Daily Archives: 11 December, 2017

Weekend Recap


We went to my in-laws for supper and a visit since they just returned from a trip. It was a short visit with bedtimes but a good one 🙂 I had a run to do that night then Avery and I curled up in bed and watched a Christmas movie – both of us fell asleep!


A typical morning of errands and a couple coffee shop stops for a eggnog latte battle – Chad and I both said we found the best ones 😉 Turns out both are equally good though!

Chloe did not want to eat this cookie, maybe she lied the snowman too much?!

After lunch Avery and I headed to a princess tea put on by a local youth theatre in town. It was our first time going to one and won’t be our last! Avery loved dressing up, seeing all the princesses and eating endless treats and tea.

We sat with Belle (her favourite) but all the princess rotated through the tables, we had treats and the princesses got up to perform songs a few times.

By the time we got home it was almost supper. That night Chad’s cousin and girlfriend came over and stayed the night.


We started out day with pancakes and Avery was pretty excited we had overnight guests for “a slumber party” haha. Mid morning Chad’s Dad came over to watch the girls while we ran 23 km. We could not have asked for a better day to do so! 23km is Chad’s longest run ever and my longest in 7 years! I am feeling it right now 😉

Later that day we headed out skating and to the park to enjoy the nice weather:

Avery is doing soo good on skates!

Chloe was not in a great mood so stuck to the playground 😉

I had supper ready in the crockpot which was nice considering my energy level was a tad low by 5pm.

We ended our weekend watching Micky Mouse’s a Christmas Carol 🙂