Daily Archives: 23 April, 2018

Weekend Recap

I have to admit this weekend was not my favourite – both girls were just not in the best mood, and my patience was shot! But we did manage to shake the grumpies for some fun.


We think spring has finally arrived! After work we looked for ladybugs (and found some!) while we waited for Chad to get home.


I worked out while Chad went to the gym then we watched Big Brother 🙂


We pushed our luck Saturday with C’s nap – probably the factor when it came to her being grumpy! We left around 9:30am to go to Costco, from there we went to Avery’s first gymnastics class. She has been asking for a year to go in so I finally registered her.

She was so excited leading up to it but we got there and when she saw all the kids on the floor she said it was too many kids and did not want to go. Thankfully she has a small class of 5 kids and she semi knows a couple of them SO it was a very successful class!

I failed at any photos there but she wanted one her in gymnastics outfit 🙂

Afterwards we went for lunch at Freshii then over to a pet store since they had an adoption vet and a baby goat! No we are not getting any pets, just visiting!

Our afternoon involved naps, colouring and a visit with my Grandma.

After the girls were in bed we had a drink and watched a movie – so needed after a long day of tantrums and tears!


We got in a morning run first thing! I decided to start running weekly with the girls again and wow was it hard after a long break of not running solo with the stroller!

Chad had signed up for a local charity amazing race type event for the day and a few days ago he asked if I would join since they were down a player. At first I said no since I had Mom guilt but then changed my mind – so happy I did! The girls had a great afternoon with their grandparents and we had so much fun and won the race! Our team won $1000 in gas cards – woot woot!

Challenges ranged from eating a sundae in under 30 seconds, puzzles, archery, escape rooms and more. I hope to do it again next year!

I took one photo of the girls all day, they actually were sitting together and not fighting!

And that is our weekend, this week looks nice so hopefully we can get out and enjoy the weather!