Daily Archives: 7 August, 2018

Long Weekend Snapshots

And like that August long weekend is done! Ahh! It became even more surreal when Avery and I went school supply shopping for her as well. I am not sure what to think of summer coming to an end AND Miss.Avery going to school buttt here we are.

I took Friday off to spend the day with the girls. Yeah, I barely work full weeks anymore 😉 My plan this summer was instead of two weeks off at home, take one week and then the other take long weekends, and it has been great for us! The day involved a run, library trip, donuts, the park and game playing:

Later we went downtown for a car show:

This photo might be my new fave!

Despite the not so great forecast we took the girls to Calaway Park Saturday, we did get rained on but luckily not too bad and I like to think the weather kept away some crowds as it was busy enough for us! The girls did not care about the rain and of course LOVED the rides!

Sunday was a home day, with our long run and afternoon spent in the backyard.


Monday we spent at the beach —> the girls are beach obsessed!!

We like to get there early and leave after lunch, so that we are home in time not to rush around for supper and all the chores I ignored all weekend 😉

The week ahead looks HOT! So while I am semi sad I am working I also will be thankful for AC all day and hopefully we can spend our evenings outside 🙂