Daily Archives: 5 November, 2018

Weekend Snapshots

Jumping right into our weekend!

Saturday Avery started swimming lessons (8:30am – yawn) then we had her 5th birthday party – she picked a unicorn theme. At first I was not sold on it but it turned out really cute! We had a small party at the house – also her request.

I always fail a decent party photos!

For supper and the evening we went to a friend’s house – I worked with these ladies at my first job out of University – we don’t get together near enough now AND have a few more in our group now 😉 All the kids minus one:

And us!

Sunday was a much quieter day! We worked out, I ran, cleaned the house, had my Grandma over then went to the toy store so Avery could spend some of the birthday money she got. I have never let her do this but Grandparents insisted so we did.

I think that is all to share from our weekend!