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Foodie Friday

Well we survived the first week back from holidays! Both girls have been beyond tired this week which means some extra grumpiness πŸ˜‰ Avery has been in half day daycamp as well this week which added to it all but she has enjoyed it! Oh and Miss. Chloe is getting all 4 2 year molars πŸ˜‰ Send the wine!

Monday after work:

Later we went for a walk and she was not pleased:

Chloe loves sidewalk chalk right now:

AND I finally got a new phone, so naturally tested out the camera – after all, that is what phones are for now, right?!

Lazy evenings:

Besides that I got in a spin class, a run and a home workout – more than enough for me this week!

Moving on to meal planning:

Saturday – Greek Turkey Tacos – Whitney Bond

Sunday – Black Bean burgers & kale salad

Monday – Ginger Shrimp Stir Fry with rice – Calluna Nutrition

Tuesday – Cauliflower, Kale & Sausage Bowl –Β Calluna Nutrition

Wednesday – Pesto Spaghetti with Roasted Asparagus

Thursday – Roasted Veggie Fajita Rice Bowls – Sweet Simple Vegan

Friday – Easy Grilled Chicken (Damn Delicious) & Greek Salad & garlic toast

This weekend we have a pancake breakfast to go too, and not much else planned – yet! Hopefully some R&R n the sun πŸ™‚


Recap: Calgary Stampede Half Marathon

I have to admit race recaps are hard for me! I am fairly certain I blank out in races and most times barely remember where I all ran, but also enjoy sharing my thoughts on the race afterwards.

Going into this race I did not have a PR goal, but rather a range (1:43-1:48), I knew there was some hills so that is why I was not hoping to PR as that was from a flat course.

I opted to stay in Calgary the night before with a friend to catch extra zzz’s the morning of. We were up at 5am, at the course for 6am to pick up our packages, we had to arrange prior to for out of town package pick up. However, when we got there they were not ready and we waited 15 minutes to get our packages. The race start/finish area itself was good, at the Glenmore Athletic Park and parking was easy to find and close by. I would say it was on a medium race for attendance, maybe 300 people in the half marathon. I like this size as you are not dodging people for the first 2-3kms but large races also add to the whole experience!

I kept a steady 4:40km/min pace for the first 5km where we went over a pedestrian overpass (a good climb), through some residential with a couple more hills and eventually along the river. Being an out and back everytime I went down a hill I reminded myself I would be going back up it! I want to say there was 4 decent climbs (so 8 total) but again – foggy memory! Once along the river it was fairly flat and I regained some speed for the mid-section of the race, either keeping with the 1:45 pacer (who was a very inconsistent runner!) or just ahead of her. Between 14-16kms I slowed a bit to over a 5:10min/km pace as my legs felt heavy but after the last climb/hill after that I was able to get under that 5min/km pace again.

Route wise is was a really pretty course – by Heritage Park, through trails, residential, and along the river and being that I am not from Calgary I had plenty to look around at!

I won’t even complain about the hills either! As I did not find them bad – who I am?! I felt really strong on them, passing most people on the hills!

I finished at 1:45:28 and the 5min/km pace and felt great. Now truth time! I signed up for this race for the end – the pancake breakfast! And it did not disappoint. Even with an intimidating line-up it went fast, they had David’s Tea, Cobb;s scones, pancakes, sausages, juice and Stoked Oats! We enjoyed our post race eats before hitting the road.

Other things to note – they had a kids race – added bonus! And the medal’s are unique:

Oh and they put first names on the bibs:

Post race photo with my friend Heather!

There was no free race photos which I am okay with – while they are nice, it is not a must have for me.

Recovery has left me confused. After last month’s 10km (48 minutes & a PR) I was sore and I would say the courses were similar for hills etc. So I thoughts I would be sore after this one but was not. So I did something right! This also makes me doubt that I gave the race my all though.

Overall, it was a great race, I had fun and was really happy with my time.


Weekend Snapshots

And like that our summer holidays are over πŸ™ We had a good last few days though!

Friday we took a bike ride to Sunnybrook Farm – always a favourite of ours!

These calves were the CUTEST.

Later I I gave Avery the option of setting up the pool for the afternoon or a lemonade stand – she chose the lemonade stand & we got to work! Three hours later of her yelling “lemonade for sale” and waving down cars she had $60!

