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Foodie Friday

Yay for short work weeks! This week we did get out one night for some bike riding and the girls found the first bug of the year – a fly – they were amazed ๐Ÿ˜‰

I made a stop at my favourite cupcake place this week & bought my co-workers cupcakes – lucky for Chad and the girls there were some leftover.

I also had a weak childhood memory moment and bought a Lite-Brite online. I said I was saving it as a gift for a birthday or Christmas but I could not resist opening it with Avery last night:

Anyone else ready for BBQ season? I know we are! We are warm weather BBQ’ers so onto another non-BBQ week of meal plans:

Saturday – Easter dinner

Sunday – Greek Turkey Tacos – Whitney Bond

Monday – Tuscan Grilled Chicken & quinoa – Easy Family Recipes

Tuesday – One Pot Ratatouille Spaghetti – Wallflower Kitchen

Wednesday – Out for C’s birthday

Thursday – Veggie Burrito Bowls

Friday – Pizza

Weekend plans! An Easter dinner, Easter brunch, of course the whole egg hunt thing –> my favourite part, a spin class and we will see what Mother Nature brings to plan the rest! Wishing everyone a happy Easter!


Weekend Recap

This was our last “no plans” weekend for a long time! We have a busy time coming up, with Easter, C’s birthday then the girls start up gymnastics and dance on weekends! Plus starting in May we have 1-2 races a month.


I fed the girls a bit early, as Chad was out for drinks then we ate once he got home and the girls got ice cream. I also found vegan, non-soy cheese for Chloe and she was in shock. She kept pointing at it saying “cheese, mine?”.

My little Mowgli:

I wanted to watch Pitch Perfect 3 that night but it was not working for us – boo!


A quick Costco trip and coffee stop in the morning then I headed to Edmonton with my Mom and the girls.

Ikea with Chloe was to be expected, she wanted up and into everything. Her favourite was climbing into all the beds and going under the covers. Sigh. I finally gave in at the kids area and let her be.

Avery got a little set for Barbies at Ikea and is OBSESSED with it:

We got home just in time for supper. I had plans to go out with friends but when I got a text asking if I really wanted to go as they were not feeling up to it I was happy to stay at home! I am so old haha. Instead we got McFlurries and playing Rock Band – again, we are old ๐Ÿ˜‰


I started 21 Day Fix Extreme again three days a week, in addition to spin and yoga they have kept me feeling sore. I got in my workout with Chloe climbing all over me and “helping”.

We spent the rest of the morning colouring:

Our afternoon was spent visiting with my Grandma and going for a walk. I am so ready to see more grass!

Later I decided to take Avery on a quick date to Starbucks as she has had an off week. Hoping this helps her start this week off better!

Chloe had to have my empty cup:

And like that we are off to a new week! It is a short week for me, then a four day weekend!


Foodie Friday

Now that spring is officially here (n theory!) I made it my goal that we get out for a walk one evening a week – easier said than done. I am telling you all getting supper on the table by 6pm is a rush let alone getting a 4 year old to eat sid supper in under 45 minutes –> slowest eater ever these days. But alas we have done it two weeks in a row.

Avery loves climbing the snow pile from the skating rink:

Chloe went through stroller withdrawals this winter and has been crying to go in the stroller so she just wanted to chill there:

We are also working on our morning routine – we have always done pretty good but Avery has decided in the morning she wants to wear nothing – though the kid has a packed closet and dresser – so we have started to agree on and set on clothes the night before. Which means time to even play before we go!

I started back on 21 Day Fix workouts this week, I love them but not sure how good jump squats are for my foot. I am hoping to attempt a run soon (its been a month since I ran!) and see how my foot it is, I have 5 weeks to get it better so if it is still bothering me I will have to go see someone. And of course I got in a couple spin classes and a yoga class.

Switching gears to meal planning.

