Daily Archives: 30 January, 2018

Master Bedroom Mini Makeover

So four long months ago I started this “small” project. It all started with the desire to paint our dark brown bedroom furniture white. That took a month and a bit… From there I found my dream headboard on Wayfair, then bought a few decor items to complete the room. I say complete but the truth is I am 90% done and still missing a few things.

I am by no means great at home decor styling and I find it takes me way too long to find the right pieces or even envision them! I wanted to spend no more than $300 and my vision going into it was clean and simple.

Anyways, some before photos, I took them sorta last minute so they are not the best. I had the bed since I was 19, the dresser and night stands we purchased when we bought our first house in 2005! I had not done much for decor in the room since we moved into this house two years ago knowing I wanted to re-do it anyways.

Up close of the nightstands, you can see the wear on the top – and the dresser was worse!

First up on the makeover, the painting of the furniture! I painted our dresser, removed the mirror and painted both nightstands.. The process was just time consuming since I rarely have hours to devote to it, just an hour here and there. But I am so happy with how it turned out! I used an all-in-one primer and paint and then used a warterbased varnish on the tops.

I kept the existing hardware…for now. I do not hate it so until I find something I love for a good price I am happy to keep it.

I wanted an upholstered grey headboard. I wavered between just the headboard or a platform style bed but I fell in love with this one on a Black Friday sale on Wayfair.

I changed out my lamp to have two smaller ones which I found at Winners. I kept my nightstand decor the same (for now) and bought the “K” for Chad’s, that accompanies his awesome 25 year old alarm clock 😉

The wooden triangle shelf was made by my Mom!

I really did not know what to put in it but found the “relax” at Michaels then added a rock of mine. I had more I went to add but simple was best.

On the other side of the room the photos stayed the same and work with the new decor. Right now I have the rocking chair in our room as well since I took it out of Chloe’s. I am not sure it will stay but for now we like having it in there.

The one piece that took me a while to find was a new (detached) mirror for the dresser. But I finally found this one at Winners a few weeks ago. It is actually hung just above the dresser by 8″ or so, but I had given up on Chad hanging it before photos – then he did about an hour later but it was too dark for photos!

I love the mirror and while I was not 100% sure on what I wanted this is it.

You can see a lot of bare areas on the wall still and I would love to fill these, less is more and I want to stay simple so I think I will.

The missing pieces to the room are new throw pillows and a blanket/throw for the base of the bed. I want to find pillows I love first but am semi lost on what I want. I think I needed to add a bit of colour but want to keep it simple too.

I also tackled our walk-in closet a couple weeks ago and said good-bye to almost half my closet – 4 large bags and one tote of clothes later I cannot tell you how good it feels! I actually might still get rid of more, there is still a ton!

No before photos, but after ones.

All the bins were overflowing before and I have easily 40 free hangers now. I find the hardest thing for us, is having casual clothes, work clothes and working out clothes. But this was a huge step.

And that is our mini master bedroom makeover!