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Foodie Friday

So this week was smokey… we saw blue skies Monday and then they were gone! It has put me in a deary mood and hoping we see those blue skies soon before summer is over.

Monday night playground fun:

The girls wanted to pose with their apple juice after work one day – kids are weird 😉

Onto meal plans for the next week:

Saturday – Damn Delicious Grilled chicken & Whole Food’s California Quinoa Salad –

Sunday – Family supper

Monday – The Best Turkey Burgers (Live Fit Girls) & Best Kale Summer Salad – The Balanced Berry

Tuesday – Ginger Chicken Stir-fry

Wednesday – Salmon Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw – Willowbird Baking

Thursday – OUT – Drive-In Movie night!

Friday – BBQ Tofu Sliders – Budget Bytes

Weekend plans depending a lot on this smoke! I would like to be outside in the sun but not so much with smoke, we have Chad’s Grandma’s 90th birthday celebration as well 🙂

Enjoy your weekends!


A Day in the Life

It has been far too long since I gave you all a peek into my every day life – which is always fun to do! Here we go – but don’t expect fancy photos!

5:15am – Alarm goes off! Truth – I never hit snooze (mainly for fear I would not get up again!). I shower, blowdry my hair and then get ready:

My Beautycounter makeup essentials for every day!

Which is basically the Flawless in Five set! I swap between the lip gloss in bare shimmer and lip sheer in rose. As well I have recently added the new luminous powder highlighter in halo – which I LOVE and it doubles as my eyeshadow!

6:00am – On “lucky” days I can get ready before Chloe is up and even start breakfast. The calm before the storm:

6:30am – Breakfast (and coffee!) is ready:

I swap between smoothies, oatmeal and yogurt bowls for breakfast.

7:00am – Get the girls ready, wrestle Chloe down to attempt to do her hair. I am slowly learning how to do hair, even when it is while wrestling 😉

7:40am – Off to work, with my essential bags – purse, workout gear and lunch:

8:00am – First one at work means coffee duty – the most important task!

8-11:30am – WORK! Nothing exciting to share here. Most days my work involves working with our agency, social media posts and replies, website updates and other random projects.

Noon – Spin class! I try and use 2-3 lunch hours a week to workout which I love. It frees up my evenings and gives me a mid-day boost.

1:00pm – Back to work. I eat lunch at my desk while catching up on emails.

2:00pm – Mid-day break for Miracle Treat Day at DQ:

2-4:30pm – More work – again, too boring to share 😉

4:30pm – Head to pick up the girls, it was a hot one!

5:00pm – The only way I cook supper in peace and under an hour – TV:

6:00pm – Burrito Bowls for the win! Usually my goal is to have supper on the table by 6pm.

6:30pm – We head for a walk to enjoy the sunshine and heat:

7:15pm – Bath time:

7:30-8:00pm – Brush teeth, PJs, and read books before bed. A later bedtime than usual – but hey, it is summer!

8:00pm – Meal planning for Foodie Friday (post):

8:30-10pm – Watch TV with Chad before I hit the hay!

And that is a typical day for us!


Weekend Snapshots

The cooler weather this weekend was welcomed after temperatures last week that have never been seen before in our city!

Friday evening ew spent at my co-worker’s house at the lake, the kid’s had a ton of fun together. Both girls loved paddleboarding as well – and shocking to us they both wore life jackets!

It was a great way to enjoy the 36 degree heat -despite the smoke!

Saturday went photo-less except for one taken at Costco:

We spent the afternoon celebrating our friend’s little girl’s birthdays then had a family movie night.

Sunday was a gloomy day but we got out for a rain – and stayed dry! 16.5km which felt long for us both with the stroller.

We caught up on chores, baked, and went to Starbucks for a house break:

I usually am not a fan of gloomy summer days but it was much needed and it felt good to catch up on house work.


Foodie Friday

Between a short week and me doing “a day in the life’ post I will share next week I have no photos to share today! But I do have a meal plan!