Saturday – Black bean burgers (Costco!) & salad

Sunday – Bibimbap – Budget Bytes

Monday – Slow Cooker Coconut Curry Lentils – Budget Bytes

Tuesday – Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry – Cooking Classy

Wednesday – BBQ Pork Tacos – Stuck on Sweet

Thursday – Tuna Wraps & sweet potato fries

Friday – Hoisin Stir Fry Bowls – Budget Bytesย 

Weekend plans, maybe a Easter egg hunt at Chad’s work, Ikea (if the weather cooperates), a night out with some friends then a quiet Sunday at home cleaning and baking ๐Ÿ™‚


Marathon Training Tips

I have no idea how but it is almost been a month since my race!ย I have had a lot of time to think about the race, and my training now that I can walk again so wanted to share my thoughts and tips for anyone thinking of running a full marathon.

1 – Cross train, cross train and cross train.

My favourite place to cross-train, at My Rev!

So if I told you getting into a regular cross-training routine is what made me decide to run another full marathon would you believe me? Well that was how I bit the bullet to run my second full marathon after 6.5 years. For me, running 5-6 days a week was too hard mentally and physically but regular cross- training added the needed variety to my training schedule. This prevented burnout, again mentally and physically, and allowed me to enjoy my runs more.

Because spin is a low impact activity it also helped to prevent injuries from too much time running, in particular spin can strengthen related muscle groups which also helps to prevent injuries.

I noticed a huge difference in my cardio as well from spin classes. Even harder runs felt easier and during my race my cardio was noticeably better to thee point I never felt exhausted in the 42km.

2 – REST

I had 1-2 rest days a week. Two once my long runs got over 25km. These rest days were SO needed. During this training cycle I never really got burnt out and if I started to feel like I was, I would take a rest day. Before my mindset was this would hurt my overall training and race time but did it? Nope, I shaved 9 minutes off my marathon time. I read somewhere a great quote that said ” train smarter, not harder” which was my mentality while training.

3 – Don’t forget about your core

Again, before I focused all my training efforts on running which meant little to no time for anything else. I believe a good runner is also a balanced runner which is why I added in cross training as well as other workouts, specially core focused ones. I went to weekly yoga core classes as well as spin classes include core workouts. A strong core helps with stability and posture while running, this can go a long way and prevent common running injuries as there will be less strain on your muscles.

4 – Proper Nutrition

I will be the first to admit this was not perfect for me but I did give it attention during my 12 weeks of training. I made small changes, but all together they helped. What I did: added protein shakes after long runs/hard workouts, added collagen into my diet, increased my water intake, avoided alcohol (last 6 weeks of training), ate consistently – every 2-3 hours, and increased carbs the night before a long run.

We also kept our long run/race day fuels the same the entire training cycle so we knew what worked for us and did not set our bodies up for any surprises on race day!

I can honestly say that I had a great training cycle and fully intend to run more full marathons – no six year gap this time! But without really sitting down and thinking about what type of training was right for me I don’t think I would have had the same outcome. Again, “train smarter, not harder”.

Finish line!


Weekend Recap

What as snowy weekend! At this rate I think we will go from winter to summer and skip spring – there is so much snow!


I worked out and did laundry – exciting Friday night! Chad watched Jurassic World and I ditched half way in for bed ๐Ÿ˜‰


Our day started with green pancakes, of course!

Our little, mischievous, leprechaun:

I went to a Pound Class with Becky! It had been awhile due to marathon training. Typically this would not be the type of class I would go to BUT it totally challenges my coordination! Plus it is super fun and I really do not think there is a better person to teach Pound out there.

She had a Sweat Society pop-up there as well, and I was sucked in…I bought the coziest, softest joggers and a pair of leggings for Avery.

Since it was snowing we decided not to go to Ikea and instead hung out at home. We decorated Easter eggs – a semi disaster with Chloe, and played games:

We ended our night watching Ferdinand – a cute movie if you have not seen it! Movies are one way to get Chloe to sit still!


We had a low-key day. the snow made me not want to go far or outside! I worked out, cleaned, got some party supplies for Chloe’s party coming up, we baked, made crafts, watched a movie and my brother and his girlfriend came over.

She found this hat in the dollar store and had to try it on…

Not many plans for the week ahead! Hopefully spring decides to make a permanent appearance though.