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Weekend Snapshots

A new format for sharing our weekends! I mentioned this before but I often use my blog as a diary to look back on what we were up to etc so that is why sharing my weekends is important around here. But saying that I don’t like typing every detail what we did nor does anyone want to read that! So instead I am going to share highlights of our weekends from now on.


I went with Avery on her morning field trip! We had a lot of fun – but it hard to imagine in just over three months she is starting Kindergarten!

I got in my long run for the week – 17km! In 28 degree heat it was not easy!

We took the girls to a park/fountain area for a picnic supper – they had a blast!


We packed up and headed out of town for the day/night for Chad’s cousins wedding reception. Avery was beyond excited to dress up and stay in a hotel.

Trying to get a good photo of the girls – HA!

It was a beautiful reception at the family farm:

By 10pm both girls were asleep so we headed back to the hotel for the night.


After our trip home we spent the afternoon going for a run then to the park:

Then I prepped for my Sugar-Free Rest this week! We have a crazy week so I had to get in all the prep I can to make life easier this week šŸ™‚


Foodie Friday

Today is actually my “Friday” as I am off for another three day weekend!

This week flew by, a few highlights of our week:

Chloe’s first haircut! She did great, despite looking less than impressed here:

She looks SO much older now!

The girls and their new sleeping bags for our first real camping trip this summer.

And last but not least we celebrated Chad’s birthday!

This week I am switching things up for meal planning. I am participating in a “Sugar Free Reset” for 5 days. My good friend, Heather, is a Holistic Nutritional Consultant with her company, Calluna Nutrition, and not only is she super awesome, but very knowledgeable and helpful. So when she shared her sugar free detox I thought “why not?!”. I mean, I eat fairly healthy but like most areas of our lives there is always room to improve and learn, so that is my goal next week.

Heather has a simple lotto of “eat better.feel better” which I know is all too true, but we also have busy lives and let’s face it sometimes the first thing to go out the window are out eating habits. That is where Heather comes in, from her meal planning servicesĀ to personal coaching she can get you back on track and feeling better!

Saturday – Wedding – OUT

Sunday – Taco Salad

Monday – One Pan Salmon & Asparagus with mixed greens (lemon and olive oil) – Calluna NutritionĀ 

Tuesday – Beef & Brocoli Stir-fry with quinoa (I will sub in chicken) –Ā Calluna NutritionĀ 

Wednesday – Lemon Basil Chicken with mixed greens –Ā Calluna NutritionĀ 

Thursday – Shrimp Asparagus Pesto Pasta –Ā Calluna NutritionĀ 

Friday – Mexican Chicken Bowl & cauliflower rice –Ā Calluna NutritionĀ 

This weekend is a busy one! Today I am helping out with Avery’s preschool field trip, and doing my long run this afternoon so that we can head off to Chad’s cousins wedding Saturday.

Have a great weekend everyone!


May Long Recap

I would like to say the long weekend went by in a blink of an eye but it really did not! We had great weather, spent lots of time with family and just having fun in general!


I had some friends over for a BBQ, despite the wind we had a great evening!


Avery and I watched some of the Royal wedding once we were up:

She might have liked it more than me!

We did our usual errands, then came home for chores – the windy weather made this more bearable – before heading to our nephew’s first birthday party!

Later on we decided to take advantage of the windy weather and go fly a kite! The girls loved it and both did great with the kite – much better than me!


I had a 15km long run to do and convinced the family to join me šŸ˜‰ We ran a different route than usual due to a big race happening, but it was nice to switch things up!

Our big to -do’s for the day was going to get out garden plants, plant the garden and cover in under the deck. After an afternoon in the sun and yard we were done!

Avery, my Mom and I went to the greenhouse:


We did some backyard canvas painting:

My brother and his fiancee came over later for a visit and stayed for supper as well.

I have a feeling this might be a really fun summer with these two!

We had a quiet evening in the house after being outside all day!


We spent the morning at a park and went for a little walk to see the horses they have there as well.

The girls had the park to themselves and loved it!

On our way home we stopped for donuts (long weekend treats!):

Then a picnic lunch:

During nap time I went for a 7km run the spent time reading my book – finally, I have been slacking with reading.

Then more backyard time followed by another BBQ and fire for s’mores – a must do on a summer long weekend!


What did you do this long weekend?

Foodie Friday

Happy May long weekend! This week has been full of sunshine with only one (needed) rainy day! I really have no idea where our weeks go anymore and feel like Friday comes in a blink.

A few photos from our week:

Moving into meal planning!

Saturday – Greek turkey tacos – Whitney Bond

SundayGrilled Chicken & Whole Food’s California Quinoa Salad – Damn Delicious

Monday – Black bean burgers & BBQ grilled veggies

Tuesday – Avocado Pasta – Damn DeliciousĀ 

Wednesday -Mexican Chiptole Sweet Potato Casserole & rice – Whitney Bond

Thursday – Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Pizza (Chad’s choice for his birthday) – A Spicy PerspectiveĀ 

Friday – Grilled Chicken Burrito Bowls – Dinner at the Zoo

Our long weekend plans include our nephew’s birthday party, planting the garden and hopefully lots of R&R in the sun – another low-key weekend šŸ™‚


Half Marathon Training: Stampede Half

With less than two months until my next half marathon, the Stampede HalfĀ , I kicked off training the other week. With this training round I had a few goals. One, increase speed with more tempo and interval runs. two, add weekly distance and three add hills!

I have some double run days since for the next month I am running with coworkers to train for a local 10km as well. I am hoping this extra time on my feet and speed runs equal a new half PR for me!

While it looks like a hectic schedule it is a short training plan and my theory was after full training it should seem easy – HA.