternoon painting it while the girls played. They are in love with it!

Now onto our crazy week, I have a few long days plus it is Avery’s birthday Friday! Oh and we are heading on a special little day trip for Avery Thursday in lieu of a birthday gift.


Foodie Friday

Happy November! Today is feels more like December with all the snow we have suddenly got. Avery told me it was “freezing cold and we need to take a plane to Arizona until the sun comes back” – I am with her!

This week’s highlight was Halloween! Despite the weather being less then ideal we still enjoyed trick or treating around the neighbourhood! I love going out trick or treating and think it is sad so many people just go to the mall now – they are missing out on all the fun! We went out for around 15-20 houses in 45 minutes and they girls baskets were both over full when we got home.

My little kitty who loves to meow:

And the very spooky vampire…

Enjoying some candy after:

The rest of the week was quiet which was good since next week is crazy for me with my work schedule, first week of marathon training and Avery’s 4th birthday!

My favourite meal from last week was the Turkey Kale Pasta bake! It was an old favourite that I am happy I made again. I only used spinach instead of kale and no cheese on some for Chloe.

Saturday – Chicken Burrito Bowls

Sunday – Tomato Spinach Chicken Spaghetti – Julia’s Album

Monday – Hoisin Stir Fry Bowls – Budget Bytes

Tuesday – Leftovers (I work late)

WednesdaySouptacular (crockpot soup)

Thursday – OUT

Friday – Chicken fingers, fries & salad – Avery’s birthday choice!

Our big weekend plans are Avery’s birthday party! We have rented a place so this is the first non-home party we will have which meant a lot less work for me too 🙂