Daily Archives: 15 January, 2018

Weekend Recap

Weekends fly by but I rarely can remember what we did Friday night – how does that work? “I think” after my run Chad and I caught up on some TV – but in reality I probably fell asleep by 9pm 😉


Avery and I picked up groceries, went to Starbucks and got her hair cut that morning. She was in need of a good trim!

Now to get Chloe into a hairdresser!

Avery’s haircut & curled!

And our Chloe 🙂

After an early lunch we went to the local arena opening that was just re-done. It was pretty busy but good to go and see it and lots of people we knew. They have awesome murals on the wall but with all the people I could not get a great photo. Chloe – HA.

Both girls passed out on the (short) drive home which meant they were not tired for naps at home. Instead we walked to the rink and park for a bit.

We had another family movie night and watched Paddington Bear – Avery got scared at parts but we made her watch it all so she saw the happy ending!


I woke up at 6 and saw Chloe sitting in her crib waiting so decided to get up. We watched some TV until Chad and Avery got up. Our morning was spent making muffins and playing with sensory bins before Chloe went for an early nap (who knows what time she was up at!) and I started my long run on the treadmill (24km).

My view for over 2 hours – I watched one of my favourite movies, Pitch Perfect! I am at a point now where anything around 25km feels pretty good, over that is when I can struggle at times.

It was noon when I finished so we went and grabbed lunch out since neither of us wanted to make anything!

We spent the afternoon at home, cleaning, playing with Play-doh, practicing Avery’s writing and Chloe boycotted her nap by sitting in her crib for over an hour.

I started my book club book – finally (oops!) since I have book club this week.

We had my Mom for supper to end the weekend!