Daily Archives: 5 October, 2018

Foodie Friday

Happy Friday everyone! These weeks are flying by, and somehow it is also Thanksgiving – anyone else excited for turkey?

So this week…Chloe had her front tooth fixed – she had some decay that was on the tooth when it came in then chipped it so had to have a filling and did so good! It was easy so she did not needs freezing or anything:

We kicked off Avery’s school read-a-thon this month and have been aiming for 20 minutes a day plus counting working on her sight words as reading too.

Chloe is Frozen OBSESSED. Avery was never that into shows or movies but this girl will watch this movie over and over again.

Being that it is Thanksgiving weekend I am hoping for leftovers since we are hosting that will coast us along for the weekend 😉

Saturday – Thanksgiving Dinner at our house

Sunday – Leftovers

Monday – Sweet Chili Chicken Stir-Fry – Budget Bytes

Tuesday – Pesto Shrimp Pasta – Budget Bytes

Wednesday – Eggroll in a Bowl – Source

Thursday – Slow Cooker Chicken Drumsticks, Greek salad and garlic toast

Friday – Veggie Fajitas

This weekend we are hosting Thanksgiving as well as going to one other = a lot of turkey! I also really need to winterize the backyard and get some baking done. Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!