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Weekend Recap


Chad stayed home sick so we had a quiet evening, Avery and I snuggled up and watched HGTV for most of the night – she loves it as much as I do!


Avery requested a tea party so after getting groceries we got to work making cookies for the tea party. Chloe is all over helping me bake these days!

During C’s nap we had our tea party, complete with our dresses on! I borrowed my Mom’s real china which made Avery over the moon happy! This is also was why we had our tea party sans Chloe!

Oh and I went for a run!! With my foot I had not ran in 6 weeks. I was nervous to go out in case my foot was not healed and then I would have had to get treatment stat! It was time I get out though – I had been needing a run badly and my next half in just over 2.5 months away!

Plus we finally had a nice day to run! I am hoping I start running weekly now until my half training starts in May. My plan right now is to bring back stroller runs solo on Sundays since Chad goes to the gym. But with 60lbs of kids we will see how that goes!

Later we headed to the park, the snow is melting finally which also means the park is now a pool 😉 haha.

I had a girls night out for supper with a couple girlfriends and had the best time catching up! But no photos – oops!


We had a busy day with only one photo! Chad’s Mom and Step-Dad visited, we worked out, we cleaned, played games, both girls napped then we had supper at Chad’s Dad’s house.

This week is another busy one with book club, using having friend’s over for supper and a couple Dr appointments.


Foodie Friday

Apparently this week was a blur – I don’t even have photos from the week! I had a couple early work mornings, and while I am up at the same time leaving earlier throws me right off. Besides that it was a gloomy week so we did not get out for our evening walk at all.

With that I will just get into meal planning!

Saturday – Spicy Shrimp Burrito Bowls – Two Sisters Kitchens

Sunday – Spicy Black Bean Taquitos – Hot for Food cookbook

Monday – Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies – Damn Delicious 

Tuesday – Chicken Smokies & Summer Chickpea Salad – How Sweet It Is

Wednesday – Bahn Mi Rice Bowls – Skinny Taste

Thursday – Pancakes & turkey bacon

Friday – Vegan Pulled Mushroom Sandwiches & salad – Hot for Food

Weekend plans include visits with family, a girls supper with some friends and hopefully sunshines so we can get outside!


Weekend Recap

Ok I think we had our final cold and snowy weekend! Maybe…fingers crossed!


We watched some horrible Netflix movie – it is so bad I don’t remember the name and would not share it if I did! All Netflix Original movies we have watched so far as bad – anyone else find this?


Chloe’s party day! We kept things simple with a bunny theme which meant I kept up the Easter decor 😉 And a small party. I love big parties and all but they are tiring so now we try and keep them under 10 kids, and ones that are similar in age.

Chloe pre-party:

The decor:

My Mom made this awesome bean bag toss and carrots bean bags for the kids to play!

It was a busy afternoon, but all the kids did great and the mess was minimal – win!

I had to go to the local food and beverage expo that night as my work had a booth, it was fun to get out for a few hours but by 10pm (when it ended) I was tired!


The morning was spent working out, crafting, and colouring. Avery loves to colour these days and her colouring has come a long way in the past bit!

Both girls had cabin fever so we headed out after nap time to the park with the sled. It was a beautiful afternoon, if it was January 😉 But after a really cold week I will take any sun!

As much fun as we all had lets hope this is the last time we are sledding in snowpants for awhile!

Avery helped me work on supper, we made our first recipes from the Hot for Food cookbook, See Food Chowder and Pesto Twists!

Both turned out awesome and it made a ton!

Now onto our week! I have two early work mornings – yawn – and my in-laws are coming to town!


Foodie Friday

Short work weeks are the best! Well unless you have a sick kid! Miss. C is not feeling great – bad timing with it being her birthday! Poor kid.

Monday we a ‘fun’ day – I took C to the Dr after her breathing was a tad off, while there she ran into the counter and cut the corner of her eye. If it had been a millimeter over she would have needed stitches – OY. Then we ran to Chapters to grab a cookbook I wanted and she was trying to get a toy, it fell hit her in the face and she got a bleeding nose. So it was a Monday!

We did get out for coffee unharmed!

Early before all the mishaps we spent the time morning colouring and baking:

We had a little celebration Wednesday for her, she tried to grab the lit candle:

And took Chloe out for the supper of her choice, Subway!

I am excited for the meal plan this week thanks to my new cookbook – Vegan Comfort Classics!

Saturday – Black Bean burgers (Costco)

Sunday – Cheesy Pesto Bread Twists & See Food Chowder – Vegan Comfort Classics

Monday – One Pot Sausage and Sun Dried Tomato Pasta – Budget Bytes

Tuesday – Spicy Peanut Noodles – Vegan Comfort Classics

Wednesday – Turkey bacon BLTs & sweet potato fries

Thursday – Easy Shrimp & Broccoli Stir Fry – Damn Delicious 

Friday – Blackened Shrimp Tacos – Budget Bytes

This weekend we are having a party for Chloe and that is it – I have been lacking motivation lately with this weather – hopefully spring finds us soon!


Chloe – Two Years

Today our Chloe turns two! I really have no idea how we welcomed her two long years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. She is exactly what we needed, and definately the ying to my yang.

Chloe is the silliest, yet most serious little girl – for those you know that know her you will understand this statement! She will make you work for a smile but warm up to you fast and being her typical, silly self.

Now serious Chloe…

I joke that she is more like a boy versus girl – she is non-stop go and gets into everything! She keeps us all on our toes 24/7.  This has earned her the nickname “Chlo-nado”.

She is growing like a weed and most days can out eat me, she is 25.5lbs and 32.5″ tall. She still has the dairy issue but we are working through that and hope she grows out of it soon!  Besides dairy she eats 98% of foods and loves it all! She has a soft spot for chocolate like me 😉

She is taking her sweeettt time talking. And it has got to the point where I swear she does not say things just to bug me! But if she really wants something she can then say almost any word she needs to. Oh did I mention she is stubborn? Thankfully she has great comprehension and listens pretty well 😉

She loves to help, and is the first one to jump to anything you ask her to do – or anyone else. With this she is also very empathetic and will also be the first one to give a hug if someone is upset or crying.

We are excited to enter the “two’s” with Chloe and know she will only become more and more fun. Happy birthday Chloe!