Daily Archives: 16 April, 2018

Weekend Recap


Chad stayed home sick so we had a quiet evening, Avery and I snuggled up and watched HGTV for most of the night – she loves it as much as I do!


Avery requested a tea party so after getting groceries we got to work making cookies for the tea party. Chloe is all over helping me bake these days!

During C’s nap we had our tea party, complete with our dresses on! I borrowed my Mom’s real china which made Avery over the moon happy! This is also was why we had our tea party sans Chloe!

Oh and I went for a run!! With my foot I had not ran in 6 weeks. I was nervous to go out in case my foot was not healed and then I would have had to get treatment stat! It was time I get out though – I had been needing a run badly and my next half in just over 2.5 months away!

Plus we finally had a nice day to run! I am hoping I start running weekly now until my half training starts in May. My plan right now is to bring back stroller runs solo on Sundays since Chad goes to the gym. But with 60lbs of kids we will see how that goes!

Later we headed to the park, the snow is melting finally which also means the park is now a pool 😉 haha.

I had a girls night out for supper with a couple girlfriends and had the best time catching up! But no photos – oops!


We had a busy day with only one photo! Chad’s Mom and Step-Dad visited, we worked out, we cleaned, played games, both girls napped then we had supper at Chad’s Dad’s house.

This week is another busy one with book club, using having friend’s over for supper and a couple Dr appointments.