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Weekend Recap

On Saturday I could have swore it was July but yesterday was much more April-like!


I just my co-workers for drinks on a patio before picking up the girls, then we had Subway and headed home. We went on a quick bike ride and park trip as per the girl’s request:

I debated running but decided to take a rest day instead.


We spent the morning getting groceries and going to gymnastics–> unlike most activities Avery was happy to go back to her second class! HA. I promised her a slush after then we headed home for lunch.

With weather in the mid 20’s we spent all afternoon outside, set-up the deck and patio, had lunch, played then later went to a favourite playground of ours.

My mom joined us for supper and we had ice cream outside – the best way to eat it with Chloe!

I wanted to escape on a solo run but Avery wanted to come with so we did a quick run, she took my photo and fell asleep shortly after:


With a rainy day ahead I left all my cleaning/home projects for the day! We worked out, cleaned, baked, swapped out winter clothes to spring/summer clothes, and did a lot of relaxing.

The girls did want to go outside so I let them, they last 5 minutes – Chloe was less than impressed:

And that was our weekend! Pretty chill overall!


Foodie Friday

With temps into the mid-teens and 20s you can guess where we have been this week, outside!

The girls go out as soon as we get home, have ate supper outside every night and play until it is bath time.

We have gone for walks, to the playground, and bike rides!

It is amazing how much happier everyone is when we can be outside more.

The nicer temps also means more BBQ’ing on the meal plan!

Saturday – Smokies, Watermelon Salad & garlic toast

Sunday – Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich ( Hot for Food) & kale caesar salad

Monday – Burrito Bowls

Tuesday – Coconut Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl – Running on Real Food

Wednesday – Avocado Mango Chicken Salad – Joyful Healthy Eats

Thursday – Grilled Salmon & Mango Quinoa Salad – Together as a Family

Friday – Chicken Kale Caesar Wraps – Budget Bytes

We don’t have much on this weekend, gymnastics and enjoying the nice weather!


Family Meal Planning Tips

Over the past 10 years meal planning has been a staple in our house and let me tell you it saves my butt even more these days while working full-time and having two kids.

It not only saves time, but money, food and a lot of hassle overall.

Meal planning has changed in the past few years as I have less time when we talk in the door, more distractions and kids that decide what they love one day they hate the next. But sticking to the meal plan still allows us to sit down every night and eat a planned supper.

I share all my weekly meal plans on Fridays as most of you know!

Since this is an area lot struggle with I want to share some of our tips and tricks when it comes to meal planning as a family.

1 – Make your plan visible. We have a reusable board on the fridge so both Chad and I know what we will be eating all week and plan accordingly. I think this will be even more helpful once the girls can read too.

An old photo but we still have the same board:

2 – Have theme nights. Adding in a theme night every week or every other takes the thought out of those nights. We do pizza every other Friday and a taco night once a week. Once I know that l just have to look up recipes for that item versus any recipe.

3 – Use technology! Pinterest is still my go to. I use to save and organize recipes then can look at those recipes right from my phone and make a grocery list from that. I also use a grocery list app called Out of Milk.

4 – Get everyone’s input. Almost weekly I ask Chad (he says pizza) and Avery (she says pancakes) for an idea. Even though they almost always say the same thing it makes them feel included and then they can have their favourite meals too.

5 – Keep it simple. For weeknight meals my goal is to have the meal on the table in 30 minutes or less. One pot meals and crockpot meals help a ton with this! I save more time consuming meals for weekends when I can spend an hour cooking supper.

6 – Prep ahead. If you know your recipes are more time consuming use the night before or morning of to spend 10 minutes prepping. You will be amazed at how that 10 minutes can help either by cooking your grain, chopping veggies, marinating meat etc.

7 – Make ONE supper. This is so hard with kids but possible! I rarely cook more than one supper. The girls either eat exactly what we do or I use the same ingredients and slightly modify it for them. Example – Avery does not love pasta sauce with veggies so instead I give her plain pasta and raw veggies on the side. We also have a one bite rule, so no matter what you try one bite – if it is not your thing that is fine. I aim to offer things they previously did not like a few times or more since they do often change their taste preferences!


Do you meal plan? If so, what are your tips?

Weekend Recap

I have to admit this weekend was not my favourite – both girls were just not in the best mood, and my patience was shot! But we did manage to shake the grumpies for some fun.


We think spring has finally arrived! After work we looked for ladybugs (and found some!) while we waited for Chad to get home.


I worked out while Chad went to the gym then we watched Big Brother 🙂


We pushed our luck Saturday with C’s nap – probably the factor when it came to her being grumpy! We left around 9:30am to go to Costco, from there we went to Avery’s first gymnastics class. She has been asking for a year to go in so I finally registered her.

She was so excited leading up to it but we got there and when she saw all the kids on the floor she said it was too many kids and did not want to go. Thankfully she has a small class of 5 kids and she semi knows a couple of them SO it was a very successful class!

I failed at any photos there but she wanted one her in gymnastics outfit 🙂

Afterwards we went for lunch at Freshii then over to a pet store since they had an adoption vet and a baby goat! No we are not getting any pets, just visiting!

Our afternoon involved naps, colouring and a visit with my Grandma.

After the girls were in bed we had a drink and watched a movie – so needed after a long day of tantrums and tears!


We got in a morning run first thing! I decided to start running weekly with the girls again and wow was it hard after a long break of not running solo with the stroller!

Chad had signed up for a local charity amazing race type event for the day and a few days ago he asked if I would join since they were down a player. At first I said no since I had Mom guilt but then changed my mind – so happy I did! The girls had a great afternoon with their grandparents and we had so much fun and won the race! Our team won $1000 in gas cards – woot woot!

Challenges ranged from eating a sundae in under 30 seconds, puzzles, archery, escape rooms and more. I hope to do it again next year!

I took one photo of the girls all day, they actually were sitting together and not fighting!

And that is our weekend, this week looks nice so hopefully we can get out and enjoy the weather!


Foodie Friday

How did Friday sneak up on us?! I had planned to do a blog post this week and that never happened, nor did photos of our week. One day I will find my blogging mojo again!

We had a great week, had my Mom over one night, friends another night I had book club after a mini hiatus. Now to start reading again too 😉

I am making an effort to have more veggie based meals these days, some even vegan. I actually love tofu (Avery does too) so just need to get down the right cooking method for it.

Saturday – Smokies & Asparagus and Potato Salad – Oh She Glows

Sunday – Spicy Baked Peanut Butter Tofu – Choosing Chia

Monday– Black bean burgers (Costco) & The Best Summer Kale Salad – The Balanced Berry

Tuesday – Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos – Belle of the Kitchen

Wednesday – One Pot Veggie Pasta – Family Food on the Table

Thursday – The Best Shrimp Fried Rice – Gimme Some Oven

Friday – Summer Chicken Wraps & sweet potato fries – Iowa Girl Eats

Weekend plans include Avery’s first gymnastic class and hopefully lots of outside time finally!