Daily Archives: 4 December, 2017

Weekend Recap

Why do weekends go by so fast?!


It was my Christmas party and I took NO photos! Ahhh. We did a locked/escape room (and got out!) then had supper – we were home at 11pm and had a great time!


We spent an hour in the morning making Christmas ornaments which went really well considering we had a one year old helping 😉 Both girls really like crafts right now so I am taking advantage!


Afterwards we went to see Santa at the mall, I had no hopes with Chloe and was right on the money – she lost it.

Two years in a row 😉

My Mom and I went to a market in the afternoon and I found quite a few things!

Chloe in her new shirt – which was made for her 😉

We did not do rest the much of the day – watched Christmas cartoons and relaxed 🙂


It was a really foggy morning so we waited for it to clear before running but at 9:30am we gave up and went out, Turns out we should have done treadmill runs – it was darn cold, the girls were grumpy and nobody had a fun 18km! I was too cold to take a photo even! Luckily all our runs now are over 20km which means the treadmill OR we find sitters for the girls.

We came home, warmed up, dd another craft while Chloe napped, cleaned and then went skating.

It was Avery’s first time on real skates and Chloe’s first time out on the boot skates Avery used to wear. Both girls did great! Avery was skating on her own after 15 minutes and said she wants to go back tomorrow…

And now back to another week!