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Foodie Friday

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! Avery woke up yesterday morning asking if it “had to be over” – I am like a kid that way and live for holidays!

We got the girls a few goodies, my Mom spoiled them (of course) then did our tradition of pizza and cupcakes for supper, Chad’s (sweet) tweet 😉

Chad nailed it with a simple gift of flowers and Mini Eggs:

Besides that it was a quiet week.

Can I share my excitement that not only is it a long weekend now, but I also have a short meal planning week! Because holidays are here for us! So this week is all about using up our food.

Saturday – Supper at my brother’s

Sunday – Salmon burgers & Greek Salad

Monday – Chicken Fajitas

Tuesday – Vegetable stir-fry

Wednesday – Leftovers

And then we are outta here!

Our weekend includes a spa afternoon for moi, visit with my brother and his girlfriend, fireworks, and of course running 😉



Weekend Recap

Another snowy weekend! But I swear we are on the good side of winter now – or am hopeful we are 😉


Avery had a Valentine’s Day party in the morning at preschool so I snuck out of work to go. We did crafts, and they had a photo booth to go in with their friends – but Avery only wanted me in the photo with her. Lucky me!

It was a fun time 🙂

My brother’s girlfriend bought us hockey tickets for that night so we had a fun night out! Chloe even got a game puck passed to her from the penalty box – this was after she was making faces at the other team in the box. Oh Chloe.


We had a late start to the day – no complaints, when everyone slept until almost 8am!

We had a quick coffee pit stop before getting groceries:

Both girls wanted to play outside, so out we all went. I built a little hill off our deck for the sled – Avery loved it! Chloe was not impressed with all the snow, it came up to her waist in some areas!

Chloe had a nap while Chad and Avery built a snow fort in the front yard from all the snow that was shoveled off the driveaway.

Later we baked Valentine’s Pop Tarts – so easy and the girls love them!

And then wore off the sugar jumping in Chloe’s crib:

We had friends over that night which was a nice change from our usual Saturday nights of movie watching and falling asleep – HA,


We all got good sleeps – again! I swear my kids sleep better/longer in spring and summer. As soon as winter hit they started waking up early – weird. Chad headed to the gym while the girls and I did some crafting.

We also attempted Valentine’s photos…spoiler alert I did not get one good one. Win some, lose some!

I started my run (20km) once Chad got home. It was nice to “only run 20km” – I am actually pretty done with long runs at this point. It was also nice to only watch one movie for my run 😉

I got ready and did a deep clean in our ensuite while Chad and Avery played outside for a couple hours and Chloe napped.

We ran a few errands later then had my Mom for supper, she made me two new signs – she is the BEST!

And like that it is Monday tomorrow!


Foodie Friday

This winter has been a tad much, from some darn cold temps to now what seems to be endless snow I think everyone is more than ready for spring! Or a warm holiday 😉

My winter/snow pout:

Besides hibernating every minute we can this week (darn work getting in the way!), we have kept busy with finishing Avery’s Valentine’s – proud Mom moment that she did all 17 by herself! We made slime Monday night, which has kept the girls busy while I make supper – win!

Since we are getting close to holiday countdown I am starting to try and use up all our fridge food now so that we are not wasting a ton. And I found some new to us recipes for this coming week!

Saturday – Pizza Roll Ups & salad – Budget Bytes

Sunday – Chicken Pot Pie Soup & cornbread muffins – Gimme Some Oven

Monday – Chicken Kale Caesar Wraps & sweet potato fries- Budget Bytes

Tuesday – One Pot Taco Pasta – Damn Delicious 

Wednesday – Our tradition is ordering pizza for Valentine’s Day!

Thursday – Bibimbap – Budget Bytes

Friday – Mini Garden Turkey Meatloaves – Budget Bytes

Weekend plans include a hockey game & birthday party!


2018 Race Calendar

Only a month and a bit into 2018 and my race calendar is looking almost full! I have a variety of races, from a full marathon to family fun runs of 5km 🙂


Phoenix Marathon – My second full marathon, my last one was May 2011! T-minus 17 days!

Last year’s half:


Womens Fun Run – 5km – I do this race yearly with my Mom and now the girls, it is a fun race to do for Mother’s Day.

Woodys RV World Marathon – 10km, maybe 21km? I have not signed up yet but plan to as I like this local race and have not run it in many years. I just need to pick a distance!


Troubled Monk Run – 10km with the family & stroller. Another local fav! Registration has not opened yet but we will be signed up as soon as it does. How can you go wrong with a race that has beer after?!


Mud Hero Alberta – I missed this race last year so am excited to do it again. It is totally a fun race I do with a friend of mine. I find it pushes me outside my comfort zone too – always a good thing!

View, share and download all your photos for FREE from:


Melissa’s Road Race Banff – 21km – I ran this race 6 years ago I think and love any race in the mountains in the fall so I decided to bite the bullet and do this one again.

I am thinking  I might do another 10km or half in the summer months but if so it will be a spur of the moment thing. I am on the fence of how much time I want to spend training this summer still – at the end of marathon training is never the time to think of these things!


Whats on your race calendar? Any new to you races?!

Weekend Recap

Another cold weekend meant a lot of hibernating! Winter can leave any day now 😉


I had the night off running! We watched some TV but called it a night early – I am out by 9pm these days!


Despite the weather we went to to Costco first thing and a few other places so we could stay at home the rest of the day.

After lunch both girls wanted outside, I bundled them up and they played on the deck for 15 minutes or so.

Any fresh air is good!

Our afternoon was spent at home cleaning, working on Avery’s Valentine’s day cards for preschool, and playing:

I honestly cannot wait for nicer weather so we can get out more and do things! I thought we might go out swimming or something but decided I did not want to even be outside at all – HA.


Last 32km run!! It is now taper time and my long runs are 20km then 16km – I am done with training! For now 😉 My Grandma came over mid morning to hang with Avery while Chloe napped and I started my run.

I started later so finished after lunch, I did not know how well this would work but I ate two small breakfasts before then had a Larabar on my run and it was perfect.

Later in the afternoon the girls and I went to a friend’s house since Chad was having guys over for the Superbowl we thought we would have our own girls party 😉 We ordered pizza and they all played.

In a few short months we will add one more girl to this bunch! NO, not me – my friend 😉