Daily Archives: 9 April, 2018

Weekend Recap

Ok I think we had our final cold and snowy weekend! Maybe…fingers crossed!


We watched some horrible Netflix movie – it is so bad I don’t remember the name and would not share it if I did! All Netflix Original movies we have watched so far as bad – anyone else find this?


Chloe’s party day! We kept things simple with a bunny theme which meant I kept up the Easter decor 😉 And a small party. I love big parties and all but they are tiring so now we try and keep them under 10 kids, and ones that are similar in age.

Chloe pre-party:

The decor:

My Mom made this awesome bean bag toss and carrots bean bags for the kids to play!

It was a busy afternoon, but all the kids did great and the mess was minimal – win!

I had to go to the local food and beverage expo that night as my work had a booth, it was fun to get out for a few hours but by 10pm (when it ended) I was tired!


The morning was spent working out, crafting, and colouring. Avery loves to colour these days and her colouring has come a long way in the past bit!

Both girls had cabin fever so we headed out after nap time to the park with the sled. It was a beautiful afternoon, if it was January 😉 But after a really cold week I will take any sun!

As much fun as we all had lets hope this is the last time we are sledding in snowpants for awhile!

Avery helped me work on supper, we made our first recipes from the Hot for Food cookbook, See Food Chowder and Pesto Twists!

Both turned out awesome and it made a ton!

Now onto our week! I have two early work mornings – yawn – and my in-laws are coming to town!