Saturday we went to the Farmers Market and a park trip before I headed out of town for the night for a race. I have to admit it was harder leaving the girls than I thought!

Oh and Avery finally saved up enough money for this doll RV she wanted. This was a combination of chore money, bday money and the lemonade stand! She was sad to spend her money but was so excited for this:

Sunday morning was the race! It was a new to me race, the Calgary Stampede half marathon and I had no idea what to expect! Overall, it was a great smaller race and I am pretty happy with my results – 1 hour, 45 minutes & 5th in my category – female 30-39. I will do a full recap in a few days πŸ™‚

We spent the afternoon enjoying the sun and relaxing in the backyard and ended the night with a fire and s’mores:


Foodie Friday & Holidays Recap

So I am cheating and sharing two posts in one this week to play catch up πŸ™‚ I was on holidays this week so in addition to finishing the backyard we also took a couple days to go camping at a nearby lake – first time camping a a family – in a tent!

First up yard photos! Chad did 90% of the work since between potty trips, snacks and other things I was limited help! We just have some large decorative rocks to buy – or maybe find and but the yard is 95% done!

It is 80% perennials which is new to us! Then we added a third tree and some bushes. We did not do the landscape plan since we have no idea on these things. We are so happy with it all turned out!

Since I had the week off and we hoped the yard would be mostly done we decided to book a one night camping trip – Avery has been asking for a very long time! I booked one night at a lake that is only 20 minutes away. Overall it went good – I am not a camping fan but being at a lake I could not complain plus the girls loved it! Wednesday on the way out we stopped for a game of mini golf since we had an hour to kill before check-in.

Once at the camp site, we set-up, made supper, then went for ice cream, to the park and a walk at the lake. Chad and I had hopes of staying up enjoying the fire but Chloe decided not to sleep and we were all tired so all ended up in bed by 10!


Spot Chloe? She was supposed to be sleeping!

Wednesday morning Chloe was up at her normal 6am (yawn) so we had an early start! After a slow morning around the campsite we packed up to spend the day at the beach!

It started out cloudy and windy but turned out to be a hot day!

Now switching to meal planning! I sort of took this week off from any type of healthy eating to ready to jump back into things with better eating habits.

Saturday – OUT

Sunday – Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl – Delish Knowledge

Monday – Toasted Veggie Sandwiches (Calluna Nutrition) & kale salad

Tuesday – Chili Lime Chicken drumsticks (Calluna Nutrition) with grilled veggies

Wednesday – Fish Tacos with mango salsa – Lemon Tree DwellingΒ 

Thursday – Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken with rice – Joy Food Sunshine

Friday – BBQ Salmon & The Best Summer Berry Kale Salad – Balanced Berry

Weekend plans include a bike ride, the Farmers Market and I am running a half marathon Sunday!


Long Weekend Snapshots

I can say it does not feel like July right now – haha. Not sure what it is but to me it felt more like summer 6 weeks ago than today! Anyways, Mother Nature foiled some of our plans but is going to smarten up in 24 hours πŸ˜‰

Our BIG project for this weekend was finishing the landscaping plan from last summer. Last year we had a patio installed and a landscape plan done for the yard and decided to save some $$ and do it ourselves. Despite on and off rain we made good head way (mainly Chad!).

I will share more photos later this week when it is all done!

We went and saw Chad’s Mom’s new house – we are really excited to have her back closer to us!

We had the annual family gathering for the Canada Day long weekend but shortly after we got there it started raining and never stopped. But the kids loved it and played in the rain even though I did not pack rain jackets – mom fail!

Free sunglasses I got with my coolers – of course they love them!

Canada Day 2018, we ran, played at the playground, dis some landscaping and went to my brothers for supper and fireworks but alas the rain made us stay in for the fireworks πŸ™ Thankfully they have a great view from their house!

Oh and I finally got up another gallery wall I had been planning!

Yesterday Chloe and I escaped for our first run with just us two!

Our favourite run spot:

Playing soccer in the yard – our new favourite game but she just runs holding the ball πŸ˜‰

Our long weekend ended with much needed baths and Avery showing off her fave bath product πŸ˜‰ And Chloe being Chloe (she was yelling at me lol).