Daily Archives: 5 February, 2018

Weekend Recap

Another cold weekend meant a lot of hibernating! Winter can leave any day now 😉


I had the night off running! We watched some TV but called it a night early – I am out by 9pm these days!


Despite the weather we went to to Costco first thing and a few other places so we could stay at home the rest of the day.

After lunch both girls wanted outside, I bundled them up and they played on the deck for 15 minutes or so.

Any fresh air is good!

Our afternoon was spent at home cleaning, working on Avery’s Valentine’s day cards for preschool, and playing:

I honestly cannot wait for nicer weather so we can get out more and do things! I thought we might go out swimming or something but decided I did not want to even be outside at all – HA.


Last 32km run!! It is now taper time and my long runs are 20km then 16km – I am done with training! For now 😉 My Grandma came over mid morning to hang with Avery while Chloe napped and I started my run.

I started later so finished after lunch, I did not know how well this would work but I ate two small breakfasts before then had a Larabar on my run and it was perfect.

Later in the afternoon the girls and I went to a friend’s house since Chad was having guys over for the Superbowl we thought we would have our own girls party 😉 We ordered pizza and they all played.

In a few short months we will add one more girl to this bunch! NO, not me – my friend 😉