Daily Archives: 8 November, 2018

Avery 5 Years

5 years really did go by in a blink of an eye, in a few short days Miss. Avery will be 5!

The biggest accomplishment this year? Starting Kindergarten! At first Avery was a tad unsure about the whole school thing but as the time approached she was more and more excited. She has done so well in Kindergarten – made new friends and leaves every day with the biggest smile. The part she could do without? Recess! That is our Avery! She is social and outgoing but is not a fan of large groups of kids, I tell her one day day she will love recess 🙂

The next biggest thing? Getting her ears pierced! She waited 3 long years for this but unfortunately it went less than perfect – but in the end she is thrilled to finally have it done.

I think she finally hit 40″ and 36lbs! Once a peanut, always a peanut! She is the second smallest in her class. Avery might not eat if you did not make her, she eats like a bird 98% of the time but has been less picky lately with trying new things. Her favourite? Ham and cucumber buns.

Avery is a girly girl – she loves unicorns (birthday party theme this year), rainbows, dolls, Barbies and says boys stink – poor Chad 😉 She is 100% my daughter and quite particular when it comes to her stuff – move anything 1cm and she knows it! She loves to organize things and hates messes and chaos. She is learning to control her emotions when it comes to people messing up with her stuff (Chloe) as we remind her it all can be fixed 🙂

Speaking of emotions, this past year definitely had some lows but I do feel like she has done pretty good considering. She is great at taking alone time when she is upset which helps a ton. Tantrums are few and far these days – phew! I often say (Nand joke) that I know how people have 6 kids – if they are all like Avery! From day one she has been a pretty darn easy kid 🙂

Lately Avery has loved craftings, colouring and writing – she draws for hours and we have countless stacks of pictures to prove it. I have to say she is a pretty darn good at drawing for 5!

As always we are excited for this next year, for Avery to learn in school, make new friends and maybe even start to play at recess 😉

Happy Birthday Miss.Avery!