I am also trying to figure out how I can start adding these into my Instagram Stories – if anyone has any ideas please share!

Saturday – Homemade chicken fingers, roasted broccoli & mixed greens

Sunday – Turkey Burrito Bowls

Monday – One Pan Salmon & Asparagus, mixed green & garlic toast

Tuesday – Banh Mi Rice Bowls – Skinny Taste

Wednesday – Easy Vegetarian Spaghetti – Family Food on the Table

Thursday – Grilled sausage & veggies

Friday – Greek Chicken Wraps & sweet potato Fries – Budget Bytes

We don’t have big plans for the weekend, a birthday party and that is about it so far! But can summer slow down?!


Current Faves!

Sooo it has been awhile since I have done one these posts and it is LONG overdue!

1 – This Cookbook. You GUYS, you have to get this one. I have made a few things from it so far and every single recipe is amazing and best of its kind! Now can I just stay home and bake all day?

My faves so far from it, the Orange Scones & Banana Bread!

2 – Playing Games with Avery. I am not one to enjoy much “playing” but games? Yes, please! We got lucky and picked up some second hand at a garage sale for only $1 each! We love this version of Guess Who:

3 – Beautycounter – duh. I have switched out all my personal care products to Beautycounter now and loving the results, added bonus? I feel good about what I am putting on my skin! I picked three to chat more about right now but could talk about way more and will if you have any questions! One of my favourite parts about joining Beautycounter has been learning about the company, their products, safer beauty laws and exactly what is in our personal care products.

The new Overnight Resurfacing Peel, which quickly has become a customer fave! This really is not a “peel” but that is because it is simple & safe (without chemicals)!  It can help with many concerns such as dark spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, pores, fine lines. Personally, I have noticed a complete change in the texture of my skin using this, it is consistently so soft. It is easy to use 3-4 times a week, after washing and before your moisturizer and you leave it on overnight!

Another new Beautycounter product, the Luminous Powder Highlighter.  This was part of a launch of all new performance powders (also blush and eyeshadows). It was designed with “one swipe colour intensity” meaning you will have a richer colour payoff with less product (I have personally witnessed this compared to other powders), it is long lasting and free of heavy metals. I love using this powder to highlight my cheekbones, and around my eyes (since I always need to look more awake) and find it has the perfect amount of shimmer without looking silly.

This is another customer favourite, the Balancing Mask (charcoal). To be honest this was not a favourite for me the first time I used it BUT now that I have found the right products for me (as well have fully switched to BC) I love it. I use this mask two days a week and it helps keep breakouts away as well as keeps my skin smooth. Which is exactly what it is designed to do – deep-clean and balance, absorb excess oil and draw out impurities.

AND while I did not know this at the time of this post, starting today Beautycounter has a HUGE deal!! Som exclusions do apply, but if you have any questions let me know! My “shop” link is here as well on the side.

3- Similar to Beautycounter we switched out other personal care products to Rocky Mountain Soap Company, another toxin free company. The girls LOVE their kid’s root beer bubble bath and I love the lavender natural deodorant – I never thought I could like a natural deodorant.

4 – After months of thinking about it I switched to a backpack versus my large carry-all bag I was using. Both are Lululemon and I loved the bag for all is features (I used it instead of a diaper bag) but it was just not practical, especially in the summer. I went with the Carry Onward Backpack (they only have the mini online here):

I don’t use this during the week for work but leave it packed so I am just swapping my essentials out. I have to say I never thought I would use a backpack again!

5 – Nut Butter filled CLIF bars. I admit here these are very addicting! I first had some new flavours in the States so was excited when I received this package with those favours again!

I try to avoid a ton of processed foods but having a bar I can grab and go on a busy summer day (hello, beach snacks!) is key! I liked all the flavours but my favourite is the Caramel Chocolate Peanut Butter.

There you guys go some of my summer faves! Even if there is only a few weeks of summer left!