Daily Archives: 15 October, 2018

Weekend Snapshots

Is it really mid-October?! I hope winter goes this fast so we are back to summer in no time 😉

Friday I took it easy – I had a migraine the day before and was not feeling my best still. So more Suits was in order 🙂

Saturday was the BIG day – attempt #2 to finish the ear piercing and while it was not an easy go, look who has ear #2 pierced!

The girls were in total goof mode that afternoon:

How Chloe plays with Avery’s toys…tackles her, sits on her and PLAY!

After a hard afternoon for Avery we decided to go to DQ after supper for Blizzards – both girls were in heaven! And yes, if I have not mentioned it yet Miss. Chloe out grew her dairy allergy!

Sunday morning we made salt dough & ornaments and cleaned before I went for a run. I am forcing myself outside for every run I can before winter settles in!

Speaking of running – I think I convinced myself to run at least one full next year…maybe two… so I better keep on running this winter!

I did my weekly baking for lunches then we headed to the park to enjoy the sun!

Hope everyone had great weekends!