Daily Archives: 26 March, 2018

Weekend Recap

This was our last “no plans” weekend for a long time! We have a busy time coming up, with Easter, C’s birthday then the girls start up gymnastics and dance on weekends! Plus starting in May we have 1-2 races a month.


I fed the girls a bit early, as Chad was out for drinks then we ate once he got home and the girls got ice cream. I also found vegan, non-soy cheese for Chloe and she was in shock. She kept pointing at it saying “cheese, mine?”.

My little Mowgli:

I wanted to watch Pitch Perfect 3 that night but it was not working for us – boo!


A quick Costco trip and coffee stop in the morning then I headed to Edmonton with my Mom and the girls.

Ikea with Chloe was to be expected, she wanted up and into everything. Her favourite was climbing into all the beds and going under the covers. Sigh. I finally gave in at the kids area and let her be.

Avery got a little set for Barbies at Ikea and is OBSESSED with it:

We got home just in time for supper. I had plans to go out with friends but when I got a text asking if I really wanted to go as they were not feeling up to it I was happy to stay at home! I am so old haha. Instead we got McFlurries and playing Rock Band – again, we are old 😉


I started 21 Day Fix Extreme again three days a week, in addition to spin and yoga they have kept me feeling sore. I got in my workout with Chloe climbing all over me and “helping”.

We spent the rest of the morning colouring:

Our afternoon was spent visiting with my Grandma and going for a walk. I am so ready to see more grass!

Later I decided to take Avery on a quick date to Starbucks as she has had an off week. Hoping this helps her start this week off better!

Chloe had to have my empty cup:

And like that we are off to a new week! It is a short week for me, then a four day weekend!