Daily Archives: 3 August, 2018

Foodie Friday

Happy August! Since it was a quiet week (home wise, work was crazy) I will just share a few phone from the week:

Evening park trips:

This kid kills me:

Most nights by goal is to be done everything by 8:30pm so I can get an hour of R&R before bed. But summer seems to be busier so that has been pushed back and back, which is also why posts are a struggle!

Anyways, food time!

Saturday – Fish Tacos with mango salsa

Sunday – Smokies & Spinach Chickpea and Quinoa Salad – Budget Bytes

Monday – Turkey Burgers & Summer Kale & Blueberry Salad – Coley Cooks

Tuesday – Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowls  – Delish Knowledge 

Wednesday – Summer Chicken Wraps & sweet potato fries – Iowa Girl Eats

Thursday – Chicken & Broccoli Slaw with peanut sauce –   Calluna Nutrition 

Friday – Greek chicken salad & garlic toast – Calluna Nutrition 

And it is another long weekend! I have today off as well and we have a lot planned this weekend, Calaway Park, the beach, and a car show.

Enjoy your long weekends!