Daily Archives: 20 August, 2018

Weekend Snapshots

A day late! We got home later than expected Sunday evening & rathering than rushing around to get this post done I decided to put if off until today 🙂

The smokey skies continued Saturday so we stayed indoors except for a visit to a local nursery to see a small petting zoo.

One of the employees got the girls to pose for a photo:

Sunday morning we woke up to almost blue skies and a decent air quality which meant my long run was a go! After running Friday evening I got a bad headache so was not sure if I would run if the smoke stayed around.

I did 9km solo then had the gang join me for another 10km 🙂

We spent the rest of the day at Chad’s family’s property celebrating his Grandma’s 90th birthday! The girls love it there, between the other kids, playhouse, golf carts and the below wagon they run in circles!

Family handprints on the playhouse:

I am hoping we can soak up some sunshine this week before we officially enter the last week of summer – how is this possible?!